Atlanta Police Officer on Leave after Wrong Way DUI Crash

Atlanta police Officer Christopher J. Niezurawski has been placed on paid administrative leave after he allegedly drove drunk and on the wrong side of the highway, leading to a crash with a bus. According to WBTV, Niezurawski was spotted at around 4:45 a.m. driving north on the southbound lanes of Interstate 85 near Spaghetti Junction. Officers saw his car stopped going the wrong way, but the vehicle was hit by a Greyhound bus full of passengers before any preventative action could be taken.

Niezurawski has been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving, and operating vehicle the wrong way. He has reportedly been relieved from duty with pay while an internal investigation is conducted by the Atlanta Police Department’s office of professional standards. Niezurawski has been on the Atlanta Police Department since June, 2004 and was assigned to the Special Operations Section/Motor Unit as a motorcycle officer. He was involved in an accident while on duty last year when another motorist pulled into his motorcycle and left him hospitalized for a few days.

The Greyhound was traveling from Virginia to Atlanta and was carrying 49 passengers at the time of the crash. The bus sustained minor damage, and none of the passengers were injured. Niezurawski was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with “visible head injuries,” including a gash across his head, but was released later in the day. The accident occurred on I-85 between Northcrest and Pleasantdale Roads.

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