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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Owensboro, KY

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. However, bikers tend to be more at risk from injuries and fatalities than car occupants due to being less visible and less protected.

Getting injured in a motorcycle crash can be painful, emotionally distressing, and astronomically expensive. Victims with catastrophic injuries may face long, grueling, and costly rehabilitation therapies. Some may never fully recover, needing constant care and assistance with daily living. 

However, if you or a loved one suffered a significant injury due to the carelessness of another, you could be entitled to compensation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Owensboro, KY, have your back. We could help you hold the responsible party accountable and recover damages. Contact us now for a free case review to determine your legal options. 

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

According to the Kentucky Transportation Center, more than 1,400 motorcycles were involved in traffic accidents in the state in 2020, 85 of which involved a fatality. Motorcycles are generally overrepresented in fatal accidents in Kentucky. Although they made up less than 1 percent of vehicles in collisions in the state, motorcycles were involved in 7 percent of all deadly crashes. 

Those who survive a severe motorcycle crash can experience significant and permanently disabling injuries. Common motorcycle injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Bone breaks
  • Loss of a limb
  • Sprains and strains
  • Road rash

Motorcycle injuries can cause financial hardship for victims and families. If you or a loved one got hurt in a motorcycle accident, Morgan & Morgan could help you recover the settlement you need to put your life back together. 

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Owensboro, KY 

Motorcycle accidents in Owensboro can occur for many reasons. Some of the more common causes of crashes include: 

Driving Under the Influence

Alcohol misuse plays a considerable role in motorcycle accidents nationwide. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), 1,689 bikers died in alcohol-related crashes in 2019 alone.

Driving Too Fast

Driving in excess of the posted speed limit or too fast for weather and road conditions can cause accidents. Speeding motorcyclists and car drivers have less reaction time to avoid an accident. Moreover, the higher the speed of a vehicle, the more likely a crash will result in severe injuries and fatalities.  

Changing Lanes Unsafely 

Motorcyclists are much less visible to other road users compared to cars or trucks. Therefore, they may get overlooked and side-swiped by car drivers who change lanes without checking their blind spots. 

Opening Car Doors

In urban traffic, motorcyclists can be vulnerable to suddenly opened car doors. Accidents and injuries can occur when drivers or passengers open the doors of parked cars without first checking whether the road is clear. 

Slamming on Brakes 

Car drivers stopping suddenly, without warning, can cause a motorcyclist to slam into the back of a car. Even at low speeds, bikers could get thrown off their motorcycles and suffer significant injuries. 

Improper Turns

Turning right on red without making sure that the road is clear or ignoring a “no turn on red” sign can cause crashes with motorcycles. Improper left turns can also result in accidents with injuries and even fatalities.

There can be many more causes of motorcycle accidents. However, an accident often occurs as the result of one or several parties’ careless actions. If this has happened to you, you could be entitled to compensation.

Your Best Next Steps After a Motorcycle Crash in Owensboro

Knowing what to do to preserve your legal rights can be essential if you are injured in a motorcycle accident. Make sure to stay at the scene until law enforcement arrives and: 

Dial 911 for the police and medical assistance, if needed.  

  • Take photographs of the accident scene, vehicles, and injuries. 
  • Gather contact details of witnesses
  • Collect contact details and insurance information of the involved drivers
  • Call a motorcycle accident lawyer 

In the days following your motorcycle collision, ensure to seek medical advice if you have not already done so. Motorcycle injuries such as concussions and whiplash may not show symptoms at first. Getting a medical evaluation can be critical for your health. A doctor can also provide you with a medical report which is vital for pursuing compensation from whoever is responsible for your crash.

Motorcycle Accident Victims Could Be Entitled to Damages

Motorcycle accident victims could qualify for various types of compensation, depending on the severity of their injuries, property damage, and other losses. Economic damages recoverable can include: 

  • Medical bills and future healthcare expenses
  • Wage loss and the future estimated loss of income
  • Transport costs
  • Household services
  • Modification of the home 
  • Repair or replacement of the motorcycle
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Injured bikers could also be entitled to non-economic damages for any loss of life quality or pain they endured due to a crash. Non-economic changes can make up a significant portion of your final settlement, especially if you suffered catastrophic or life-changing injuries. Non-economic damages can include awards for:

  • Physical pain and suffering 
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of a limb
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of life enjoyment

Our Owensboro motorcycle accident lawyers can assess your damages and fight for the maximum possible compensation allowing you to get your life back on track. 

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Morgan & Morgan

  • How Can a Morgan & Morgan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Me?

    Motorcycle accidents can be challenging to litigate, especially if you do not have professional legal representation on your side. Our experienced and determined attorneys can leave no stone unturned in fighting for the settlement you need and deserve. We can: 

    Determine Fault for Your Accident

    Determining fault can be tricky, especially when several parties are involved in an accident. However, we often work with professional accident investigators who can analyze your crash thoroughly and determine who is to blame. 

    Gather Crucial Evidence to Prove Your Case

    Our committed motorcycle accident attorneys know how to gather the evidence required to prove your claim, which can include:  

    • Traffic camera footage
    • Photographs of the accident and vehicles
    • Police accident report
    • Witness testimony
    • Expert witness statements

    Assess Your Current and Future Damages 

    Our attorneys can comprehensively assess your losses and liaise with your medical providers to put a figure on future expected medical expenses. Morgan & Morgan knows what your motorcycle claim is worth and won’t settle for less. 

    Give You Space to Heal  

    Handling a motorcycle accident claim can be exhausting and stressful. Let us take the burden off your shoulders so you can concentrate on what matters most: your health and recovery. Morgan & Morgan’s tenacious injury attorneys have helped countless motorcycle accident victims in Kentucky recover what they deserve. We could help you too. 

  • When Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Motorcycle Accident?

    Other than in minor motorcycle accidents without injuries, hiring a lawyer is almost always an excellent decision. An experienced attorney can advise you on your options for receiving compensation, protect your legal rights, and fight for what you deserve in the courtroom, if necessary. Hiring a lawyer can be essential if:

    • You suffered significant or permanent injuries
    • There are high medical bills and other damages
    • The fault for the crash is unclear
    • The responsible insurance company is denying or underpaying your claim
  • Could I File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Owensboro if My Loved One Died in a Motorcycle Crash?

    Losing a loved one unexpectedly can be traumatic. However, if you are the close relative of a motorcycle accident victim who died due to their crash injuries, you could file a wrongful death lawsuit and receive compensation. You could be entitled to several damages that can help with the financial impact of your loss, such as:

    • Healthcare expenses before death
    • Funeral costs
    • Loss of income and benefits from the deceased
    • Loss of services 
    • Loss of companionship

    If your loved one died due to the reckless actions of another, you deserve justice and compensation. Our compassionate lawyers can assess your case, explain your legal options, and move forward with a lawsuit.

  • How Much Does Morgan & Morgan Charge to Handle My Case?

    If another driver carelessly or recklessly caused your accident, injuries, and financial losses, our attorneys could help you recover compensation. You pay no attorney’s fees unless and until we win. While many injury attorneys work on a “no-win-no-fee” basis, you could be liable for upfront legal expenses such as court filing fees and others. Not with Morgan & Morgan. You pay nothing out of your own pocket when we handle your case. We recover our fee as a percentage of your recovery.

  • Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Fight the Insurance Company?

    Unfortunately, the insurance company is rarely on your side, even if you have a valid claim after a motorcycle accident. Insurance companies may make a lowball settlement offer in the hope that you sign on the dotted line and go away. However, you could be entitled to a significantly higher settlement than the insurance’s offer. Therefore, always consider speaking to an attorney before signing any agreements, as you could leave money on the table. 

    Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Owensboro, KY, can help you with all aspects of your claim, including negotiating with the insurer. We can protect your legal rights, stand up to an insurance company, and file a lawsuit if necessary.

  • How Do You Calculate Pain and Suffering Calculated in an Accident Claim?

    Motorcycle accident victims can be entitled to non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, loss of life quality, and others. However, calculating the worth of your claim can be tricky, as non-economic damages do not come with a dollar amount and are somewhat subjective. 

    Most attorneys and insurance adjusters use the “multiplier method” to determine a dollar amount corresponding to a victim’s suffering and loss of life enjoyment. This method involves adding up economic damages, such as medical bills, and multiplying the amount by a factor between 1.5 and 5. The factor chosen will be individual to each case and depends on the severity of the victim’s injuries and other factors. In general, the more severe an injury, the higher the multiplier will be. 

    Arriving at a fair dollar figure for pain and anguish and similar damages involves complex processes and calculations. Therefore, consider letting a qualified motorcycle attorney handle your claim and assess your damages comprehensively. Going it alone can result in getting short-changed by an insurance company or at-fault party. 

  • How Much Time Do I Have to File a Lawsuit in Owensboro, KY?

    Knowing the deadline for filing a lawsuit is crucial as missing it could cause you to lose out on receiving compensation. Per Kentucky Revised Statutes section 413.140(1)(a), you generally only have one short year to file a personal injury lawsuit. The time starts ticking on the day you get hurt. If you lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash caused by another, you could file a wrongful death lawsuit within two years in Owensboro. 

    While it is generally a good idea to begin with legal action as soon as possible in Kentucky, there can be exceptions to the statute in rare cases. Therefore, consider speaking to one of our motorcycle accident lawyers as soon as possible to determine your options. Waiting too long and missing the deadline usually means you are barred from pursuing compensation from the responsible party. 

  • Morgan & Morgan Fights For Motorcycle Accident Victims 

    You don’t have to fight alone for what you deserve after a motorcycle accident. If you or a loved one suffer the consequences of a severe crash, our motorcycle accident lawyers in Owensboro, KY, could help. Our clients are like family to us, and we want you to have the best possible legal presentation to help you recover from an ordeal physically and financially. 

    Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out whether you qualify for compensation.

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