Headshot of Ian Wagner, an Atlanta-based car accident and auto injury lawyer at Morgan & Morgan

Ian Wagner

Trial Attorney

Ian M. Wagner's journey from Baltimore, Maryland to becoming an associate at Morgan & Morgan's Atlanta office reflects a deep-rooted passion for seeking justice and advocating for those in need. Growing up in south Florida, Ian developed a strong sense of empathy and a drive to make a positive impact in people's lives. This led him to pursue a bachelor's degree in business administration with honors from Drexel University, where he actively participated in the esteemed co-op program. It was during one of his co-op placements at a well-known complex litigation firm that Ian discovered his passion for the legal field and the importance of fighting for justice.

Driven by his desire to become a litigator and make a difference, Ian enrolled at Georgia State University College of Law to sharpen his legal skills and gain invaluable experience. Throughout his law school journey, he worked as a law clerk at a highly regarded regional plaintiffs firm, where he immersed himself in personal injury litigation and honed his advocacy skills. Ian's commitment to his craft and his dedication to helping those who have been wronged make him a valuable asset to Morgan & Morgan's Atlanta office, where he focuses on personal injury claims and lawsuits.

As a member of the Georgia Bar Association and the Atlanta Bar Association, Ian remains actively engaged in the legal community, staying updated with the latest developments in personal injury law and continuously striving to provide top-notch representation to his clients. His academic achievements, professional experience, and unwavering dedication to justice position him as a trusted advocate for individuals seeking redress for their injuries and losses in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

  • Drexel University
  • Georgia State University College of Law

  • Georgia Bar Association
  • Atlanta Bar Association

  • Georgia
  • Georgia Court of Appeals
  • Supreme Court of Georgia
  • Northern District of Georgia – United States District Court