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Atlanta Veteran's Benefits

Veterans' disability benefits are designed to help injured servicemen and servicewomen through the difficulties of returning home from duty. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the government to deny veterans' disability benefits claims.

Those who have provided invaluable service to our country deserve to have a skilled Atlanta lawyer on their side to help recover the benefits needed to support themselves and their loved ones.

If your application for disability benefits was denied, fill out our free case review form today. Our team will review your case, at no cost to you, to determine if our veterans' disability benefits attorneys can help you and your family.

Benefits Eligibility

Veterans who have suffered a service-related disability and were not dishonorably discharged may be eligible for VA Disability Compensation. Spouses and families of veterans may also be eligible for veteran’s benefits in the state of Georgia.

To receive benefits, you must apply by filing a claim with your local Georgia VA office. If the VA denies your claim, you may appeal the decision by filing a request, with the help of an attorney, to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.

Why Do I Need an Attorney to Apply for Veteran’s Benefits?

Disability claims for veterans have risen dramatically in recent decades, as it is more probable than ever that a soldier will survive his or her battlefield injuries. In June of 2007, a law was passed that allowed veterans to hire an attorney of their choosing for the first time.

The VA has thousands of cases backlogged, turning an already long and complicated legal process into an even longer one that is often filled with appeals and paperwork. A skilled Atlanta veteran’s benefits attorney can help you navigate the complicated process of acquiring the benefits you need and can help you prepare an appeal in the event your initial application is denied.

At Morgan & Morgan, our Georgia lawyers can assist you in the appeals process, helping to ensure that all of the necessary forms are filled out correctly and that you have a strong claim for recovering benefits.

What to Expect from a Veteran’s Attorney

Although a veteran can appeal a denial for any reason, according to the Board of Veterans Appeals, the most common reasons for an appeal are:

  • The VA has determined that a disability did not begin in service and the veteran disagrees
  • The veteran believes that his or her disability is more severe than it was rated by the VA

The appeals process involves a series of specific steps and paperwork, and must begin within one year of when the benefits were first denied. An experienced Atlanta veterans' disability attorney can help you through each step, starting with drafting a legal notice of disagreement to be sent to the VA board.

After the board responds with a statement of case that further explains their reasons for denial, your attorney will help you fill out a substantive appeal form. He or she can also prepare you for questions that may be asked during face-to-face meetings with Veterans Affairs officials, as well as provide representation at these meetings.

The various steps of the appeals process can add up to months, if not years, or back-and-forth between the veteran and the Board.

If you have been denied veteran’s benefits in Georgia, you may still be able to file an appeal. Contact our attorneys today for more information on how we may be able to help.

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