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Workplace discrimination, harassment, and failure to pay fair wages occur each day in Atlanta and throughout the rest of Georgia. Unless you know your rights, you may believe the unfair treatment you receive is just part of the job. The employment attorneys at Morgan & Morgan protect your rights and help you understand how to move forward when you have a claim for unfair labor practices.

With decades of experience throughout the country, Morgan & Morgan is a law firm serving clients in Atlanta, and the southeastern United States with aggressive representation on employment and personal injury claims. When you have a question about employment discrimination in Atlanta, we can help.

Understand Your Employment Rights in Atlanta

Discriminatory and unfair labor practices take place throughout the labor market. Regardless of the industry you are in, there are employers or fellow workers who cross lines set by state and federal legislation. When you contact our office, our employment lawyers listen carefully to your situation and offer options for dealing with it. Remember, many people are unhappy with their employer, but their frustration does not necessarily meet the legal standard for job discrimination in Atlanta. Consider these common forms of unfair and illegal employment practices:

  • Discrimination: Throughout the recruiting, hiring, and employment lifecycle, an employer may not treat a person or group of people, differently than others based on factors like age, gender, or religion. Discrimination, like other forms of unfair labor practices, can be obvious or subtle. You may notice that you do not receive the support, career advancement, training, pay, or opportunities as others who are doing approximately the same job.

  • Overtime and minimum wage issues: Poor working conditions and unfair overtime practices often go together. You may not realize you qualify for overtime pay. Or you may receive overtime but not the full amount. In some cases, you may be told that you do not qualify. Or, your employer may have mistakenly classified you as an exempt employee. If you believe you are not receiving compensation like tips, bonuses, or other compensation, speak with a wage attorney in Atlanta.

  • Wrongful discharge: Being fired or laid off causes upset and loss of income. Despite the anger and concern of being discharged, Georgia is an at-will employment state. This means you can quit, and your employer can fire you, at will. Being fired does not always mean wrongful termination in Atlanta. If you feel your termination was based on retaliation or a type of discrimination, speak with an experienced labor attorney.

  • Retaliation: If you are harassed in the workplace and complain to your supervisor, or human resources department, you may find yourself put on probation or worse. It is important to understand your workplace rights. Employer behavior that is intended to punish an employee for filing a claim for discrimination, harassment, or a whistleblower lawsuit is illegal.

Important state and federal laws protect you from unfair treatment in your workplace. Resources that our employment attorneys can use to help protect you from wage, overtime, and discriminatory practices include:

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): This federal agency enforces federal laws that protect American employees from discrimination in the workplace. Job discrimination is a practice, behavior, or action that favors one person, or group of people, over others. Federal law defines specific types of discrimination that include:

  • National origin: Unfair treatment based on ethnic background
  • Age: Poor or discriminatory behavior against a person because of their age
  • Religion: Discriminatory behavior based on the belief system or religion of an employee
  • Harassment: Offensive behavior, assault, name-calling, or threats based on membership in a protected class
  • Sex: Unfair treatment based on gender
  • Pregnancy: Poor or unfair treatment based on childbirth, pregnancy, or an associated medical condition
  • Race or color: Discrimination practices based on race, color, or racial characteristics
  • Genetic information: Discriminatory treatment based on genetic information
  • Disability: Poor treatment directed at an individual with a disability
  • Equal pay and compensation: Unequal pay for substantially similar work
  • Sexual harassment: Sexually oriented behavior that includes unwelcome verbal or physical treatment

Our Attorneys May Be Able to Help

If you suspect you are not receiving the wages you should, or are suffering harassment and discrimination in the workplace, speak with one of our Atlanta attorneys.

Quick action from an attorney can sometimes get you the money you are owed. An attorney can also stop the harassment, or reveal options for improving your treatment in the workplace without having to lose your job first. In some cases, representation by legal counsel alerts your employer, and their legal counsel, that you are ready—and able—to protect your rights.

If you or someone you love has dealt with a labor violation, such as denial of rightful pay or harassment, contact us by filling out our free case evaluation today.

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