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Georgia Insurance Attorney

Most people purchase insurance to give them peace of mind in case of an unexpected, costly incident. It’s common to have multiple types of insurance, including health, auto, renters, and homeowners insurance. Some people purchase specialized types of insurance, including long-term care and flood insurance.

However, even if you hold an insurance policy, your provider can potentially deny your claim for reasons that are no fault of your own. When an insurance carrier denies you coverage, you may find yourself reaching deep into your pockets to cover unexpected expenses. If the costs are high, you might face a personal financial catastrophe. 

If your insurance provider has recently denied your claim or paid you less than what you deserve, you don’t have to accept it. An insurance attorney in Georgia can review your circumstances and file a suit against your provider to obtain the money you need. Contact the insurance attorneys at Morgan & Morgan to schedule a free case review.

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  • Why You Need an Insurance Attorney in Georgia

    Working with an insurance attorney in Georgia can allow you to get the money you deserve for your claim. Instead of allowing the insurance company to tell you what they’ll pay you, you can turn the tables on them and ask for what you are due. 

    An insurance attorney can help you collect the money you need for your medical expenses, a property claim, or other costs. 

    Insurance companies often deny claims or reduce their payout, assuming consumers will accept their offer. Every claim an insurance provider processes can impact their profits, so it’s in their best interests to pay you as little as possible.

    Your insurance attorney will review the circumstances of your claim and examine your policy in detail. If you’ve already filed a claim and received a denial, your attorney will investigate the reason for the refusal and negotiate with the insurance company in your defense. 

    Insurance companies sometimes use bad faith tactics to convince consumers their claim isn’t reasonable or valid. In these unfortunate situations, the insurance company convinces the person that the incident was their fault or isn’t covered under their policy even though it is. 

    An insurance attorney knows the strategies that insurance companies use to deny your claim, and they’ll fight hard against them to get the money you need. While your insurance attorney negotiates with the insurance provider, you can concentrate on what matters — your family, health, and work. 

  • What an Insurance Attorney in Georgia Does

    Insurance attorneys evaluate the reasons for your claim to determine who is at fault and what the insurance provider should cover. They’ll start by reviewing your policy and the communication you’ve received from the insurance company.

    Next, they’ll perform an in-depth evaluation of the incident that gave rise to your claim. For instance, if the claim relates to an automobile accident, the insurance lawyer will review the police report for the wreck and any evidence you provide. 

    If the insurance provider denies your property claims or medical bills from a collision, your attorney will determine whether you can collect from the other driver’s policy.

    Insurance attorneys spend a lot of time negotiating with insurance providers. They want to obtain fair compensation for you, allowing you to pay for your medical expenses or repair your property. Your attorney will take them to court if an insurance provider does not give you a fair settlement.

    Attorneys also work with other parties, including witnesses, the police, and experts in specific fields. They’ll handle all the legal footwork, including assembling evidence, developing a case strategy, and court filings.

  • When to Hire an Insurance Attorney

    There are several reasons why you will want to hire an insurance attorney, including:

    Your Insurance Provider Denies Your Claim

    A claim denial can result in you paying thousands of dollars for an unforeseen incident. Whenever you face a denied claim, you must seek legal assistance. You won’t know if you have a potential case unless you allow an attorney to examine your circumstances and insurance policy. 

    A Negligent Person’s Insurance Company Denies Your Claim

    Sometimes, your accident may involve other people or entities. Car collisions, slip and falls at someone else’s house, and work accidents can all result in you filing a claim with another person’s insurance provider. If you have a valid claim and the other party’s insurance company refuses to pay, it’s time to seek assistance from an attorney.

    You Can’t Get Insurance

    Occasionally, people apply for insurance, but the carrier denies their coverage. You have a right to obtain insurance, and if a provider doesn’t accept you, you can file suit. An insurance attorney in Georgia can help you determine your next steps and help you get the coverage you need.

    You Are Denied Benefits From a Life Insurance Company

    Sometimes, life insurance companies make losing a loved one even harder than it is when they deny benefits following their death. You may need to come up with the cost of a funeral unexpectedly without the aid of your loved one’s life insurance policy. An attorney can help you fight against a life insurance company that denies benefits.

  • When Should I Hire an Insurance Attorney in Georgia?

    Many people believe they can handle the insurance claims process on their own. They expect the insurance company will realize the gravity of their situation and arrange for an immediate payout. 

    However, insurance companies don’t always act in your interest. Hence, it’s best to hire an insurance lawyer as soon as you realize you’ll need to file a claim.

    If your claim involves a lot of money—anything over $5K—your insurance provider is likely to take a very close look at your policy. They’ll seek to find where they have potential recourse for denying or reducing your payout. 

    Homeowners’ policies are notorious for denying benefits for a host of reasons. They may say that you didn’t act to prevent damage to your home or that your policy doesn’t cover certain repairs. 

    Auto insurance providers often undervalue cars, especially when a vehicle is totaled. They may offer you an inadequate amount of money for your vehicle, forcing you to buy a new car with money from your pocket.

    If you’re facing a severe illness, your health insurance provider may argue that your condition was pre-existing and you didn’t report it when you signed up for coverage.

    An insurance attorney can help you assemble your claim, ensuring that it aligns with your policy coverage. They’ll negotiate with your provider on your behalf to ensure the company doesn’t attempt any bad faith tactics that can reduce the amount you receive.

  • What Compensation Can I Receive if I Sue the Insurance Provider?

    If you’ve already filed a claim and received reduced benefits or denial, you can potentially sue the insurance provider if they acted in bad faith. An attorney can help you calculate the value of your case, which may include compensation for:

    • Current and future expenses related to the claim
    • Lost wages, if you are unable to work due to an accident
    • Emotional pain and suffering
    • Loss of quality of life
    • Replacement costs for your property

    Once your attorney determines your losses, they will negotiate with the insurance company to obtain the compensation due to you. 

    If the insurance company is unwilling to come to a fair agreement, your attorney will then take them to court.

  • Is an Insurance Company the Final Authority on Claims?

    Not necessarily. Your insurance company is only responsible for paying compensation up to the amount of your coverage and in line with your policy agreement. They can deny claims that exceed your policy amounts. An insurance provider can also deny claims that your contract doesn’t cover. 

    However, if an insurance provider denies a claim for unfair reasons, they have breached their agreement with you. They cannot reduce your benefits arbitrarily, and they cannot deny your claim if their agreement covers your accident or property damage. 

    Unfortunately, many insurance companies have specific claims processes that include questions designed to reduce or deny your benefits. 

    For instance, in a homeowner’s claim, they may ask you questions about prior repairs to determine whether your property damage was something you could have prevented. 

    In an auto claim, the negligent party’s provider may tell you they believe you were mostly at fault for the accident and deny your claim for benefits. Georgia incorporates modified comparative fault into auto accidents, and under the law, you cannot obtain compensation if you are more than 50% responsible for a collision.

    An insurance attorney in Georgia can help you navigate the claims process. They’ll ensure that you receive fair representation in your case.

  • Is Hiring an Insurance Attorney Expensive?

    The attorneys at Morgan and Morgan work on a contingency basis. All initial consultations are free, and we only receive a payment if we can win a settlement or verdict on your behalf. Our fees are a specified percentage of your award. If we cannot obtain any money for you, you don’t owe us for our time. 

    Navigating your claim alone can be very expensive, especially if it involves a lot of money. If the insurance company denies your benefits, you may be stuck with paying all of your expenses from your pocket without any hope of compensation. 

  • Can an Insurance Attorney Help Me With a Denied Claim?

    Working with an insurance attorney before you file a claim with an insurance provider is best. However, there is still hope if you’ve already filed a claim and received a denial.

    Insurance attorneys are familiar with the appeals process and can help you assemble evidence to improve your chances of winning an appeal and collecting the necessary benefits.

    If the insurance company denies your appeal, you can file a lawsuit against them and attempt to recover compensation in court.

  • Can I Still Collect Damages if I Am Partially at Fault for an Accident?

    Georgia has a modified comparative fault law. Under the law, you can collect damages if you are 50% or less responsible for an accident. Your percentage of fault reduces your award.

    For instance, if you are 30% responsible for a car accident, a court or insurance provider can reduce your compensation by 30%. 

    However, if you are 60% responsible for an accident, you will not be able to obtain any damages from other involved parties.

  • Get Insurance Claim Assistance From Morgan and Morgan

    If you have filed or are seeking to file an insurance claim to recover the compensation you need for medical expenses and property damage, an insurance attorney in Georgia can help you obtain the benefits you deserve to move forward with your life. Contact Morgan & Morgan today to schedule your free case consultation.

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