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The brain is the most important organ in the body. Even though the skull serves to protect it, the brain can be easily damaged. A brain injury can cause long-term disabilities that may require expensive medication and treatment, as well as potentially reduce a person’s ability to work and support their family.

Even blows to the head that are considered mild can cause complex and significant cognitive damage that can last for years. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a common cause of death and disability in our country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

At Morgan & Morgan, our brain injury lawyers have seen great success securing compensation for those who have suffered injuries and their loved ones. Laws pertaining to traumatic brain injuries can be especially specific and complicated, so having an attorney with the experience and resources of a Morgan & Morgan attorney by your side can be extraordinarily helpful when you seek compensation for your injuries.

Have you or a loved one suffered a brain injury? If so, we may be able to help. To find out what our Prestonsburg brain injury attorneys may be able to do for you, please fill out our free case evaluation form today.

Common Causes of TBIs

Traumatic Brain Injuries range widely in how they occur and how severely they impact the victim of the injury. The majority of TBIs are mild concussions which temporarily impact a person’s mental status or consciousness, according to the CDC. Severe TBIs will cause an extended period of unconsciousness, memory loss, and other forms of cognitive disability. The leading causes of TBIs, according to data gathered by the CDC, include:

  • Falls;
  • Unintentional Blunt Trauma;
  • Motor Vehicle Crashes;
  • Assaults; and
  • Sports and Recreational Injuries.

Symptoms of TBIs

A TBI can result in a variety of physical and psychological symptoms, and not all of them appear immediately after the accident. However, the most common symptoms of a severe traumatic brain injury, according to Mayo Clinic, include:

  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Persistent headache;
  • Vomiting and nausea;
  • Convulsions;
  • Seizures;
  • Dilation of pupils;
  • Fluids draining from nose or ears;
  • Loss of consortium;
  • Confusion;
  • Coma;
  • Slurred speech; and
  • Agitation.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms following an injury to the head, visit your doctor right away.

How a Prestonsburg Brain Injury Attorney Can Help

Our brain injury attorneys in our Prestonsburg office have years of experience handling lawsuits on behalf of victims of traumatic brain injuries. We will work with you and your family to hold the person or entity who caused your brain injury responsible for their actions and prove the severity of your injuries.

Your attorney will investigate the accident and collect evidence to show that another person’s negligence was to blame for your injury, whether you sustained your brain injury through a car accident, fall, or trauma.

Our experienced attorneys will also review your medical records to ensure that the compensation you seek for your injuries can cover all future medical expenses, and if necessary, the loss of your earning capacity.

Wrongful Death

If the traumatic brain injury results in the victim’s death, the family of the victim can pursue compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. The family may be able to recover compensation for damages including funeral expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and more.

How Much Does a Brain Injury Attorney Cost?

Our brain injury attorneys in Prestonsburg work on a contingency-fee basis with no upfront costs to you. You will only pay a reasonable fee if your attorney is successful in recovering compensation for your damages.

What Can I Recover From a Brain Injury Lawsuit?

As your brain injury may incur costly medical bills or cause you to lose your job, your attorney may be able to recover monetary damages such as:

  • Current and future medical expenses;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of income;
  • Loss of earning potential; and
  • Loss of consortium.

If you or a loved one was the victim of a traumatic brain injury in Kentucky, fill out our free case evaluation form today to learn about what our Prestonsburg attorneys may be able to do for you.

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