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Mesothelioma Attorneys in Alpharetta

Mesothelioma is a fatal yet preventable type of aggressive cancer. The disease results from ongoing asbestos exposure. In Georgia, many people regularly inhale asbestos particles while at their jobs. Until the late 1980s, most people considered asbestos relatively safe. While there were a few lawsuits concerning the substance in the 1970s, they didn’t result in significant workplace changes until 1989.

In 1989, the EPA attempted to ban all products containing asbestos. However, two years later, federal courts overturned the ban. To this day, certain products still contain asbestos, despite the connection between asbestos and the development of mesothelioma.

If you have a mesothelioma diagnosis, you can likely recover financial compensation by filing a lawsuit. Mesothelioma attorneys in Alpharetta can examine the circumstances of your case and determine what remedies you may receive. Contact the office of Morgan & Morgan to schedule your free case evaluation.

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  • What are Sources of Asbestos in Georgia?

    There are many companies in Georgia whose workers sustained asbestos exposure. One of the most widely known is the Georgia-Pacific Corporation, which produced goods for construction that contained asbestos. While Georgia-Pacific Corporation filed for bankruptcy in 2017, the company is the defendant in 70% of all asbestos cases in the United States.

    Even though Georgia-Pacific Corporation no longer has its Atlanta offices, the company put $1B into a trust fund for future mesothelioma victims. Individuals who worked at Georgia-Pacific Corporation and have a mesothelioma diagnosis or who passed away from the disease may file a lawsuit and obtain compensation from the trust fund.

    Mesothelioma isn’t limited to employees who worked for Georgia-Pacific Corporation. Known cases of asbestos and mesothelioma occur at workplaces like: 

    • Hunter Air Force Base
    • National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) 
    • Mead Paper
    • Georgia Power 
    • Hyatt Regency Hotel
    • Owens Corning
    • Hatch Nuclear Plant 
    • Swift Manufacturing 
    • Southeastern Pulp
    • Fulton Cotton Mills

    If you don’t see your employer on the list, it’s still possible that your asbestos exposure may be related to your work. 

    Other common areas of asbestos exposure include:

    Natural Asbestos Deposits

    In northeast Georgia, there are many locations where asbestos occurs naturally. If you worked in these areas, you likely inhaled asbestos particles or picked them up on your clothing. Your mesothelioma probably developed as a result of your exposure.

    Power Plants

    Power plants are well-known sources of asbestos. Anyone who worked at a power plant likely was exposed to asbestos daily, even if they wore protective clothing. 

    The properties of asbestos make it easy to breathe in without realizing you are doing so. It also sticks to clothing and may not be visibly apparent since the particles are so tiny.

    Paper Mills

    Paper mills regularly use asbestos for pulp manufacturing. The largest paper mills in Georgia are Georgia-Pacific and Mead Paper. Anyone who worked at these facilities and developed mesothelioma likely has a claim for damages.

    Construction Sites

    Individuals who worked in construction used asbestos in their building materials. Most homes constructed until the late 1990s have asbestos for insulation. Workers who installed asbestos regularly inhaled the substance, which also stuck to their clothing. 

    Home Repairs

    Individuals responsible for home repairs, including plumbing, fireplace maintenance, and electrical care, frequently come into contact with asbestos. Most building materials contain asbestos for insulation and fire protection. Even if you wear protective clothing, the particles easily attach to clothing and are breathed in through the air.

  • How to Understand Mesothelioma?

    Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that attacks the lungs and cavities surrounding bodily organs like the heart. Almost all cases of mesothelioma are directly related to asbestos exposure.

    Victims of mesothelioma face an uncertain future. Often, the disease takes decades to become apparent through symptoms. Many people develop mesothelioma and don’t realize it for twenty or thirty years.

    Treatments for mesothelioma often aren’t able to stop the disease and may be incredibly painful for the afflicted individual. 

    If you notice any of the following symptoms, it’s essential to see a physician to determine whether you may have mesothelioma:

    • Difficulty breathing
    • Unexplained fatigue
    • Unintentional weight loss
    • Abdominal pain or nausea
    • Abnormal heart rhythms
    • Chest pain

    The earlier your physician diagnoses you with mesothelioma, the better chances you have for beneficial treatment that can reduce your symptoms.

  • How to File a Mesothelioma Claim in Georgia?

    Anyone who believes they contracted mesothelioma during work may file a claim against their employer. A trust fund may handle mesothelioma remuneration if the employer is no longer in business. 

    If a loved one succumbs to mesothelioma, their surviving family members may file a wrongful death claim on their behalf. 

    If you did not encounter asbestos while at work, your mesothelioma may be due to second-hand exposure from family members. There are cases of mesothelioma brought on by individuals who came home in clothing with asbestos particles. 

    Asbestos debris can attach to sofas, chairs, carpets, and other objects. When the particles disperse through the air, other nearby individuals may inhale them and develop mesothelioma over time.

    If you’re unsure whether your circumstances warrant a lawsuit, contact the mesothelioma attorneys in Alpharetta. The team at Morgan and Morgan can assess your situation and determine the appropriate steps to take.

  • Why Do You Need Mesothelioma Attorneys in Alpharetta?

    Mesothelioma attorneys are familiar with the case law involving asbestos exposure. They know the appropriate strategies to take to ensure you receive compensation for the disease you have. Compensation can help pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and long-term care. 

    Surviving family members of a mesothelioma victim can file a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death lawsuit can reimburse you for funeral expenses, emotional pain and suffering, and loss of companionship or parental guidance.

    Attempting to navigate a mesothelioma lawsuit on your own is time-consuming and will probably not result in the optimal resolution you’re seeking.

    Mesothelioma attorneys in Alpharetta will:

    • Determine where your asbestos exposure occurred
    • Collaborate with your medical team to understand your diagnosis and prognosis
    • Consider the options available to you for obtaining compensation
    • Negotiate with defendants to get a fair settlement, or take your case to the courtroom
    • Consult with experts and professionals concerning asbestos exposure
    • Handle all of your legal proceedings, including filing a lawsuit, obtaining depositions, and arguing on your behalf

    Without an attorney, it will be difficult for you to obtain fair compensation for your losses.

    The attorneys at Morgan and Morgan have significant experience handling asbestos exposure cases in and out of the courtroom. One of our most recent cases resulted in a $6.25M verdict for our client, who developed mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure at the workplace. 

  • What Types of Compensation Can You Receive in a Mesothelioma Case?

    If you file a mesothelioma claim, you may receive compensation for financial expenses related to your disease. Some of the most common remunerations include:

    • Past and future medical expenses, including doctors and hospital visits, long-term care, laboratory work, and surgery
    • Lost wages for being unable to work 
    • Household expenses, like caregivers and maid service
    • Emotional pain and suffering
    • Funeral and burial expenses
    • Damages for the disease itself
    • Loss of quality of life

    If your case goes to court, a judge may award punitive damages. 

    Mesothelioma attorneys in Alpharetta can determine the extent of your potential monetary compensation and advise you of the value of your case.

  • How Much Is My Mesothelioma Case Worth?

    The value of every mesothelioma case is different. Your attorney will need to connect your asbestos exposure to your previous workplace, employer, or products you used. Once an attorney determines where your asbestos exposure happened, they can establish who is at fault and take the appropriate steps to obtain remuneration.

    To obtain an estimate of the value of your case, contact the mesothelioma attorneys in Alpharetta at Morgan & Morgan. We’ll review the facts and evidence of your claim to determine how much money you may recover.

  • What Treatments Are Available for Mesothelioma?

    Mesothelioma is incurable, but treatments available can mitigate your symptoms. Some of the most common treatments include radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. These treatments can slow the spread of the disease and extend your life. Your physician can advise you of the remedies available to you.

  • How Long Do I Have to File a Mesothelioma Claim in Georgia?

    All mesothelioma cases must comply with Georgia statute of limitations laws. You have two years to file a claim following a mesothelioma diagnosis. Similarly, family members of a loved one lost to mesothelioma may file a lawsuit within two years of the individual’s death.

    Georgia recognizes that mesothelioma often takes years or decades to develop before victims begin to show symptoms. Thus, even if your exposure was long ago, you can still file a claim if your diagnosis occurred in the past two years.

    It’s essential to begin the claims process as soon as possible. You’ll need the money from a mesothelioma lawsuit to pay for your medical treatment and lost wages. It can take time to recover financial remuneration, as your attorney must formulate a legal strategy and assemble the documentation and evidence for your case.

  • Will My Mesothelioma Case Go to Trial?

    It’s possible. Some mesothelioma cases go to trial, while others settle out of court. Sometimes, your lawsuit will involve a trust fund established for mesothelioma victims. Cases that go to court may take several years to resolve. Those that settle or involve a trust fund may conclude within several months.

    Once the attorneys at Morgan and Morgan understand the facts of your case, we’ll be able to advise you of the likelihood of a court case or settlement.

  • Is Hiring a Mesothelioma Attorney Expensive?

    Morgan & Morgan offers free consultations for clients. You'll pay no upfront legal fees if you choose us as your attorney. We work on a contingency agreement, meaning we’ll receive a percentage of any settlement or court verdict we win. If we fail to win any award for you, you won’t owe us anything.

  • What Should I Look for in a Mesothelioma Attorney?

    When seeking a mesothelioma attorney, you’ll want someone experienced in mesothelioma law. They should understand the nuances of pursuing a mesothelioma case and be comfortable handling your lawsuit in and out of the courtroom. 

    Your attorney should also empathize with your condition and be available to answer your questions when they arise. You’ll find compassionate attorneys at Morgan & Morgan standing by to help you with your claim.

  • Morgan & Morgan: The Team You Need for Your Mesothelioma Claim

    Morgan and Morgan is the nation’s largest personal attorney law firm. We offer legal assistance for all personal injury cases, including mesothelioma. Throughout the years, we’ve obtained over $20 billion in compensation for our clients. 

    We pride ourselves on being accessible, authentic, and sympathetic lawyers who identify with our customers' difficulties. Contact Morgan & Morgan for a free consultation to get started on your mesothelioma case.

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