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Fort Lauderdale Tesla Accidents

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Fort Lauderdale Tesla Accidents

In 2018, a trio of teenagers in a Tesla Model S were involved in a horrific high-speed crash in Fort Lauderdale. The driver lost control of the car, which careened into a concrete wall, rolled over, hit a second wall, and burst into flames. Both the driver and front seat passenger lost their lives. The back seat passenger was ejected from the vehicle, but survived with serious injuries.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded that speed was to blame for the crash, but they didn’t absolve Tesla of all responsibility. “Contributing to the severity of the injuries was the postcrash fire originating in the crash-damaged lithium-ion traction battery,” they wrote. The teens “died of thermal injuries,” according to the report.

Sadly, this is but one example of tragic accidents involving Tesla vehicles.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Tesla Accidents in Florida

    Battery fires are cause for concern, but they’re not the only potential hazard in Tesla vehicles. In fact, many accidents are the result of malfunctions in the car’s Autopilot feature. This driver-assistance system features various capabilities including lane centering, self-parking, and adaptive cruise control. But all of these features require constant supervision.

    It’s natural to think that Autopilot is a hands-off approach to driving. However, there is a significant difference between its perceived meaning and what it actually does. Many drivers think that by switching on Autopilot, they can switch off their brain. But the feature is not nearly as autonomous as Tesla and its dealers might suggest. This gap in understanding may have contributed to several recent accidents in Florida:

    • In 2016, a man behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S was killed when his vehicle struck a tractor-trailer crossing the highway. The Autopilot system was activated at the time of the crash, but didn’t detect the 18-wheeler, which would have triggered the brakes.
    • Two years later, the driver of a Tesla Model S suffered severe and permanent injuries when his vehicle struck a disabled car. The Autopilot system failed to detect the presence of the other vehicle in the roadway. Our attorneys filed a lawsuit on the driver’s behalf, contending that Tesla has deceived consumers by presenting its Autopilot add-on as a feature that requires minimal input and oversight.
    • In 2019, the operator of a Tesla Model 3 was killed when the vehicle crashed into the side of a tractor-trailer truck. The Autopilot system failed to execute “evasive maneuvers,” according to the NTSB’s accident report.
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Last updated on Apr 27, 2023