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Dog bites can cause permanent injury, scarring, or even death. If you are bitten by a dog in Atlanta, our attorneys can deliver rapid legal service to give you the peace to heal, and the appropriate compensation for your injury. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

Sometimes dogs are not man’s best friend. According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), approximately 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten or attacked by dogs each year.

Most victims of dog bites are children. Between 2010 and 2012, more than 350,000 children between the ages of one and 14 were bitten—often on the head and in the neck.

In 2013 alone, more than 30 people in the United States were killed by dogs. If dogs make such beloved pets, how can so many people in Atlanta, and elsewhere, suffer dog bites? The answer is that any dog can bite.

Certain breeds are more likely to bite than others, and circumstance plays a role as well, including:

  • Unaltered male dogs are more likely to bite and attack
  • A female dog with puppies will bite if threatened
  • Dogs that are hungry, or suddenly awakened, will attack more quickly than they would otherwise
  • Some dog owners breed and train their dogs for aggression

Responding to Attack: We Help You Understand Dog Bite Law in Atlanta

If you or a loved one is bitten by a dog, you should understand the steps to preserve a legal claim against the owner of the dog that bit you. Consider these tips after you suffer a bite, or a dog attack in Atlanta:

  • Get immediate medical attention: If the bite punctured your skin, seek medical help immediately. Animal bites carry pathogens that can make you ill. A bite wound delivers those germs under the skin and could cause serious infection beyond the damage of the bite.
  • Notify authorities: Dogs or cats that bite must be quarantined. If you are bitten by an unfamiliar dog that has fled, try to remember where it came from and what it looked like. Report the description to the doctor, or to law enforcement officers called to the scene.
  • Photographs: Take photographs of the location where you were bitten—and the dog if possible. Identifying the dog is critical to ensure you are not exposed to rabies. It is also important to locate the pet owner for purposes of liability.
  • Speak with an attorney: Contact an experienced dog bite attorney in Atlanta as soon as possible. While you may have a family friend who is a divorce attorney, a lawyer who works specifically with dog bites and personal injury is more likely to help you achieve maximum compensation for your suffering.

Approximately one-third of claims made to homeowner insurance plans in the United States are to cover payment of a dog bite claim. The chances are good the owner of the dog that bit you—or your loved one—has homeowners or renters insurance.

Engaging an attorney after a dog attack is also important because of the complexity of Georgia law surrounding the standards of liability and compensation for dog bites. Dog owners have a financial responsibility to persons injured by their dogs if their animal is deemed vicious or dangerous, or if the pet owner violated local laws requiring them to contain, confine, or leash their pet.

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If you suffer a personal injury or are attacked or bitten by a dog in Georgia, we can help you recover maximum compensation for the facts of your case. We are located in downtown Atlanta, on Peachtree, not far from the 75/85. Contact us for a free case evaluation or call us at (404) 965-8811.

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