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Bradenton Slip & Fall

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Bradenton Slip & Fall

Morgan & Morgan slip and fall lawyers in Bradenton, FL know that it can be difficult for you to work through all the details of a premises liability claim on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Related to personal injury, slip and fall claims fall under the umbrella of premises liability, in which you allege that a property owner or manager is responsible for your injuries after a preventable accident. Property owners have a legal responsibility known as the duty of care to make sure that their property is free and clear of hazards and obstacles. This applies to public places as well as private locations where you are allowed to be on those premises.

In any of these circumstances, if you've suffered a serious injury because you were on someone else's property and it had preventable hazards, you should get medical attention immediately to determine the scope of your injuries, and then your next step should be call the Bradenton, FL slip and fall lawyers at Morgan & Morgan.

As our slip and fall lawyers in Bradenton, FL can tell you, far too many people don't realize the scope of the injuries they have sustained. They may not immediately think that they have grounds to pursue a lawsuit or don't even experience the symptoms of their slip and fall injuries until hours or even days later, but slip and fall injuries are some of the most common accidents around the country, and they can also be some of the most serious. Do not underestimate how a slip and fall accident and resulting injury could influence your future. You may not be able to go back to work for a period of time, but may also rack up significant medical bills and may have to attend to future medical treatments, such as rehabilitation. Millions of people are treated for slip and fall injuries in hospitals every single year and falls are the leading cause of death among older citizens, younger children too can suffer severe injuries after a slip and fall. Some of the most common types of injuries associated with Bradenton slip and fall accidents include;

  • Torn meniscus
  • Fractured wrist
  • Fractured hip
  • Fractured ankle
  • Torn ACL tendon
  • Contusions
  • Lacerations
  • Back injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck injuries

Any of these situations should be taken very seriously by you as your road to recovery may be long. Any other injury that leads to health complications, such as declining health or infections should always be reported to your medical professionals. Make sure that your premises liability attorney like those that Morgan & Morgan are also informed about any changes in your circumstances. If your doctor believes you have reached maximum medical improvement, for example, or the stage at which your injuries are unlikely to get any better, your attorney needs to know about this and may need to incorporate it into part of your personal injury claim. When you're dealing with many complex aspects of a premises liability claim, the right attorney can make a big difference in your ability to recover compensation. Our Bradenton slip and fall lawyers know that there are many different contributing factors that can cause a serious slip and fall accident. For example, torn or broken floorboards or carpeting could cause you to slip and fall and get seriously hurt. Likewise, slippery surfaces from spills or leaks could cause you to lose your footing. Even poor lighting or broken handrails may become a component of a Bradenton slip and fall injury case. Proving fault in slip and fall cases is not always easy, as the Bradenton slip and fall lawyers at Morgan & Morgan can tell you. However, we have extensive experience in this field and know what steps need to be taken immediately after an accident occurs. We work as hard as possible to protect the legal rights of our victims and are prepared to deal with common defense tactics.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • When Is It Time to Hire a Lawyer?

    Immediately after you get hurt is an ideal time to get legal help in your case. The sooner your lawyer has a chance to look at all the facts and help you decide what to do next, the easier it will be for you to direct your focus towards your medical appointments. 

    The best time to hire a lawyer is immediately after your case, because there will be many questions about your suit at that point. The other side might have even contacted you already to talk about possible resolution. Earlier on, it's usually easier to gather information and file suit because we can access the evidence more quickly. 

    There is no wrong time to hire a lawyer, except if you let the statute of limitations expire and then you have lost your legal right to file. If you thought you could handle the case on your own but are being ignored or pushed around by the other side, refuse to engage in communication until you've hired qualified slip and fall lawyers in Bradenton, FL. We'll help you see what's ahead in your case as well as some of the possible challenges or pitfalls. Our legal team has been through this many times before and takes your case and the opportunity to receive damages for your future very seriously. 

  • What Are The Most Common Defense Responses In Slip And Fall Cases?

    You may assume the facts of your case are relatively simple; a hazard was present on someone else's property, you slipped on it and ended up suffering serious injuries. It may be natural for you to assume that everyone else sees the situation this way, but many property owners do everything possible to minimize their liability. It is crucial that you have the right slip and fall lawyers in Bradenton, Florida to gather evidence, present expert witnesses, and to bring your case to trial, if necessary. You need to have all of these elements present to succeed with holding a property owner accountable for your injuries, and liability is not automatic. The sooner you can begin gathering this evidence and making the claims of your case, the easier it will be for you to prove negligence on the part of the occupier or property owner. 

    Bear in mind that the defense has to take necessary steps too to try to minimize their liability and will also be preparing for trial at the same time as you. There are three primary defense tactics often used by those who have been named in slip and fall accidents. The first of these is to argue that there was no breach of duty. 

    The plaintiff in a premises liability case in Bradenton must prove that there was an existence of duty. In order to succeed in a slip and fall injury case, the injured party has to prove that the property owner owed them a duty of care to maintain reasonably safe premises. They may argue that there was no breach of duty based on the type of property, so it is always good to do your research and hire the right premises liability lawyers to start with. The second common defense in slip and fall cases is lack of causation. You must be able to show causation in your lawsuit, showing that there is a clear connection between the dangerous condition and the property owner's knowledge of that condition. Often it can be hard to prove that it was the property owner's fault that the dangerous condition existed or that they knew about it or should have known about it. However, when you have the right Bradenton, FL premises liability lawyers working for you, it is much easier to present a strong case regarding causation.

    The third common defense tactic in slip and fall cases has to do with allegations of contributory or comparative negligence. Even if you can prove the causation and duty components of your case, you still must show that the property owner is responsible for your injuries. The other side might argue that you are partially responsible for your injuries. This would reduce your settlement by a percentage of fault assigned to you, and in Florida, this is one of the most common defense tactics. The other side may argue that you have a legal responsibility because of the factors of the accident, and you need to be prepared to fight back and get compensation for your injuries. At Morgan & Morgan we often prepare as if the other side may argue that this is a component of the case and do everything we can to showcase how the accident happened and why you are not responsible for the injuries that you sustained. You already have enough to work through and deal within the advent of this serious accident and maybe struggling to figure out how to move on with your life. 

  • Setting Up an Initial Consultation

    When you begin doing your research about slip and fall lawyers in the region, look at their reviews and previous client outcomes. While each slip and fall case is unique, you want to hire a law firm with sufficient experience in slip and fall cases. Your future is on the line and making mistakes could have big consequences for your future. 

    Your initial consultation does not mean you have to hire a lawyer at that time. Instead, you can use this to better understand their approach to your case and your legal options. We know that you have a choice in who you work with, but we hope that our dedication to our clients is clear not just from our conversations with you, but the reviews we've received from others.

    To get the most out of an initial consultation, come prepared with a timeline of events regarding your accident, any copies of materials you can use to show how the accident happened, and a listing of the expenses you've already incurred. This helps your lawyer learn more about how the case might unfold and gives you a chance to ask questions about the resources and suggestions they might have if you hired them. You can then discuss the typical process for filing suit in Florida for premises liability claims and what you and family members might expect. Having this grounding is very helpful if you decide to file, because it helps you see some of the common phases and possible issues in your injury claim. 

    Our Bradenton, FL personal injury and premises liability lawyers know this and will do everything they can to make sure that you are thoroughly protected in a legal claim.

Last updated on Jan 10, 2023