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Macon Slip and Fall Lawyer

A slip and fall accident can cause incredibly painful injuries and can affect your ability to work. Unfortunately, slip and fall incidents are common, and they’re usually caused by unsafe conditions that should not have existed. Georgia property owners are both legally and ethically required to uphold safety standards to prevent personnel and client injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident due to a property owner’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation.

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  • What Does a Slip and Fall Case Looks Like?

    Georgia property owners are required by law to repair hazardous conditions when they pose a risk to those traversing the area. Some examples of these conditions are:

    • Liquid spills
    • Broken or unstable stairs
    • No access to railings or safety rails
    • Potholes, ledges, or uneven walkways

    These conditions, if not remedied properly, can exponentially increase the risk of a slip and fall accident. When an unsafe condition appears, the property owner must either repair it immediately or post a warning to inform those nearby of the safety risk. This warning can take the form of caution tape or a wet floor sign, but must clearly state the risk of crossing the affected area.

  • How About Falls at Home?

    Those living in rental properties rely on their landlord/property owner to uphold the property’s safety standards. If they fail to perform the upkeep and maintenance that’s outlined in your lease, then their actions could be considered negligent. When your property owner is negligent, it puts you at risk for injury.

  • What is The Value of a Case?

    Slip and fall accidents can vary greatly, which is why it’s important to have an experienced legal team by your side. To determine the value of your case, we will consider:

    • Severity of your injury
    • Emotional distress
    • Recovery timeline
    • Lost wages/diminished earning capability
    • Other expenses 

    We understand the price for pain is infinite, which is why we’ll fight for full and fair compensation for you and your family.

  • What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Macon, Georgia?

    Falling down in any public place is embarrassing, but it’s even more devastating when you realize that it’s someone else’s fault that you got hurt. Sadly, this is the case for many Macon, GA slip and fall victims.

    If you get hurt in a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, and you may need the support of slip and fall lawyers in Macon, GA to help you navigate the legal process. Hiring Morgan & Morgan to help you with this process can make it much easier for you to understand the full scope of your rights and the type of damages that you may be entitled to. 

    You may assume that the accident was your fault because you were not looking where you were going or simply may not remember exactly what occurred in the moments prior to the accident. However, many slip and fall accidents are due to negligent management of the premises. Being able to prove that the property owner or manager knew about the dangerous condition or should have known about it and failed to take actions to fix it could form the basis of a slip and fall injury claim. 

    After such an accident occurs, explain the incident to the property owner, don’t sign anything right away, and gather whatever evidence from the scene that could be used to prove liability. You should then seek immediate medical treatment, regardless of your state, as some injuries may not show symptoms immediately.

    Lastly, contact a personal injury lawyer, like those at Morgan & Morgan, to help fight for the full and fair compensation that you rightfully deserve to cover medical bills or even lost wages from missed time at work.

  • What Role Does Liability Play in My Macon, Georgia Slip and Fall Accident?

    Before coming forward with damages in a slip and fall accident claim in court, you need to show that the property owner was negligent and that this caused you to suffer injuries. Negligence is a legal term used to explain carelessness, and it refers to someone who failed to exercise the appropriate level of ordinary care toward other people. 

    In car accidents, for example, someone may be negligent because they were texting while driving or because they were driving under the influence of alcohol. In those situations, it may be easier to gather evidence to show that someone was negligent and therefore legally responsible for the damages that the victim is owed. 

    In a slip and fall accident claim, however, you need to show that the property owner or manager already knew about the dangerous condition or had cause to know about the dangerous condition but failed to correct it or to place appropriate warnings in the vicinity. For example, something at the opening door to a grocery store would be relatively obvious for a property owner to know about. If something had spilled there or a display fell down, the property owner should have identified this quickly and had employees dispatched to remove the hazard. If the hazard was there for a long period of time, and the property owner had reason to know about it, this can become the basis of a negligence claim in your Macon, Georgia slip and fall case. 

    If someone gets injured because of a failure to exercise ordinary care, that occupier or owner of the property can be held liable for damages under the official code of Georgia annotated 51-3-1. You must first demonstrate negligence in order to prove liability in court, and your Morgan & Morgan attorneys can tell you more about this during an initial consultation. During that initial consultation, we will discuss the specifics of your case as well as any questions you may have. 

    Proving negligence has two different components. First, you must be able to show that the business or owner failed to recognize and fix or remove the dangerous condition that caused their accident when they should have or that the business or owner actually caused the hazardous condition that led to your accident. You must also be able to illustrate in court that a reasonable person would have identified this hazard and had appropriate time to fix it before the slip and fall accident occurred. You must consider a number of different aspects in consulting with Morgan & Morgan attorneys about your Macon, Georgia slip and fall claim, including:

    • Whether the hazard could have been moved to a different location, avoided through warnings, or blocked off.
    • Whether bad lighting, limited visibility, or other issues may have contributed to the likelihood of the accident.
    • Whether there were safety standards in place from the business or property owner to help identify potentially dangerous conditions.
    • Whether there was any justifiable reason that the obstacle or hazard was present at the scene of your incident when you fell.

    In order to illustrate liability in your case, it is imperative to have the right attorneys to illustrate your claim. You will need to look at numerous different angles in identifying someone's liability in your accident because you will likely be filing a claim directly with the insurance company. 

    Insurance companies are thoroughly trained to do everything possible to minimize their liability in these situations, and the support of an experienced and qualified lawyer can make it easier for you to present a compelling claim at the outset. When an insurance company receives a claim with clear evidence of liability and dangers, it may be more likely to settle the claim with you outside of court which can save you time and give you a clear path to resolution and receipt of damages. With so many different components at play in your slip and fall claim in Macon, GA, you need to work with lawyers who have been down this path before and who have achieved successful results for previous clients.

    The specifics of your individual claim will determine how easy it is or not to determine negligence, but having the right attorneys at your side can make this process much easier. The knowledgeable lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have extensive experience in researching accident claims and going to the scene of the accident. Furthermore, we may be able to gather additional evidence that shows how negligence plays into the case and in determining all liable parties who could be responsible for your injuries. 

  • What Kinds of Damages Can I Get in a Georgia Slip and Fall Accident Case?

    As your slip and fall lawyers in Macon, GA can tell you, the damages that you can be compensated for will depend on the type of injuries you've sustained and the accident circumstances themselves. You may be entitled to economic as well as non-economic damages in your slip and fall claim. 

    Economic damages relate to damages with identifiable monetary values. This means that it is typically fixed and associated with things like reduced earning capability, lost wages, medical expenses like prescriptions, physical therapy, rehabilitation, emergency room visits and medical equipment, and property damages. 

    As soon as possible after you are hurt in a slip and fall accident in Georgia, begin to gather all of this evidence so that you can present it to your lawyer. Your lawyer may use this to create what is known as a demand letter, which is a total of the expenses you have already received and anticipated future expenses that you may be entitled to. All bank statements, bills, pay stubs and invoices should be kept by you in the event they become important. 

    Non-economic damages are the second type of compensation that may be entitled to you. They do not have fixed monetary values and will depend entirely on the way that your life has been impacted by the accident and potentially has affected others in your family. 

    Some examples of non-economic damages are loss of consortium, pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment, emotional trauma or mental anguish, and disfigurement and disability. The severity of your slip and fall will determine the type of damages that you are eligible for in your case, and a qualified and experienced lawyer can discuss this with you in an initial consultation.

  • Do I Have to Pay My Lawyer Up Front?

    In slip and fall and other personal injury cases, it can be overwhelming to deal with the financial fallout of such an accident. This makes it extremely important to work with someone who uses a contingency fee basis. 

    A contingency fee is a percentage that is paid to your lawyers if—and only if—they are successful in winning your case. The contingency fee is usually a set percentage that is never paid up front and can be discussed with your Morgan & Morgan lawyers at the outset of your case. 

    This gives you the peace of mind that your attorneys are busy working as hard as possible on your behalf while not adding any additional financial stress for you. This means that you can go about focusing on your recovery and put yourself in the best possible situation to make whatever a full recovery looks like for you. Your lawyers will be handling the legal aspects of your claim and submitting any paperwork and other important details. 

    To get started with your claim, you can contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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