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The False Claims Act allows private citizens with knowledge of fraud against the federal government to file a lawsuit on behalf of the United States. In successful False Claims Act lawsuits, the guilty party is generally ordered to repay the US triple the amount defrauded and the whistleblower who brought the claim becomes entitled to 15 to 30 percent of the government’s reward.

Do you have knowledge of government fraud? If so, you may be eligible for a monetary reward. To find out if you qualify for compensation, contact our Columbus whistleblower attorneys today for a free case evaluation.

Filing a False Claims Act Lawsuit

All citizens are qualified to file a False Claims Act lawsuit, as long as the information provided to the government regarding fraud is original (i.e., unbeknownst to the US government).

Often, the whistleblower in False Claims Act lawsuits is an employee who uncovers fraud at his or her own business. For such cases, the law protects against employer retaliation and discrimination of any kind. Persons who experience employer retaliation for filing a False Claims Act lawsuit are entitled to additional damages, as well as reinstatement to their previous position or one of greater esteem.

All False Claims Act lawsuits are filed confidentially and may not be viewed by either the accused or the general public. While the investigation is ongoing, the accused will not be made aware of the investigation or who initiated the investigation.

Types of Whistleblower Claims

Violations of the False Claims Act can occur in any industry that enters into a government contract. Often, False Claims Act cases involve Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security and defense contractor fraud. Other types of fraud covered by the False Claims Act include the following:

  • Environmental fraud
  • Federal student loan fraud
  • Federal crop insurance fraud
  • Government construction fraud
  • Government contractor fraud
  • GSA fraud
  • US customs and shipping fraud
  • US Postal Service fraud

History of the False Claims Act

The law was originally enacted during the Civil War when early defense contractors were supplying the Union army with rancid food, infested blankets and defective weapons.

Dismayed by the greed and disloyalty of these contractors, President Lincoln urged Congress to pass a law which punishes those who attempt to take advantage of the government and rewards those who turn in the fraudulent parties. Soon after, Congress passed the False Claims Act of 1863.

Today, the False Claims Act continues to be a vital piece of legislation that helps the United States recover nearly $3 billion dollars annually.

At Morgan and Morgan, we have a number of experienced False Claims Act attorneys who can help you with any legal action involving a false claim. We will work tirelessly to help ensure that you are properly compensated as a whistleblower and that you are protected against employer retaliation.

If you have knowledge of government fraud, learn more about your opportunities for compensation by completing our free, no risk case evaluation today.

For more information on False Claims Act lawsuits, visit ourWhistleblower Attorneys website today.

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Last updated on Apr 08, 2022