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Slip and Fall in Brunswick, GA

Brunswick Slip and Fall

Morgan & Morgan attorneys know how to help you if you've recently suffered a slip and fall in Brunswick, GA. You may have legal grounds to hold a property owner or a property manager responsible for the consequences of a dangerous property hazard. You may also be entitled to compensation for lost wages, past and future medical expenses, and other costs associated with this preventable accident.

A slip and fall accident might initially seem like it's simply an embarrassing moment, but it can often lead to critical medical conditions and a painful recovery period. Georgia code 51-3-1 states that a property owner can be found liable for any invitees to that property for injuries sustained by those people that were caused by a failure to maintain safe premises. 

Bear in mind that you have a limited window of opportunity to file a lawsuit to recover compensation. Georgia law says that you must file a lawsuit within two years of the date of your injury. In many cases, you may be able to successfully recover a settlement by working directly with the homeowners' insurance company. However, it is far more likely the case that you will need the support of an experienced and knowledgeable slip and fall lawyer in Brunswick, GA. 

At Morgan & Morgan, our accomplished personal injury lawyers know what it takes to diligently pursue compensation for our clients. With over 35 years of experience handling cases for our clients and over $20 billion recovered, we have the track record, resources, and reputation that can make a big difference for the success of your case. 

We will gladly provide you with a no-cost legal consultation to review the facts of your case. Fill out the simple Morgan and Morgan online form to begin the process of finding the right attorney for you.

How Can A Slip and Fall Attorney Help Me?

When you hire a Morgan & Morgan Slip and Fall Attorney, you significantly increase your chances of receiving the best compensation for your injuries. To better understand the extent of your injuries and build your case, your attorney and legal team will gather any records connected to your claim, including medical bills, documents, and insurance policy information. 

Furthering their investigation, your legal team will collect any evidence necessary to help build your case. Evidence may include but is not limited to police records, security footage of the area, and testimony from a doctor or an expert regarding the extent of your injuries. With the information gathered, your attorney will negotiate your compensation with the defense outside of the courtroom. If negotiations are unsuccessful, your attorney is prepared to go to trial.

Can I Receive Compensation For My Injuries?

Compensation for Slip and Fall cases may vary per accident case. Your attorney will evaluate your circumstances to determine the best course of action in order to calculate the compensation you deserve. Depending on your case, you may be entitled to the following forms of compensation:

Medical Expenses: Expenses after a Slip and Fall accident can include medical visits or stays, any prescribed medications from your doctor, counseling, physical therapy sessions, and transportation to and from the hospital.

Loss of Income:  Your injuries may leave you unable to perform at work, which can deprive you of the income you need in order to support yourself or those who depend on you. Compensation may, therefore, include any wages lost for recovery time and any future income you may not receive due to your injures.

Mental Anguish: Due to your injuries, you may be left to deal with the trauma from your Slip and Fall. These can include but are not limited to grief, sleep deprivation, PTSD, anxiety, fear, feelings of distress, and depression.

Pain and Suffering: A Slip and Fall accident may cause you to suffer from temporary or permanent physical damages like pain or discomfort from your injury, prolonged medical leave, and reduced quality of life.

After a Slip and Fall injury, don’t wait to contact an attorney. In Georgia, the Statute of Limitations states that an injury lawsuit must be filed against the property owner within two years after an accident in order to claim compensation for your accident. 

To learn more information on what compensation you may receive from your Slip and Fall case, please complete our free, no-obligation case evaluation form.

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If you've suffered a severe injury after a Slip and Fall,  don't try to take on the insurance companies alone. At Morgan & Morgan, our team of over 1,000 expert attorneys and 4,000 support staff are here to help you fight to get back what matters most. 

Have you or a loved one been injured due to a Slip and Fall? If so, we want to help you. To contact our team of Slip and Fall Attorneys in Brunswick, please fill out our free, no-obligation case evaluation form today.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • How Does Fault Influence Slip and Fall Cases?

    Georgia laws state that a property owner or manager is responsible for maintaining safe premises. This means that they have a legal responsibility to identify hazards on their property and to correct these hazards so that people do not get hurt. When someone enters the property and winds up seriously hurt in an accident, that party may have a long and painful road to recovery. 

    Filing a slip and fall case in Brunswick, GA may be the victim's best chance of focusing on their medical care and getting the support they need to pay for their treatments. You as a victim must be able to show that the property manager was aware of the dangerous problem or had reason to know about the dangerous condition and that in failing to fix it left you to deal with the consequences of this dangerous accident. 

    It can be very difficult to figure out how the laws affect you in a slip and fall in Brunswick, GA, but the Morgan & Morgan attorneys are here to help answer your questions and guide you through the process. Proving fault is an essential component of a victim's claim. It is also common practice for the other side to argue that you may have been partially responsible for the accident. This is because Georgia operates under what is known as a modified comparative fault system. This means you're still able to recover compensation for damages so long as you were less than 50% responsible for the accident. In the event that you were determined to be any percent less than 50 liable for the accident, your damages will be reduced accordingly from a jury award. It is very important to gather evidence from the slip and fall scene as soon as possible to get legal help and to move forward with your claim. Since you have a limited window of opportunity to file your legal claim, and it is easiest to gather evidence immediately after the accident has happened, make sure that you retain the right lawyers who know what it takes to succeed in a slip and fall case in Brunswick, GA.

  • What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents?

    There are many different contributing factors that could cause someone to trip and fall or slip and fall. This can include uneven flooring, broken handrails, and poor lighting. In some cases, a property owner may have known about this dangerous condition but failed to take the necessary steps to remove those obstacles. This puts everyone visiting the property at risk, and if it can be proven that the property owner should have done more, this can be seen as negligence under Georgia law. 

    It can be difficult to bring a case against the property owner even when you feel like the facts of the case are on your side. Establishing liability in a slip and fall in Brunswick, GA can be very complicated, including the determination of the type of hazard that caused your personal injuries, your legal status at the time that you entered the property, and whether the property owner knew about the dangerous condition or not. 

    When you actually entered the property is one of the most complex aspects of your claim, and it is one well worth discussing with your Morgan & Morgan lawyers for a slip and fall in Brunswick, GA. Many slip and fall claims are filed by individuals who can be categorized as invitees at the time of their injuries. Invitees are those people who have an implied or express invitation to enter the property for business reasons or for the mutual benefit of both parties. Your legal status on someone's property at the time that you got hurt determines the level of care that is owed to you by that property owner.

    The duty of care simply refers to a person's legal obligation to take necessary steps to prevent injuries to others. Common examples of invitees can include a sales representative or customers who enter stores since they are on the property for the benefit of the property owner and for their own benefit. When it comes to invitees, property owners owe the highest standard of care to these individuals than anyone else who enters their property. This means that a property owner must be proactive in taking steps to inspect the premises and verify that the conditions are safe for all invitees. However, this doesn't mean that property owners have any legal obligation to patrol the premises continuously to look for hazards.

  • What Is Constructive and Actual Knowledge?

    Another important component of a slip and fall in Brunswick, GA is your ability to show that the property owner had constructive or actual knowledge of the hazard. Constructive knowledge is much more complicated to establish in a case than actual knowledge. This refers to a hazard that the property owner should have known about, which means that they would have been in the immediate vicinity of the hazard or employees would have been able to see the hazard and could have taken steps to correct it or to notify people about the hazard in the interim period for it to get corrected. 

    Actual knowledge means that the property owner for a slip and fall in Brunswick, GA could smell, hear, touch or see the obstacle in question. In some situations, your Morgan & Morgan slip and fall lawyers may bring in various types of evidence to help strengthen your case, or violations of codes or ordinances, for example, can be used as evidence to show that a property owner was aware of a hazard or should have been aware of a hazard.

  • What Kinds of Evidence May We Use in a Claim?

    Bring any evidence that you have regarding your slip and fall in Brunswick, GA to the offices of Morgan & Morgan when you open your legal claim. If you have a valid claim and decide to move forward, a comprehensive investigation to collect detailed evidence includes current incident reports, photos of the accident scene, witness statements, and proof of the injuries that you sustained. It is vital to work with a team of qualified professionals when bringing a slip and fall claim because there is so much at stake for your future. 

    If you have substantial medical bills, have had to miss time at work, or have struggled with other aspects of recovery after a slip and fall accident, it is imperative that you identify legal counsel who has a strong background in slip and fall claims. We may be able to resolve your case outside of court through settlement conversations, but our lawyers also work hard to gather all materials to be prepared to go to trial as well.

  • What Should I Be Prepared to Discuss With My Lawyer?

    Although you do not need to hire an attorney immediately after your accident, it is recommended that you consult with Morgan and Morgan Attorneys as soon as possible after you have received medical attention and discovered the scope of your injuries. This can happen during an initial consultation with our slip and fall lawyers in Georgia, during which we will discuss the various steps of your case and some of the most important issues that may apply. Bring any evidence from the accident scene with you, including pictures, videos, contact information for eyewitnesses, and any overall details about your current lost wages and medical expenses. 

    Our lawyers will review this information in full to tell you more about whether or not we think it makes sense for you to bring a legal case. There are many different components to a successful slip and fall claim, and it must make sense for you to file a claim because you have substantial damages. When you have a lot on the line for your future because of the severity of your injuries, Morgan & Morgan will work as hard as possible to fight for the best result for you. 

    To get started, contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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