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Home Insurance Claim Attorneys in Atlanta

Home Insurance Claim Attorneys in Atlanta

The lawyers at Morgan & Morgan are widely recognized home insurance claim lawyers in Atlanta because of our years of experience successfully handling these kinds of cases. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners realize they will have challenges with their insurance company after they open a legitimate claim. If this has already happened to you, contact our home insurance claims denial lawyers in Atlanta today.

You may not only be able to resolve your insurance claims situation with the insurance carrier directly, but you may also have a separate legal claim for what is known as “bad faith.” 

Bad faith lawsuits are designed to hold insurance companies accountable when they knowingly or intentionally deny you from getting the justice you need in your claim. If your insurance carrier is refusing to call you back or is otherwise blocking you from getting justice in your claim, sharing this information with a qualified attorney is an important first step for helping you to recover the damages you're owed.

Common Problems With Insurance Claims

There are many different issues that can influence your ability to close out a claim and get the money you’re owed. When you file a claim with an insurance carrier, you expect that they will review all of the materials and keep you informed as your case unfolds. You are likely counting on the financial recovery from an insurance claim to be able to get these damages fixed and to move forward with your life. There are financial, physical, and emotional aspects to recovering from a damage claim, and it could add to the stress when you have challenges with your insurance company. 

Often, it can feel like reliving the entire experience over again when your insurance company refuses to keep you informed or up-to-date about your claim. You may have provided the same paperwork multiple times, put in numerous phone calls only to be ignored, or get shocked when you discover that the insurance company has denied your claim. Knowing when the company has crossed the line into bad faith, however, is complex. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • When to Get a Lawyer for Your Claim?

    If you have already filed an insurance claim or expect to file one shortly, you may need assistance recovering from disaster. At Morgan & Morgan, we recognize there are frustration, pain, and financial losses that come after serious damage to your property has occurred. We have worked extensively with insurance claim victims to help them recover maximum compensation and to understand their next steps. The support of an experienced and qualified attorney can make a big difference in your ability to close out this case in a timely manner. 

    Our insurance claim law firm at Morgan & Morgan has successfully negotiated, litigated, and recovered damages for an insured party in many different cases. There are so many different kinds of loss that you may experience in Atlanta from wildfires, wind damage, water damage, hurricanes, and more. After the loss, you need to document all of your damages with photographs and submit them to your insurance company. Following that point, you may have expected that your insurance company will keep you informed of the next steps and will ultimately approve your claim. However, this is not always the case as it may be really challenging to recover these damages. Even when your insurance provider has received all of the right evidence, your insurance company will still continue to ask you questions about the claim. 

    They may ask for things, such as proof of lost documents, repair estimates, and submission of photos. A property inspection will be completed at which point you will be notified about a coverage decision. Your coverage decision should have the reasons that your insurance company has approved or denied the claim and the portion of your policy they are citing. You will need to review this information in full on your own to better understand why they may or may not be approving a claim. Although it may seem relatively simple for you as to the damages that you have sustained on your property, it is ultimately the decision of the insurance company that has the most significant impact going forward. If your claim has been wrongfully denied, you may need to seek assistance.

  • Do I Really Need an Attorney?

    Not every insurance claim will require hiring an attorney to manage the claim. However, as our home insurance claim attorneys in Atlanta can tell you, there are some circumstances in which an attorney is required. If insurance companies are not honoring their obligation to a policyholder under the conditions of the policy, when an insurance company denies, underpays, or wrongfully delays your claim, it is recommended that you consult with an experienced and qualified Insurance claim attorney to review your options.

  • Do I Have to Pay an Attorney?

    One of the primary concerns for many people already dealing with damages of a personal injury is how they will pay for legal help. While lawyers who practice in other areas may ask for a retainer or put you on an hourly agreement, this is not the case with all claims. 

    The lawyers at Morgan & Morgan work on many insurance claim cases on a contingency fee basis. Dealing with the repercussions and costs can accumulate greatly and quickly. We sit down with our prospective clients at the outset of working together to help explain the legal process and what you can expect so that you can make informed decisions. We recognize that it can be very hard to handle all of these claims on your own and that you may be frustrated because your insurance company is refusing to respond to your claims. When working with Morgan & Morgan, you'll know what's involved and how payment will work so that you can commit to working with a lawyer when you know it's the best route for your case. 

    Understanding the pros and cons of filing a case is yet another benefit of working with a home insurance claim attorney in Atlanta. The lawyers at Morgan & Morgan will review the specifics of your case and discuss with you some of the benefits of moving forward with a legal claim and some of the challenges you might expect. The purpose of this is to give you an honest appraisal of what is involved in your attempt to recover compensation. Wherever possible, we look for options to resolve things outside of court to minimize the stress and time involvement for our clients. We recognize that there are many possible avenues to resolve home insurance claims, and we leverage our full Network, experience, and resources to make that possible. You'll know that we're in your corner advocating for you for the duration of your case, no matter which route that takes.

  • What Do I Need to Look for in an Insurance Claim Lawyer?

    When you're seeking to hire a home insurance claim attorney in Atlanta, you need the support of a qualified and dedicated attorney. You need a law firm who recognizes some of the many challenges faced by victims of property damage, who are already coping with significant changes in their life and are unable to figure out how to move forward. Speaking with the lawyers at Morgan & Morgan is an instrumental step in the process to recover compensation. When seeking an attorney, make sure to schedule a consultation with a dedicated law firm who can help you move forward and discuss some of the primary issues in the case. If your insurance company has already denied your claim or is refusing to respond to you about communication related to your case, the support of an experienced and dedicated attorney can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful claim.

    When meeting with an insurance claim attorney for the first time, bring along a list of questions as well as general notes about your claim. You will want to have important dates that you can reflect on during the conversation, such as the date of the damage, the date that you filed the damage claim, any important dates of speaking to the insurance company or others involved in the handling of the claim, and any paperwork associated with your policy regarding deadlines for the insurance company to respond to you or resolve your claim. 

    You will also want to ask questions of your home insurance claim in Atlanta so that you feel confident in your final decision to select a lawyer to work with. You need to feel confident that they'll handle each aspect of your case with care and compassion. 

    Ask questions like: 

    • How many cases like this have you handled in the past few years?
    • What are your concerns about the case?
    • How do your cases typically resolve? 
    • What is your personal communication style? 

    Depending on the answers to these questions, you should either feel that you need to meet with more home insurance claim attorneys in Atlanta or that you have found the right fit for your needs. If you decide to move forward with legal representation, the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are here to provide you with an initial consultation so that you can make a solid decision that best suits your needs.

    Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started.

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