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Veterans Benefits in Alpharetta

Veterans Benefits in Alpharetta

Are you trying to get benefits after military service but you still have questions? Many former service members similarly find themselves with more questions than answers and don't know what to do next.

After you serve in our country's military, you may be entitled to a broad range of different benefits. However, the opportunity to get these benefits is not always a straightforward process. You may also need to work directly with an attorney if your claim has already been denied or if you are having problems communicating with Veterans Affairs or other benefits providers about your case.

It is enough to have to cope with the medical or even psychological challenges of leaving military service with the conditions you developed directly from that service. It is all the more challenging with having to navigate the complex web of paperwork, phone calls, and rules surrounding veterans benefits. To complicate this even further, many veterans are denied their benefits the first time around, making many of them feel as if there is no point in moving forward with an appeal.

At Morgan & Morgan, we are here to help you if you have questions about your claim or if you are already coping with the consequences of a denial. Many people are able to successfully get veterans benefits after initially submitting their application and receiving a denial, but it is very powerful to have an attorney who is experienced with the appeals process in your corner.

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  • How to Get Legal Support With a VA Claim?

    The knowledgeable lawyers at Morgan & Morgan know how hard it can be to get veterans benefits in Alpharetta. When you have made sacrifices and contributed yourself to military service, it is likely that you may sustain disabilities or injuries along the way. You may be entitled to veterans benefits, but it is not as simple as submitting your application and getting approved. As a dedicated veterans benefits lawyer in Alpharetta can tell you, it can be very complicated to get the benefits you're entitled to. Working with an attorney who has experience with veterans benefits in Alpharetta can greatly increase your chances of successfully getting these benefits, as well as streamlining the process and making it easier for you to navigate. Veterans benefits in Alpharetta could be the financial cornerstone of your ability to move on with your life. You made significant sacrifices in committing time to service, and you should not be financially responsible for the treatments associated with these injuries and illnesses tied to military service.

    Sometimes it can be difficult for you to earn sufficient income after leaving the military because of your injury or illness. You may be eligible to collect benefits through different programs, but the support of a qualified attorney is instrumental.

    One common program that many veterans are entitled to is the Supplemental Security Income Program. A successful claim can lead to monthly benefits that assist you with making ends meet. However, your burden requires you to show that you suffer from qualifying disabilities and that your income falls below the Social Security Administration's threshold. If you've already received a denial from the SSA, a veteran's benefits lawyer in Alpharetta can help you pull together the information to file an effective appeal to overturn this decision. At Morgan & Morgan, our disability advocates work as hard as possible to determine the reason for your denial, to pursue an appeal, and to help you move forward into the future.

  • How to Understand the Connection Between SSI Claims and Veterans Benefits?

    Serving in the military can significantly impact a person's long-term mental and physical health. Service members getting disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs may be ineligible for SSI benefits if they currently have disposable income beyond the resource limits for SSI.

    Since veterans disability benefits from the VA count as income, this could render you ineligible for SSI. You may need assistance from an experienced and qualified lawyer who is familiar with veterans benefits in Alpharetta to protect your legal right to file SSI and discuss how this may impact your current veterans disability benefits.

  • What are the Conditions that Can Lead to Other VA Benefits?

    Applying for VA benefits is often one of the first things that a service member does after getting out of the military. The process for getting benefits requires a great deal of paperwork. And the process moves very slowly.

    A rating decision is only issued by the VA once it has received a veteran's application. Unfortunately, many veterans in Alpharetta realize that the VA has rated their medical condition as not severe enough to deserve benefits or at a level that does not fully compensate them for the severity of their injuries. Many of these veterans simply give up, assuming there is nothing they can do to benefit their case. However, if you can ensure that you have considered all possible evidence to support your claim in your initial application, you may be able to avoid long delays as well as an ultimate denial.

    If you have already been denied by Veterans Affairs, then you can dispute this finding by submitting a notice of disagreement. An experienced lawyer who has a background in veterans benefits in Alpharetta will be able to review all of the details of your case and help you to determine how best to proceed. This can impact your ultimate outcome and may allow you to be successful in filing an appeal.

    Your VA rating will be thoroughly reviewed by veterans benefits lawyers in Alpharetta to help determine whether or not you have received fair treatment and what information needs to be submitted to support your claim. Our attorneys who are familiar with veterans benefits in Alpharetta assist former members of the armed services, who now suffer from conditions, such as chronic disorders, eye injuries, spinal injuries, military sexual trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, head trauma, or amputation.

    In Georgia, you are not able to hire an experienced attorney to help with your veteran's disability paperwork until you file a notice of disagreement. However, if you have questions related to your disability application, you may wish to speak with a lawyer first to increase your chances of possible success and submission of this initial application. Bear in mind that if your veteran's benefits application is initially denied, you may still pursue compensation with the help of an attorney.

    A lawyer can make a big difference in helping explain to you some of the possible reasons why the VA may have denied your claim, and can help you to move forward with your next steps. Gathering evidence and resubmitting this claim may be the only way for you to get the financial resources you need to move on with your life.

  • What are the Different Kinds of VA Disability Claims?

    When you're in military service, it is possible that you may have conditions or illnesses associated with many different kinds of training or work. For example, a large number of people who have served in the military have also developed tinnitus also known as hearing loss. Others may have serious conditions that make them permanently disabled or unable to return to any form of work. In these circumstances, the better and may be able to get many different kinds of disability benefits. The veteran should always do appropriate research and verify all the things that they may be eligible to receive prior to leaving service. If your medical condition was already diagnosed and documented in your records at the time that you were still active duty, it will be easier to open your VA claim.

    There are five major types of disability claims in Georgia. These include pre-discharge claims for those disability compensation claims when an applicant is within 180 days of retirement or separation from full-time National Guard duty or active duty. Pre-service disability claims for a service member who started their military service with a disability, but that disability was made worse by service.

    This is paid based on the level of aggravation. In-service disability claims, which are those directly related to disabilities, diseases, and injuries incurred while the service member was in the line of duty. Post-service disability claims for cases in which the disability is connected to a service related incident, but the symptoms may not become apparent until after service has finished. Special circumstances claimed, such as errors made during surgery while the person was active in the military.

    The US department of veterans affairs considers claims in four different ways: original claims, reopened claims, new claims and secondary claims. The original claim is the first time that a veteran is seeking VA benefits. A reopened claim is one that is older than one year, but has not yet been appealed. A new claim involves new evidence and is independent of any evidence previously submitted. A secondary claim is associated with disabilities, worse and or caused by other service-related conditions.

    Benefit amounts will ultimately be determined on the level of your disability from a scale from 10% to 100%. You need to ensure that you have a lawyer in your corner who is there to ensure that you have the best possible chance of recovering full and fair compensation for your veteran's disability.

    To get started, contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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