Police Officer Fired and Charged After Fatal Accident

Joshua Sieck, an Atlanta police officer, has been fired after being involved in a deadly car accident. The 31-year-old Sieck had only just recently graduated from the police academy when he was involved in a horrific car accident. Sieck was traveling west on Cascade Road when his car struck the BMW of 59-year-old Jaqueline Culp. Both Sieck and Culp had to be extricated from their vehicles at the site of the accident. Culp died after being checked into Atlanta Medical Center.

Sieck was initially placed on “paid administrative leave,” according to WSB-TV.  Sieck was then fired days later by Atlanta police Chief George Turner. Sieck has been charged with “second-degree vehicular homicide,” a misdemeanor, according to Fulton County Police Detective Melissa Parker. Sieck was responding to an emergency when the accident happened. In reports, Detective Parker stated that responding to an emergency didn’t excuse Sieck, “…officers would still have to use due caution when entering an intersection meaning that he would have to slow down and be mindful of all of his surroundings.”

Few details have been made public about the case, CBS News reports that there was a witness who was also involved in the accident. Kenyatta White, who was also involved in the crash, stated that Sieck looked like he was driving too fast. It has since been reported that Sieck was driving in the wrong direction while responding to the emergency call that led to the accident. The accident with Ms. Culp happened while Sieck was driving westbound when in fact the call he was responding to required him to drive eastbound.

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