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Negligent Security Lawyer in Savannah

Negligent Security Lawyer in Savannah

If you've been harmed on a property because of poor or improper security measures, you can find a negligent security lawyer in Savannah, like those at Morgan & Morgan, who understands your case and will do everything possible to present your claim in the most compelling manner. 

If you get hurt on another person's property, you may be entitled to compensation and could have grounds to pursue a negligent security claim. This all depends on how you decide to move forward and whether or not you can show that the manager or owner of the property did not do enough to ensure your safety. 

Such cases can be complicated and difficult to navigate, and you deserve to have a dedicated negligence security lawyer in Savannah to talk through the various aspects of your case and to help you prepare for what it looks like to open an official claim.

Not every incident on a property will become a premises liability claim, but it could if you can show that you were injured due to poor security issues.

If you're looking for more information about your case, contact Morgan & Morgan for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.  

Understanding Negligent Security

Negligence security is a form of a premises liability legal claim associated with redress for violent acts and crimes that are the fault of a property owner who failed to take reasonable safety measures. 

Visitors to these places should be safe from criminal activities, such as assault, rape, robbery, or battery, and when you sustain injuries and damages from these kinds of criminal actions, you deserve to be compensated with the help of a negligent security lawyer in Savannah. You may have grounds for a negligent security claim and may be eligible to recover compensation from a property management company, property owner, or security company. 

The injured party can open a negligent security suit due to the duty that a landowner has to provide basic security measures, as well as protect lawful visitors from the foreseeable crimes of a third party. In a negligent security claim, the victim must show that the crime might have been avoided or the impacts lessened. 

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Are Examples of Negligent Security in Georgia?

    Much like other states, Georgia has rules that allow victims of negligent security claims to recover compensation when they can show that harm occurred to them because of poor security measures. In these difficult circumstances, it is vital that you have someone else walk you through the legal aspects of your claim because it is not necessarily easy to bring a negligent security claim. A negligent security lawyer in Savannah will review the specifics of your case and help you understand the many ways that your life may be affected. 

    Some of the most common types of negligent security cases include:

    • Poor lighting, such as parking lots that do not have appropriate lighting, making it easy for others to hide and carry out crimes in these places.
    • Broken locks, such as when damaged locks or weak locks allow criminals to enter units and carry out crimes.
    • Inadequate training for the security guards that may be hired to work on the property. If a security system, such as a camera breaks and is not repaired, criminals may use these vulnerabilities to enter the property and hurt residents.
    • No background checks. Security guards should always have a strong employment history and one without criminal records. If a property owner fails to check on these details, a criminal may be allowed on the property and given exclusive access to the potential to hurt you.
  • How Does a Victim Prove Negligent Security?

    A victim who has been harmed because of a violent crime on a property has the legal responsibility to prove negligent security. However, showing liability for injuries sustained in cases like this can be very difficult. You may assume that security cameras may have been placed on the property, but this may be yet another example of how the property owner failed to maintain a safe environment. 

    The likelihood of an insurance company paying you out for damages in a negligent security claim in Savannah is low if you try to pursue this on your own because many of these companies may blame you for acting carelessly. This can be shocking when you are dealing with the injuries and property damage associated with a negligent security claim, but insurance companies can often try to avoid paying to protect their profits. It is best to hire attorneys, like those working at Morgan & Morgan, who can bring together evidence and file your case for you. 

    Inadequate or negligent security claims in Georgia hold property owners responsible when the victim can show that the owner should have taken necessary steps to prevent or avoid crime. 

    When a property owner is aware of the potential for crime on the property, that property owner can be held legally responsible for negligent security. This is especially true when crime in the area has been increasing recently, and the owner or manager of the property failed to take proactive steps to avoid unnecessary crime. Taking precautions to minimize the risks of danger is an important way to protect members of the public, and when property owners and managers fail to take the proper measures, it leaves people visiting the property to face unnecessary and serious injuries. 

    The right lawyers will become a crucial component of your ability to argue such a case. Your attorneys will look at crime reports in the area and other incidents that have happened on the same property in which you were hurt. This information can be used to show that the property owner should have taken proactive steps to increase security measures. If you can show the property owner or the property manager had reason to believe that crime in the area was increasing or it actually experienced crime on that same property, you may be able to file a suit of negligence security arguing that they did not respond to these issues appropriately. 

    While it can feel like there is so much to deal with once you have gone through the process of being hurt, you cannot wait to take action and get help from an attorney like those working at Morgan & Morgan. 

    In order to achieve success with a negligent security claim and Savanna, you will need to show that the property owner already was aware or should have known that a crime was likely to occur. 

    This is known as a theory of constructive knowledge, meaning that you may have to show that the property or its immediate surrounding areas had been the location of similar crimes in the past. You may need to tell the story of improper security measures to support the evidence in your Georgia negligent security case. Your attorney can help you to prepare a thorough investigation and collection of evidence that supports these claims, such as showing that the property owner did not use security cameras, security guards, adequate parking, proper locks, or appropriate lighting.

  • Do I Really Need a Negligent Security Lawyer In Savannah?

    One of the most common premises liability claims that someone might end up filing after they've been hurt in an assault or violent attack is a negligent security claim. You are typically eligible to pursue a case like this against a property owner or business if you were harmed because the owner failed to provide appropriate protection. 

    At Morgan & Morgan, we have worked on many different cases of negligent security throughout Georgia and in surrounding states. We know what kinds of evidence it takes to make a claim that a property owner did not do enough to protect you and other visitors to the property. We do not back down when going up against major companies or smaller businesses, either. This is because we firmly believe that victims should have their rights properly represented in these cases and that you should have everything you need to file an effective case. 

    You should never feel as though you are alone and you are working with a qualified legal team, and our extensive network and resources are there to support you from beginning to end. You will never be unsure of where your case stands and will be informed of any potential settlement opportunities as soon as they arise.

    The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan recognize how hard it can be to put the pieces of your life back together, but we have a strong track record of resolving these cases in and outside of court. It is very important in these circumstances for you to know that you are not alone and that you can get help from a qualified lawyer sooner rather than later. 

    Contact Morgan & Morgan to discuss the basics of your negligent security claim with a free, no-obligation case evaluation. 

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