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Veterans Benefits Lawyers

As a veteran, you made a lot of sacrifices and fought for your country. In exchange for this, you may be entitled to certain veterans benefits. 

Unfortunately, navigating this process is not easy. Many individuals seeking out veterans benefits look for qualified veterans benefits lawyers to assist them with navigating this process. You are not alone when you are working with an Owensboro, KY veterans benefits lawyer. An Owensboro, KY veterans benefits attorney should be someone who has helped others in similar situations before so that you have clarity over what to expect and how best to proceed. It can be very overwhelming to realize that your initial application to the Department of Veterans Affairs has been denied despite the fact that you have a substantial injury related to your time and service.

These complex issues make it essential to work with the right Owensboro, KY veterans benefits lawyers. Veterans benefits may be available to you if you are coping with a disability that prevents you from carrying out the tasks of daily life or working. Many VA benefits claims, however, are not approved on the first application. This makes it extremely important to identify a legal team who has helped other veterans in similar situations to be able to provide compelling details in the appeals process. Your decision to work with the right Owensboro, KY veterans benefits lawyers can make a big difference in your ability to get approved for veterans benefits initially. Unfortunately, many veterans give up after submitting their initial application, even when they may have been entitled to claims benefits.

So many veterans end up frustrated as they try to get their benefits approved, and the system is filled with potential pitfalls and problems.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What You Need to Prove for a Successful Application?

    It may seem obvious to you that you suffered a substantial injury or illness as a result of your military service, but you may need to retain Owensboro, KY veterans benefits lawyers to help tell the full story. The attorneys working at Morgan & Morgan are well researched and familiar with the process of doing what is necessary to get you the benefits you're entitled to. You are responsible for showing three different things when submitting your benefits claim. These include;

    • That you experienced an in-service injury event or illness.
    • That you are facing a current medical condition.
    • There is a connection between your in-service event and your current condition.

    The VA assigns you a disability rating and those individuals who have a higher combined disability rating usually receive more VA compensation each month. For example, in 2021, someone with a 100% disability rating receives $3,332.06 per month, whereas someone with a 40% disability rating receives $673.28 per month. If you have a combined disability rating over 30% you might also be entitled to additional benefits for dependents like parents, children, or a spouse. 

    Furthermore, you may also qualify for total disability based on individual unemployability. This is if you are unable to work at all as a result of a medical condition. It is extremely important to retain the right Owensboro, KY veterans benefits lawyers to help you with your case. Seemingly minor mistakes or failing to submit your appeals information on time can have far-reaching consequences for you in your case. This is why it is imperative to work with the right legal team from the outset so that you have clarity over what to expect and can avoid minor mistakes that add to the complexity of your situation. You need to be prepared to retain an attorney who is familiar with the common challenges facing veterans going through the benefits application process. There is no doubt that you will have plenty of different questions as the applications or appeals process unfold and working with the right lawyer can make a big difference in your ability to recover this compensation and move forward with your appeal. With so many different details to think about, it is crucial to find Owensboro, KY veterans benefits lawyers who will be there to advise you and support you with each stage of the process. It does not have to be difficult to move through this situation, but you do need a qualified attorney who has been there before.

  • When Do I Really Need an Attorney?

    Many people do not initially seek out an Owensboro, KY veterans benefits lawyer at their initial application. You may instead work with a veterans service organization to assist you with your application. However, it is necessary to hire an experienced and qualified disability benefits lawyer in Owensboro, KY if you've already applied for disability benefits and got a denial letter, especially if you intend to appeal or you need a discharge upgrade to qualify for VA benefits. Finding the right legal team will give you more confidence about your ability to appeal and your likelihood of success at the next level of your case. 

    You want to work with a team that has VA accredited lawyers who will begin working on your case immediately. You should also have clarity from the outset of your working relationship with these attorneys about who will be handling your case so that you know who to contact if and when you have a question about your situation. It can be very difficult to navigate this process knowing that you're entitled to veterans benefits but that you have been denied. There are many different attorneys who specialize in disability law, but it is crucial that you find someone who has experience in veteran's disability law. Someone who has been down this road before with other veterans will be much more sensitive to some of the challenges that you're experiencing and will also know the best strategies for preparing your claim for the appeal level. Most veterans never assumed that they would need to hire an Owensboro, KY veterans benefits lawyer to assist them with their benefits, but the VA denies so many claims that this is becoming more and more common. If you are getting frustrated, have already been denied, or have a complicated claim, it is extremely important to find the right lawyer.

  • How Can an Owensboro, KY Veterans Benefits Lawyer Help?

    There are many different aspects of your case that can and should be handled by a veterans benefits lawyer. These include gathering evidence, filing paperwork, finding medical experts, filing appeals and briefs, and researching VA law. Gathering evidence is extremely important and it must be presented to the VA in a clear and concise manner. Filing your paperwork in a timely manner and ensuring that all details are accurate is important. Your case might also need additional support, such as finding medical experts since many VA disability claims rely on medical evidence. There are decades of legal precedents and cases that impact VA disability claims and having a legal team full of attorneys who understand these complex issues can make a big difference in your situation. Do not hesitate to contact the dedicated lawyers at Morgan & Morgan today to learn more about your next steps.

  • Do I Really Have a Chance of Overturning My Case on Appeal?

    If you believe that you already submitted everything to back up your disability claim and you still got denied, you might be wondering whether there's any point in pursuing further steps with the help of a lawyer. It is certainly true that many legitimate disability cases for veterans benefits get denied the first time around but ultimately get approved. The specifics of your case will determine this likelihood for you, but you can contact a lawyer who knows this area of the law to discuss your individual case and your biggest concerns. 

    An appeal might provide more information for the agency to look at or it might simply be a new way to reinterpret what was submitted. In a case that is not straightforward with your medical condition, it can be more complex to review all this data and make sure the VA reviewer with your file understands what's inside. Since our lawyers have been doing this for years, we know what it takes to make a compelling case clearly and easily. 

  • Should I Talk to the VA Myself After an Appeal?

    It's best to follow the official procedures for an appeal if your initial claim is denied for disability benefits. Trying to get through to talk to someone is unlikely to yield good results. You might have every reason to be frustrated and want more answers, but these conversations are best handled by a qualified lawyer. A lawyer can help understand more of the details of why your claim was denied and what information is needed to overturn that decision. If your ultimate goal is getting approved, it's best to trust your attorney to handle all further communication in your VA claim. 

    Our veterans benefits lawyers in Owensboro, KY are committed to fighting for the veterans who fought to protect our country. Reach out to Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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