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Alpharetta Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Georgia offers motorcyclists excellent scenic roadways and beautiful countryside views, and Georgia's year-round mild climate is ideal for this mode of transportation. However, motorcycle accidents can leave injured individuals with extensive medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other losses.

Besides the feeling of freedom motorcycles offer to riders, motorcycles are often an inexpensive alternative to regular passenger vehicles, which is another reason Alpharetta residents choose to ride. Plenty of Alpharetta residents want to live here because it's one of the finest places to live in the metro Atlanta area, with excellent schools and community engagement. Still, they may be commuting to jobs in Atlanta and in the surrounding regions. While motorcycles are affordable and offer some traffic-fighting perks like HOV (express) lane permissions, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to serious injury should a collision occur.

Suppose you or a family member has been injured or killed. In that case, our motorcycle accident lawyers in Alpharetta might be able to help. You need an experienced lawyer to represent your interests and ensure you get the maximum compensation attainable. Morgan and Morgan Law Firm has been working to protect the rights of parties who have suffered losses through no fault of their own for over 30 years. With more than 1,000 trial-ready lawyers and ample resources at our command, we are prepared to take on even the biggest insurance companies and win.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Makes Georgia Motorcycle Accident Claims More Complicated?

    Pursuing a motorcycle accident claim in Alpharetta, Georgia, can be more complicated than other types of automobile accident claims for various reasons, such as:

    Motorcyclists tend to sustain more severe injuries - With the freedom of riding a motorcycle, riders lose the protection that regular vehicles provide and other safety equipment like seatbelts and airbags. Because of a lack of protection, injuries can be far more severe. The more serious injuries are, the higher the medical bills will be. When there is lots of money at stake, insurance companies will work to undercut the value of claims to protect their bottom line. Extensive surgeries, rehabilitation, and disabilities that result from motorcycle accidents often cause insurance adjusters to work towards minimizing the payout. However, you don't have to accept their version of how much they should pay. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney can make sure you get fair compensation.

    At-fault drivers may not carry enough insurance - Because motorcycle accidents frequently result in catastrophic injury to motorcyclists, an at-fault driver may not carry sufficient insurance to cover medical expenses. In Georgia, the minimum amount of bodily injury liability insurance is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per incident. That amount can quickly get eaten up with today's medical care costs. An ambulance ride alone can mean thousands of dollars. Suppose the at-fault driver's insurance is insufficient. In that case, we can work with your insurance company to cover the difference or look for other payment methods.

    At-fault drivers may blame the accident on the motorcyclist - It's not uncommon for at-fault drivers or their insurance company to try to pin the blame on the other party to escape accountability. Part of the reason may be because of biases and stereotypes about motorcyclists. Some of the excuses we've heard are that the motorcyclist was speeding or driving recklessly, so they are partially at fault and should bear some of the costs on their own. This makes a claim more difficult because we must disprove their allegations.

  • How Do You Prove Fault After an Alpharetta Motorcycle Collision?

    To prove fault, our motorcycle accident lawyers in Alpharetta will work to gather extensive evidence to back your claim, such as:

    • Photos from the scene of the accident
    • Police accident reports and interviews with reporting police officers
    • Post-collision vehicle inspection and repair documents
    • Eyewitness statements
    • Vehicle electronic data record logs
    • Surveillance footage from dash cams, helmet cams, traffic cameras, and surrounding security cameras
    • Medical records, including injury and treatment files

    Working to gather sufficient evidence to prove another individual is responsible for your accident takes skill and experience. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice. However, when it comes to evidence, the sooner you contact us, the quicker we can respond and make sure essential evidence is preserved.

  • How to Demand Total Compensation After an Alpharetta Motorcycle Accident?

    Getting full and fair compensation for our clients is our number one priority. You deserve justice for all the expenses and losses you've incurred due to someone else's negligence. We believe fair compensation should include the following:

    • Expenses for medical care and rehabilitation
    • Expenses for long-term care if you sustained permanent injuries or have chronic health issues
    • Lost wages or income, including benefits if you're unable to work while recovering from the accident
    • Loss of future earning capacity if your injuries cause you to become disabled or change your ability to work in your pre-accident profession
    • Repair or replacement costs for your motorcycle
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of enjoyment of life if your accident results in disfigurement, disability, or scarring

    Be wary of listening to what insurance adjusters tell you about the value of your claim, even if it's your own insurance company. While insurance companies are bound by law to operate in good faith through negotiations, they're not required to go the extra mile to help you. Our qualified motorcycle accident attorneys will do that and ensure your best interests are represented.

  • What are Tips to Protect Your Rights After an Alpharetta Motorcycle Accident?

    We understand that Monday morning quarterbacking may not be of tremendous help after a motorcycle accident. However, there may still be some steps you can still take to increase your odds of winning fair compensation. For example:

    Photos or video of the scene of the accident - Most people know how to capture images at the scene of an accident. If you use a helmet camera, ensure the evidence is preserved. Try to remember all the details of the accident as well, such as if there was debris on the road and traffic and weather conditions.

    Seek medical care - Medical bills are the cornerstone of winning large settlements. Obviously, making sure you're okay can only be done by a professional. Even if you're able to walk away, go to a doctor anyway. Now is not the time to tough it out. Extremely serious injuries are not always apparent until later, such as head and internal injuries. Follow doctor's orders religiously and make sure to attend any follow-up appointments. Failure to do so may indicate to an insurance adjuster that your injuries are not as dire as you make them out to be.  

    Keep account of all financial losses - Retain all records of bills, invoices, pay stubs, or anything that documents losses.

    Maintain a journal - This may seem unusual, but keeping a journal of how the accident has affected your day-to-day life can be very convincing evidence, especially when it comes to non-economic losses. The amount you may be awarded for pain and suffering can sometimes be as much as five times that of your medical expenses in serious cases.

    Talk to Morgan and Morgan - We're standing by to help during this difficult time. Generally, accident victims that our attorneys represent have a substantially better success rate for getting compensation, and often, the amount is significantly increased with our professional legal help.

  • Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Alpharetta?

    Motorcyclists are often harder to see, which increases the likelihood of an accident. Here are some of the most common causes of accidents in and around Alpharetta:

    Inclement weather - Riding a motorcycle is undoubtedly riskier when roads are wet or icy. The traction between tires and road is reduced, and oil and debris are lifted to the surface in the first hour of rain, making the roadways even more hazardous. Even so, other drivers need to be more cautious during inclement weather to ensure they don't collide with a motorcycle.

    Rear-end crashes - Inattentive drivers are a menace to anyone on the road, but particularly to motorcyclists. A distracted driver may not see you at a stop sign or in front of them on a highway. Rear-end collisions can be disastrous for bike riders. Rear-end crashes are almost always the fault of the driver who hits a motorcyclist from behind.

    Lane change collisions - Motorcyclists are more prone to get hit when passenger vehicles change lanes due to blind spots or simply not looking. Still, the driver behind the wheel is always responsible for ensuring the safety of others and changing lanes with extreme caution.

    Cut off in cross traffic - One of the most dangerous types of motorcycle accidents happens when drivers cut in front of a motorcyclist traveling in the opposite direction. This may occur because they don't see you, aren't paying attention, or misjudge the speed at which you're traveling. Another reason is that they turn on a yellow light without gauging the oncoming traffic.

  • What Is the Average Settlement for Motorcycle Accidents in Alpharetta?

    There are many factors that go into the amount you may receive in a settlement. Each case is unique, but generally, your settlement will depend upon:

    • The number of financial losses you've suffered so far
    • Future damages
    • Evidence supporting your side of the case
    • The other party's insurance policy limits and other financial resources

    In rare instances, you may even receive punitive damages if the other driver's actions were particularly bad, such as drunk driving or speeding excessively. It's important to note that most of these claims will be settled out of court. Insurance companies don't like to take us to trial because of the high dollar awards juries grant our clients. Even so, we usually don't have to take a case to trial unless an insurance company refuses to play fairly. Most do, however, even if it takes some legal poking and prodding.

  • Schedule a Free Case Evaluation With Morgan and Morgan Today

    If you or a loved one has been the victim of a motorcycle accident caused by someone else's negligence, you have rights that are protected by law. We can help you understand these rights and give you advice on the following steps to take regarding compensation. If we accept your case, you will have all the advantages Morgan and Morgan have to offer clients, including substantial resources to build a winning claim and expert lawyers and legal staff. We're here to help you get your life back on track.

    Contact our motorcycle accident lawyers in Alpharetta 24/7 for your case evaluation.

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