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Truck Accident Lawyers in Marietta, GA - truck on the highway

Marietta Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents involving small cars are dangerous. However, collisions involving large commercial trucks are even more hazardous. 

Because of their enormous weight and size, commercial trucks can cause catastrophic injuries. This is true even in minor crashes.  

Marietta, GA, sits to the northwest of Atlanta in Cobb County. In this idyllic community, large commercial trucks often travel on Interstate 75 and I-575. They also regularly appear on nearby I-285. 

If you have sustained an injury from a collision in Georgia, you have the right to pursue financial compensation from the at-fault party. When you have been hurt in a crash, make sure to contact a truck accident lawyer in Marietta. 

You should not have to be responsible for the financial and personal losses that result from a crash that another person caused. If another driver’s negligence caused your injuries, speak with a truck accident lawyer in Marietta. 

Fortunately, the legal team at Morgan & Morgan proudly serves clients across the state of Georgia. When you hire our firm, we will not rest until we secure the financial compensation that you need to get your life back on track.  

Schedule a no-cost legal case evaluation by filling out the easy-to-use contact form on the Morgan & Morgan website. Let our team of skilled experts get justice for you. 

Truck Accident Statutes in Georgia

Having a Georgia attorney on your side from the beginning of your claim is a good idea. Skilled legal representation will give you the highest likelihood of securing the money that you rightfully deserve.  

The state of Georgia has passed certain laws and statutes that apply to commercial trucking accidents. These regulations extend beyond the typical traffic laws that govern passenger vehicles. 

These legal specifications are intended to promote safety and fairness concerning commercial trucks. Following a collision, speaking with a truck accident lawyer in Marietta will help you understand the relevant statutes in your case.

State vs. Federal Laws

Commercial motor carriers are required by federal law to adhere to “Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations” (FMCSR). These laws apply to any commercial trucking company operating in multiple states.  

Georgia’s legislature has adopted a very similar set of statutes. Therefore, these Georgia regulations apply to companies operating only within state lines. 

The Georgia Department of Safety enforces relevant statutes regarding commercial trucking companies within the state. It is critical to find an attorney with a thorough knowledge of both state and federal statutes. That is why you should speak with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Marietta following a mishap or injury.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer in Marietta Will Help You

In the aftermath of your collision, a knowledgeable legal expert will ensure that you have the best chance possible of recovering compensation. A skilled lawyer will determine the nature of the crash, the reason for the crash, which parties are liable, and which statutes are relevant.  

Injury victims should be focused primarily on their recovery and well-being. Some injured people attempt to file their own truck accident suit. This is typically a mistake. 

Hiring an attorney will allow you to prioritize your physical and financial recovery rather than investing countless hours in a civil legal claim. When you hire one of the accomplished truck accident attorneys at the firm of Morgan & Morgan, they will handle the following portions of your claim: 

  • Collecting relevant evidence to bolster your case
  • Obtaining medical records and police accident reports
  • Speaking with eyewitnesses to the collision
  • Contacting expert witnesses, if needed
  • Determining which statutes apply in your case
  • Accurately calculating the compensation that you are due
  • Determining the types of damages you can claim
  • Discovering which parties are legally at-fault
  • And more 

When injury victims attempt to represent themselves, they often need to negotiate with relevant insurance providers. This can be disastrous if the claimant is not properly experienced. 

Insurance companies protect their bottom lines by rejecting and devaluing truck accident claims. Adjusters are often trained to offer lowball settlement offers to injury and accident victims. 

Do not settle for less than your claim is worth. A seasoned truck accident lawyer in Marietta, GA, will negotiate aggressively to recover the full value of your case. 

The experienced attorneys at Morgan & Morgan understand how to accurately determine the monetary value of a truck accident case. We will ensure that you do not accept inadequate financial compensation for your truck accident injuries.

Determining Liability in a Motor Carrier Collision

One of the most important elements in any tort claim is determining fault. Any party or parties liable for your damages may owe you financial payments. 

A skilled legal expert will investigate your claim to determine whose negligence led to your accident. The state of Georgia relies on a “modified comparative fault” approach to determine legal liability in truck accident cases. 

This means that victims can only recover compensation if they are responsible for less than 50% of the crash. Because of this rule, it is incredibly important to have a knowledgeable legal specialist build a powerful case for you. 

A seasoned attorney will determine the cause of the collision and use this information to establish fault. Many different parties can be at-fault for a motor carrier accident. 

Some of the most common liable parties include:

Truck Drivers

One of the obvious possibilities in a motor carrier collision is that the truck driver was negligent. If the driver’s actions sufficiently contributed to the crash, they may owe the victims financial compensation. 

Some of the common examples of truck driver negligence include: 

  • Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Driving while drowsy or fatigued
  • Distracted driving, including cell phone or tablet use
  • Reckless maneuvers
  • Failing to comply with regulations or traffic laws
  • And more 

When a commercial truck driver is negligent, the person who is affected can seek compensation with the help of a skilled tort attorney. In many truck accidents, the driver is at fault.

Commercial Trucking Companies

Motor carriers are legally liable following some truck accidents. These companies are required to take certain actions and adhere to certain regulations. 

When a motor carrier fails to fulfill its duty and someone is harmed, it can be held legally responsible for the damage that it caused. Some ways in which commercial trucking companies can be negligent include: 

  • Using unqualified or untrained truck drivers
  • Using trucks that have not been adequately maintained
  • Improperly loading hazardous cargo
  • And more 

In some instances, these companies incentivize their drivers to violate the law. 

For instance, suppose that a motor carrier provides bonuses to drivers who meet unrealistic expectations. This may incentivize employees to drive long shifts illegally. Driving for too many hours in a row can result in dangerous situations on the road. 

Other Parties That May Be Liable

Most truck accident cases involve negligence on the part of the driver or motor carrier. However, other parties may also hold blame for a commercial truck collision. Some of these other potentially negligent parties are:

  • Drivers of surrounding passenger vehicles
  • Truck manufacturers or maintenance personnel
  • Designers or manufacturers of commercial truck components
  • Technicians and repair personnel
  • And more 

In some instances, the owners of freight and cargo may be liable for accidents. This is the case when companies hire commercial trucking companies with a history of violating regulations or traffic laws. 

When you hire the competent legal team at Morgan & Morgan, we will accurately determine which parties are responsible for your truck accident in Marietta. Any party that is to blame for the damages you suffered can be held financially accountable through legal action.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • How Expensive Is a Truck Accident Lawyer in Marietta?

    Most tort attorneys are compensated through the use of contingency fees. In other words, clients should not have to pay any upfront attorneys’ fees to pursue a legal claim. 

    With a contingency fee approach, you will agree to a percentage of the winnings from your truck accident claim. After your attorney recovers money for you, that portion of the compensation covers your attorneys’ fees.  

    The compassionate legal professionals at Morgan & Morgan know that collision victims face many financial obligations. That is why our legal team does not get paid unless we get money for you.

  • What Kinds of Compensation Can I Seek in a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

    When you file a legal claim following a truck accident, you can seek compensation for any financial or personal losses that you have experienced. Most victims only consider the monetary expenses that arise after a crash.  

    It is important to speak with an attorney to determine the value of your personal and psychological damages. With the help of a legal expert, you can pursue compensation for the following: 

    • Property damage, including vehicular repairs
    • Current and past medical expenses
    • Lost wages and income from missing work
    • Expected future medical care costs
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental distress, such as anxiety, depression, and panic
    • Lost ability to earn income long-term
    • Disability and disfigurement
    • Decreased quality of life
    • And more

    Victims often underestimate the financial compensation they are owed for their truck accident injuries. Let the accomplished attorneys at the firm of Morgan & Morgan fight for maximum financial recovery to help you move forward with your life.

  • How Long Do I Have to File a Truck Accident Claim?

    Each state sets a “statute of limitations” on personal injury claims. This statute serves as a legally enforced time limit. 

    You will need to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations on your case expires. Failing to do so may result in the dismissal of your case by Georgia civil courts. 

    In the state of Georgia, the statute of limitations on personal injury and accident lawsuits is typically two years. Speak with an attorney to begin the legal process as soon as possible.

  • Morgan & Morgan Provides Premier Legal Representation in Georgia

    When you need to pursue financial recovery following a commercial truck accident, contact the firm of Morgan & Morgan. Our team has more than 30 years of experience representing accident victims in a wide range of cases. 

    We will not rest until you receive the financial compensation to cover your costs and losses. To arrange a no-cost legal consultation, complete our online contact form today.

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