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Owensboro, KY Insurance Claim Lawyers

Insurance Claim Lawyers

Filing an insurance claim should be relatively simple and straightforward, but far too many people discover that it is actually a giant headache to file a claim with their insurance company. There are many different elements that can go wrong in the process of recovering the benefits you're entitled to under your insurance policy, and finding the right Owensboro, KY insurance claim lawyers may be crucial for protecting your legal rights and your eligibility to recover the compensation that you are rightfully owed. You count on your insurance company to provide you with the protection as outlined in your policy, and they should do right by their advertised commitment.

In exchange for your insurance coverage, you have made regular premium payments and have agreed to comply with all other elements of your insurance policy. Whether it is an auto insurance policy, a homeowner's insurance policy, a renter's insurance policy, a hurricane damage policy, or some other kind of insurance policy, you need to be prepared to consult with a dedicated Owensboro, KY insurance claim lawyer if you have been unable to recover the compensation owed to you under your claim or if you continue to go in circles with the insurance company to settle. 

The right lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of your legal case, and hiring an attorney for an insurance claim may be the only way for you to resolve this complex issue correctly. The sooner that you reach out to Owensboro, Kentucky insurance claim lawyers, like those working at Morgan & Morgan, the more clarity you'll have over your legal issue, and you'll feel more confident about moving forward with your next steps.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Under What Circumstances Should I Hire an Attorney for an Insurance Claim?

    If you have suffered a major loss from theft, fire, or weather and you filed an insurance claim, there's a good chance that you're not entirely sure what your rights are and that you're worried about relying on your insurance company to protect those rights. 

    The financial interest in the insurance company and your personal financial interests do not always align. Your goal is to receive the maximum payout entitled to you under your claim, whereas your insurance company's motivation might be to do everything possible to minimize that claim and pay out limited funds to you. Because you are facing these different challenges, it is important to consult with an experienced and dedicated Owensboro, Kentucky insurance claim lawyer. Only an Owensboro, KY insurance claim lawyer can assist you with understanding some of the complex legal issues at play so that you can protect your personal interests.

  • What Happens if I've Already Filed a Claim and Have Met With Adjusters for My Company but Still Cannot Resolve the Issue?

    If you're getting frustrated because of slow progress with your insurance claim, and in particular, failure to communicate on the part of the insurance adjuster, it may be time to hire experienced Owensboro, KY insurance claim lawyers. If you are communicating in writing and in person with your insurance company by remaining polite and clear about your rights, and the insurance company is still responding to you, you may wish to proceed on your own at this time. 

    However, if it takes days or weeks for the insurance company to get back to you or if you're receiving conflicting information, it may be pertinent to retain experienced legal counsel. If you feel like you have hit roadblocks or are feeling anxious, angry, frustrated, or are losing patience, an experienced Owensboro insurance claim lawyer can help you with this aspect of your case. In these situations, the sooner you retain insurance claim lawyers, the easier it will be for you to move forward with your next steps.

  • Should I Continue Communicating With My Insurance Company After I Hire a Lawyer?

    If it has already been frustrating or very difficult for you to communicate with your insurance company up to this point, one of the major benefits of handing off your case to an experienced insurance claim lawyer in Owensboro, KY is that you no longer need to maintain this communication. Your attorney will be responsible for gathering all of the important details and maintaining an open line of communication with the insurance company. You can also continue to communicate with your insurance company if you want to do so while having your lawyer give you advice on your rights. 

    Since any misstep or piece of paper signed without your attorney's insight could lead to big mistakes in your insurance claim recovery case, it is strongly recommended that you let your lawyer do the talking. Having a professional take over on your behalf can increase your chances of success in any case.

  • What if I Think the Insurance Company Has Acted Illegally?

    Unfortunately, unethical insurance agencies or unethical adjusters do exist. They are required to adhere to the terms of your contract in your insurance policy, but some fail to do this. This could lead to significant harm in your case. This is particularly true if you are not able to receive the benefits entitled to you because the insurance company has acted illegally in any way. This is a process known as a bad faith insurance claim, and in these circumstances, it is vital to retain an experienced and dedicated lawyer. Some insurance companies may sometimes knowingly violate their contract or refuse to pay. 

    It is very important to retain an experienced and qualified lawyer to pursue these insurance companies if and when that happens. This can increase your chances of success and make it that much easier for you to move forward with recovering compensation. If a selfish insurance company has attempted to take advantage of you in a time of need, hiring the right insurance claim lawyers in Owensboro, KY will assist you with fighting back and protecting your rights.

  • What Are Some of the Most Common Problems People Have With Their Insurance Companies?

    You may assume that it is relatively easy to open an insurance claim and present any necessary evidence to your insurance carrier. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case, and the insurance company may push back or allege that you have not done everything necessary to keep the claim moving forward. 

    There are several different kinds of common problems that come up with insurance claim policyholders. Some of these include failure to communicate, miscommunication from the insurance company, having multiple adjusters assigned to your case and none of them knowing what is going on, deadlines being missed because of mismanagement on the part of the insurance company, and wrongfully denying your claim. These can all be very frustrating circumstances, and in a lot of cases, the insurance company may be hoping that you simply give up and move on with your life rather than fight. However, if there is a lot of money on the line and you need these funds to be able to rectify the situation that happened to you, it is imperative that you identify Owensboro, KY insurance claim lawyers to fight on your behalf. Hiring an attorney shows that you're serious and that you will do everything possible to recover necessary compensation. Don't let an insurance company try to take advantage of you.

  • How Soon Should I Contact a Lawyer? 

    If you have already made a good-faith effort to work with your insurance company over the course of weeks or months, it may be time to engage the services of an experienced insurance claims lawyer. If you are not yet sure whether you have the grounds for a case, consulting with an insurance claims lawyer is one of the best ways to identify whether or not you have legal standing to pursue a case against the insurance company. This is most important in more complex or severe cases in which you stand to gain or lose a tremendous amount of money based on the interpretation of your claims coverage. 

    Make sure that you gather appropriate evidence, such as the policy itself in any communication you have received from the insurance company, since your insurance claims denial lawyer will be able to help you to evaluate this and apply it to your case. 

    In some cases, simply working with a lawyer to move things along can add great speed to your case so that you're closer to resolving it. In other situations, you might have to go to court with the insurance company over the problems you're facing. In either situation, you need a dedicated and experienced lawyer at your side. While not every issue with your insurance company leads to a filed lawsuit, it is certainly the case that you can speak with an attorney if your claim has been wrongfully denied or you are experiencing other problems with your case. 

    Need help finding the right Owensboro, KY insurance claims lawyers? Contact the team at Morgan & Morgan for support and a free case evaluation.

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