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Understanding the process of workers' comp in Georgia is important for recovering the benefits that you may be entitled to as an injured employee. Workers' compensation is the formal program through which you submit a claim to recover compensation for injuries that you sustained directly on the job. If you can show that you have sustained an injury that qualifies for workers' compensation coverage, you need to find workers' compensation lawyers in Alpharetta, GA, who will handle your case.

The right lawyer should be able to show you a track record of working in this field and getting results for clients. While no lawyer can promise you results, this gives you a good sense of what to look for when you’re in this situation and how to best protect your interests. 

Before you hire an attorney to represent your interests, you need to be familiar with how the workers compensation claim process works. The more you can educate yourself about some of these pitfalls and challenges, the more prepared you will be for your initial consultation with a dedicated attorney. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Is Workers' Compensation?

    Workers' compensation is a form of insurance maintained by employers that gives benefits for lost wages, rehabilitation costs and medical expenses, for those employees who become ill or injured on the job, or as a result of their employment. Furthermore, for those employees who are killed on the job, workers' compensation insurance pays out death benefits to surviving family members. 

    The workers' compensation system was primarily developed to enable employees to get medical attention quickly and to receive speedy payment of their income benefits without necessarily proving fault on the part of other parties, such as coworkers or employers. If your employer has three or more employees, and you were injured as a result of performing a task in the course of your employment, you will be covered under the workers' comp law in Georgia.

    Except for those circumstances in which your employer is not required to carry workers’ compensation Insurance or when it can be challenged that your injury was not sustained on the job, you could be entitled to temporary disability benefits to support your lost wages and the medical expenses for your injuries. 

  • But Won’t My Claim Be Automatically Approved? 

    From your end of the case, the facts might seem relatively clear. You were working on the job and developed an injury or an illness directly related to the course of your employment. But this does not automatically mean that your workers compensation benefits will be approved quickly or seamlessly. In fact, many people get denied for their workers compensation benefits the first time around. Some of those people will give up and choose not to file an appeal. Others will recognize the value in hiring a workers compensation lawyer in Alpharetta, GA to give them their best chance at getting benefits. 

  • Do I Really Need a Lawyer for My Workers' Compensation Case?

    Many people might assume that their workers' compensation case is relatively black and white, but as you might know from seeking to find the best workers' compensation lawyers in Alpharetta GA, it can be beneficial to have an attorney at your side to support you during this time. The workers' compensation system is not necessarily easily understood, and it can be difficult to enforce the rights that you have under a workers' compensation program. Complicated procedures and forms must be followed in order for you to be successful, which is why it is beneficial to have leading workers' compensation lawyers in Alpharetta, GA, representing your interests. If your claim is accepted, you will not be responsible for paying your medical bills that are incurred due to treating the injury.

  • Do Benefits Stop? 

    There are limits to how long you were able to receive benefits even if you are approved for initial benefits. There are three situations in which the insurance company can stop the payment of your temporary total benefits without having to get permission from the Georgia Board of Workers' Compensation. The first of these is when your authorized treating physician allows you to return to work on regular duty without any restrictions.

    The second of these is if you are able to return to work, making the same amount of money as you did prior to the accident.
    And the third is that the insurance company follows the procedure outlined regarding offering you light duty work but you refuse to do it.

  • Why Would I Need a Workers' Compensation Attorney?

    Workers' compensation lawyers in Alpharetta, GA, will help you with every aspect of your case and help answer important questions as they come up. Hiring a workers' compensation lawyer gives you a roadmap for understanding the process of recovering compensation. It is also important to understand the rights you do and do not have as an employee. For example, you are not necessarily protected from termination because of a work-related injury. Your employment status, however, after suffering an injury on the job, does become an integral part of your overall workers' comp case. 

    When you are hurt on the job and get work restrictions from an approved treating physician, the employer must make efforts to accommodate those work restrictions by giving you a job that meets those limitations or enabling you to receive indemnity benefits from the workers' compensation insurance carrier.

    In some cases, it may benefit your employer to keep you employed for the duration of your workers' comp case. You can not be fired during your workers' comp case for those reasons. Your employer might, for example, make an effort to create a light-duty job for you to meet the restrictions named by your employer, and this may be temporary and could end, even though you still have restrictions in place. Georgia is an at-will employment state, meaning that unless you are the victim of discrimination or have an employment contract, you can be fired for any reason by the employer. It can be important to understand the support provided of experienced workers' comp lawyers in Alpharetta, GA. Your lawyer can support you through your entire case, particularly if you are denied the first time that you apply for benefits.

    Workers comp lawyers are well versed in some of the most common reasons that claims are denied, so having their insight earlier, such as to review every aspect of your claim before you submit it, can also prove helpful for your case. But don’t forget that most people turn to a lawyer when their claim has already been denied and when they need additional help from a lawyer who knows the system and can increase the chances of an approved claim the second time around. 

  • What if My Claim Was Denied? 

    Getting benefits is not always as easy as someone might expect, even if you believe that the situation is relatively clear. You may need to make a compelling argument to get approved for workers' compensation benefits. And since you are already dealing with the aftermath of the serious pain due to your injury, you did not need one more thing to be worried about. 

    This is why hiring workers' compensation lawyers in Alpharetta, GA, can help you to get the focus that you need to be able to recover compensation. Remember that you are only able to pursue workers' compensation benefits when you have reported the injury to your employer within 30 days. It's a good idea to report your injury as soon as possible to protect your rights. If you've already been denied for workers' compensation coverage, or experiencing other challenges in this process, set aside time to speak with an experienced and dedicated lawyer to assist you with each aspect of your claim. The sooner you can get help from workers' compensation lawyers in Alpharetta, GA, the better.

  • How Do I Know I’ve Found a Good Lawyer?

    An attorney who has appropriate experience in handling workers compensation cases is one of the most important advocates you can have in your corner. From the moment that you open your worker's compensation claim all the way through to the point of appealing a denial, you deserve to have the support of someone who understands the system and who is willing to work on your behalf. You need someone who will answer your phone calls and questions quickly and help guide you through the process to protect the rights you have to recover conversation.
    You need to know when you have found the right mix of experience, dedication, and clear process to help you. During the entirety of the claim submissions stage or your appeal, you want to know that your case is being handled by someone who has been here before and will work to keep your case out of denial. The sooner you can start getting benefits, the better. 

    Find workers compensation lawyers in Alpharetta who are not afraid to take your case to trial if that becomes necessary. You want someone in your corner who will pivot and adapt as needed in your case. 

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