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Pensacola Birth Injuries

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Pensacola Birth Injuries

The process of giving birth and preparing one’s home for a newborn is already overwhelming, but it can be even harder when your child is unexpectedly injured during birth.

Escambia County has one of the higher birth rates in the Florida, and Pensacola sees many of them as the largest metropolitan area in the Panhandle. This means a healthcare industry inundated with responsibility.

Our attorneys may be able to help seek out compensation for birth injuries your child may have, and help you cope with the unfortunate fallout from potential professional negligence. Contact us today.

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  • How Can a Birth Injury Affect My Child?

    Birth injuries affect children in a variety of ways. Some experience traumatic physical damage that can drastically alter their lives, including:

    • Palsies like Erb’s, Klumpke’s, or cerebral
    • Torticollis
    • Trauma, especially in the head, clavicle, and hands
    • Brain damage
  • What Causes Birth Injuries?

    Birth injuries can be caused by genetic, neurological, or physical damage inside the womb, through no fault of a doctor or nurse. However, some situations arise, or are worsened, by a health care professionals inaction or overreaction. This can include actions like:

    • Failing to properly use the labor-inducing drug Pitocin
    • Neglecting to perform specialized tests during pregnancy
    • Failing to diagnose or treat infections, placenta abruption or previa, umbilical cord entrapment or premature rupture of the membranes
    • Neglecting to refer high-risk patients to doctors specialized in this area
    • Failing to note and address changes in the fetus’ condition
    • Failing to perform sufficient pre-natal testing
    • Neglecting to communicate problems to doctors
  • What Can I Do?

    When a child suffers a severe birth injury as a result of medical negligence, the family may be entitled to monetary damages as compensation. Monetary damages can ease the financial burden of a child’s birth injury, and help ensure they have the highest quality of life possible.

    Holding health care professionals accountable is a critical step on the road to ensuring a safe recovery for your child. Our Pensacola attorneys are ready to try to help return your family to financial and personal security. Fill out our free, no-risk case evaluation form if you’re ready today.

Last updated on Jun 08, 2023