Atlanta Workers' Compensation Benefits

If a worker is injured on the job in the Atlanta area, his or her employer may be obliged to provide income, medical and rehabilitation benefits. These three types of workers’ compensation benefits are meant to help the injured party return to work, or, in the event the employee dies from the workplace injury, to provide funds for his or her dependents.

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The three types of workers’ compensation benefits available in Georgia may be explained as follows:

Income Benefits

An injured worker in the state of Georgia can receive weekly income benefits for an injury or illness if he or she is out of work for more than the seven-day waiting period. If the injured employee is unable to work for 21 consecutive days, however, the worker may also be compensated for this first week of injury. These benefits are paid out at two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly wage, and cannot total an amount greater than $500 a week. The first benefits check will be mailed within 21 days of the first missed day of work.

Medical Benefits

Employers are responsible for reasonable and necessary medical treatment, including surgery, hospital care, physical therapy, prescriptions, related travel expenses and any other treatments required by a doctor. The employer is to be billed for these expenses, which are separate from income benefits. In the event of death, a worker’s family and dependents will become eligible for the benefits.

Rehabilitation Benefits

An employer must offer rehabilitation benefits in the event of a catastrophic accident. The necessity of the rehabilitation is determined by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. If a worker loses his or her sight and hearing, he or she may be compensated with this type of benefit. In addition to basic rehabilitative services, these benefits may also provide for loss of senses and bodily function. If a worker suffers a permanent disability, he or she may be eligible to receive weekly benefits based on the specific condition. Injured workers may also experience difficulty finding work, and are therefore entitled to receive help in training for a job or getting a new job.

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