Headshot of Sherri Trinh, a Savannah-based work injury and workers' compensation lawyer from Morgan & Morgan

Sherri Trinh


Sherri Trinh was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Texas, and her J.D. from Emory University. 
Sherri has dedicated her practice to helping injured persons in South Georgia for over 12 years. She has worked in personal injury and now focuses exclusively on Georgia Workers' Compensation claims. In 2012, Sherri helped a business owner recover a $1.7 million verdict for underground storage tank leaks that were not discovered by the installers, and which were fraudulently covered up with documents submitted to the state government. In 2013 and 2014, Sherri helped thousands of women injured by the use of the birth control, NuvaRing. 
In addition to her work as an attorney, Sherri focuses on raising her young daughter together with her husband, Anthony.

  • University of Texas
  • Emory University School of Law

  • Georgia