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How Can a Lawyer Help With the Workers' Compensation Process in Atlanta - worker falling from his ladder

How Can a Lawyer Help With the Workers' Compensation Process in Atlanta?

Workers' Compensation Process in Atlanta

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Workers' Compensation Process in Atlanta

If you have been injured or become ill at work, you may be owed financial compensation. Many victims of workplace injuries are unsure where to turn after an accident.
Following an on-the-job illness or injury, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. But the process for securing these benefits in Georgia can be complex. 
Most injury victims do not know how to navigate the workers’ comp lawyer process in Atlanta. It is vital to hire a legal professional when you plan to claim workers’ compensation benefits.
A skilled workers’ compensation attorney can guide you through the application process. They will also help you to appeal an unfavorable decision and get the financial recovery that you deserve.
The workers’ comp lawyer process in Atlanta is intended to cover certain costs for injured employees. However, many workers face denials or inadequate benefits.
You should not have to bear the financial burdens of a workplace injury. When you need the best legal representation in Atlanta, reach out to the firm at Morgan & Morgan.
As America’s largest personal injury firm, we know what it takes to secure compensation for injured employees. We have years of experience successfully recovering benefits for our clients.
To schedule a free consultation regarding your workers’ compensation case, fill out the contact form on the Morgan & Morgan website.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Injuries in the workplace are incredibly common. No matter the industry, accidents happen. 
When you have been injured or diagnosed with an illness as the result of your job, you can seek workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance coverage that most employers are required to hold.
This insurance is meant to cover the costs that injured employees face. It also protects businesses from personal injury lawsuits.
In most cases, employees are not allowed to file a lawsuit against their employer if they accept workers’ compensation benefits. 

Workers’ compensation insurance can cover many different financial losses that injured employees sustain.
Some common examples include:

Medical Costs

Medical treatments, prescriptions, and assessments can result in mounting costs for patients. If your workplace injury results in medical bills, workers’ compensation benefits can help to cover the costs.
Some of the most common medical expenses following an on-the-job accident are:

  • Ambulance rides and transportation
  • Emergency room visits
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Prescription medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgeries
  • And more

Speaking with a skilled attorney from Morgan & Morgan will ensure that you claim the maximum benefits in your case. You should not be forced to cover the costs of an injury or illness that resulted from your occupation.

Vocational Rehabilitation

In some cases, injured employees are unable to return to their previous line of work. When this happens, they may need training for a new profession. 
Although this is not a direct monetary loss, workplace injuries can cause victims to miss out on wages and income. This is especially true if the symptoms from their injury are ongoing or lifelong.
Workers’ compensation benefits can compensate employees for the cost of vocational retraining. 

Necessary Travel

Some injuries and illnesses require patients to travel. The cost of transportation to and from medical appointments can be covered by workers’ compensation benefits.
If you must travel to see a physician, surgeon, or specialist about your condition, it is vital to include this cost in your claim.

Benefits for Surviving Family

Some on-the-job injuries are fatal. When an injury victim is killed in a workplace accident, their family can pursue financial recovery through a workers’ compensation insurance claim. 
This type of claim may compensate the decedent’s surviving family for:

  • Burial costs
  • Funeral expenses
  • Outstanding medical debts
  • Benefits for spouses, children, or other dependents

If you have lost a loved one in a work-related accident, reach out to the firm at Morgan & Morgan as soon as possible. Our attorneys have plenty of experience with the workers’ comp lawyer process in Atlanta, GA.

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

After a workplace accident, injury, or illness, many employees feel frightened and uncertain about the future. Mounting medical costs and missed wages can be overwhelming.
Contacting a skilled attorney can help you to understand the workers’ comp lawyer process in Atlanta, GA. This will ensure that you have the best chance of securing the benefits that are rightfully yours.
In Georgia, it is vital to inform your employer about an illness or injury as soon as possible. In return, your employer is required to provide you with benefit application forms.
These forms will require you to provide certain information regarding your work-related injury or illness, including:

  • When the accident took place
  • Where the incident occurred
  • How the injury happened
  • And more

It is important to complete these forms as quickly as possible after your injury or diagnosis. Waiting too long may compromise your workers’ compensation claim.
The workers’ comp lawyer process in Atlanta requires claimants to file for benefits in a prompt manner. 
After completing these documents, your employer will file a claim with their workers’ compensation insurance provider. If the company approves the claim, you will begin to receive benefits. 
However, many workers’ compensation claims are not so simple. Insurance providers are not working in the best financial interests of claimants. 
These companies increase their profits by paying out as little as possible on each filed claim. Many insurance adjusters are trained to manipulate claimants into undermining or devaluing their claims.
Therefore, it is vital to consult with an experienced legal professional when pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. 
The team at Morgan & Morgan knows the tactics that tightfisted insurance providers use to deny workers’ compensation claims. And we know how to counter these strategies effectively to secure the money that you need.

Reasons for Denials in the Workers’ Comp Lawyer Process in Atlanta, GA

After you file your claim, the relevant insurance company will investigate the circumstances of your case. Following the investigation, you may face a denial or receive inadequate benefits. 
If you do not secure adequate payments, a skilled workers’ compensation attorney can help you to appeal the decision. 
Unfortunately, many injured employees face a denial when they initially apply for benefits. The workers’ compensation appeals process is very complex and hiring an attorney is advisable.
Some of the most common reasons for a denied claim include:

Missed Deadlines

To receive benefits, claimants must register their illness or injury with their employer as soon as possible. It is also vital to complete forms related to your benefits claim in a timely manner.
The state of Georgia requires injured employees to file for workers’ compensation claims within one year of their accident or diagnosis. Missing this important deadline will make it difficult to recover benefits.

Was the Injury Work-Related?

In some cases, business owners will argue that an employee’s injuries are not work-related. If you were hurt on your own time or were engaged in misconduct at the time of the accident, you may be ineligible for workers’ compensation.
To secure the benefits that you need, it is critical to gather as much evidence about your injury as possible. This may include:

  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Shift and work-hour records
  • Medical records and evidence
  • And more

A workers’ compensation attorney can help you to prove the nature of your injury or illness. 

State Guidelines Regarding Medical Conditions

Some states have enacted statutes that place restrictions on workers’ compensation accessibility. If your injury or illness is not sufficiently severe, you may be denied benefits.

Filing an Appeal 

No matter what the reason, you have the option to appeal a denied workers’ comp claim. Appealing a workers’ compensation ruling requires you to file a WC-14 form through the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.
After filing the appeal, you will be given a hearing to review your case. An administrative law judge will oversee the proceeding and will render a judgment about your claim. 
Typically, these hearings take place within 60 days of filing the appeal. At this hearing, your attorney will present evidence to bolster your case.
Following this hearing, you may begin to receive the benefits that you deserve. If the proceeding does not result in a positive outcome, you are permitted to file an additional appeal.
The Board of Workers’ Compensation’s Appellate Division will provide you with a short review. Claimants are not permitted to introduce new evidence at this stage of the appeal process.
If you have any questions regarding the workers’ compensation application or appeals process, reach out to Morgan & Morgan. Our accomplished legal professionals have years of experience handling these cases.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • How Will an Attorney Help in My Workers’ Compensation Case?

    Workers’ compensation cases can be very complex. They often include multiple parties with competing interests.
    These cases also require a knowledge of state statutes, laws, and regulations. An experienced lawyer will have experience with the process and can help to ensure that your application is as strong as possible. 
    When you hire an attorney through Morgan & Morgan, they will:

    • Speak with the insurance provider on your behalf
    • Collect vital medical evidence to support your case
    • Negotiate effectively to increase your compensation
    • File an appeal in response to a denial
    • Present your case at appeal hearings
    • And more

    When you have been injured, you should not have to deal with the complex requirements of a legal claim. Let the compassionate team at Morgan & Morgan handle your case while you focus on recovering.

  • How Does Morgan & Morgan Handle Attorneys’ Fees?

    The team at Morgan & Morgan knows that injury victims face many financial difficulties. That is why our lawyers are paid through contingency fees.
    When you hire our firm, we will agree upon a percentage of the recovery from your case that will be set aside. After we get money for you, that percentage will be used to cover legal fees.
    You will not pay anything unless we successfully settle or win your case.

  • Expert Legal Representation With Morgan & Morgan 

    When you need the best legal representation in Atlanta, contact Morgan & Morgan. Our firm has years of experience representing clients in workers’ compensation cases.
    Since our firm was founded, we have recovered more than $10 billion in compensation for our clients. We can get the money that you deserve.
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