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How to Find the Best Cast Iron Pipes Lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA

Did you know that if your pipes are not properly maintained or replaced that you could face injuries in the form of illness? Cast iron pipes are not used anymore in plenty of residential homes because they are not the safest over time. However, plenty of older homes are built with these kinds of degrading pipes.

If you have been injured as a result of a cast iron pipe, you need to be prepared to look for how to find the best cast iron pipes lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA. Water is one of the most important things that humans need to survive, but if you have been injured or became ill as a result of contaminated water from cast iron pipes, you are not alone. Unfortunately, when Pittsburgh residents discover this, they may have already suffered some of the most substantial impacts of dangerous cast iron pipes.

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  • What You Should Know About Cast Iron Pipe Damage 

    Unsafe drinking water exposes you to a range of different kinds of risks. Many commercial properties or homes in Pittsburgh were built before 1975 and many of these structures featured cast iron pipes as a popular feature. These pipes, unfortunately, can fail prematurely, including within 20 or 30 years after the original installation. Research from the environmental protection agency, for example, shows that an average cast iron water main will last approximately 50 years before breaking and requiring replacement. When you or your family have been exposed to unsafe drinking water because of a cast iron pipe, you need to know how to find the best cast iron pipes lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA as soon as possible. When you have been injured from corroded pipes, you may be able to file a legal claim.

    Understanding cast iron pipe failure. Many different influences and especially corrosion pose risks to the integrity of cast iron pipes. If your pipes are exposed to acid sewage, organic growth, clay soil, construction activities, chemical spills, pesticides, or household products with sulfuric acid, this can increase the chances of cast iron pipe corrosion. After some time of drinking this corroded water, you or your family might become sick, leaving you to search for how to find the best cast iron pipes lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA. Even though corrosion is one of the biggest impacts for pipe degradation, it is not the only one and your pipes might fail for a variety of reasons, all of which should be investigated by an experienced attorney.

    Knowing what to look for can help you avoid drinking water from contaminated pipes. Signs of corroded pipes include infestations with roaches, water-stained or tiles, warped wood floors, sewer gas or sewage smells, water-stained mats. Unfortunately, millions of gallons of raw sewage can leak into the water supply from residential homes, which could cause you unnecessary and dangerous damage. If you believe you have grounds for legal claim, you could look for how to find the best cast iron pipe lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Do I Have a Legal Case?

    If you meet a couple of requirements, you may be able to search for how to find the best cast iron pipe lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA. First of all, you should already have cast iron pipes in your home. If you’re not sure, look for some of the signs of problems listed above. This can be an indication that you have pipes in the degradation process. You also need to show signs that the cast iron pipes have started to break down or cause problems in your home. Take pictures of this so that you have evidence of what has occurred.

    The first option for you is to file a homeowners insurance claim for the damage done by the cast iron pipes. Unfortunately, however, some insurance carriers are automatically denying these claims by arguing that it's just evidence of typical wear and tear in the home. 

  • What to Look for in a Cast Iron Pipes Lawyer 

    Someone that you hire to represent your interest in a cast iron pipe claim should be very familiar with the Pennsylvania-specific laws around water contamination. They also should have handled cases like this before, whether they ended in settlement or whether they ended in a lawsuit. In all of these circumstances, it's helpful to have a lawyer who has navigated this process previously and who has helped to get results for other clients. So many families don't realize that they have been damaged by contaminated water until it's too late. They might have noticed little signs here and there, but didn't take these as major red flags that their water source was contaminated. This means you can go for weeks or even months drinking contaminated water and using it throughout your home.

    Looking for a contaminated pipes lawyer requires that you look carefully into their experience. For example, you might want to find an attorney who has handled multiple cases like this in the past five years, so that you are confident that they understand the necessary rules and laws. You also want an attorney who has great communication skills and who is personable with you since this will be a person you're working with closely over the duration of your claim. Good reviews and testimonials from previous clients can also tell you a lot more about what it is like to work with a particular lawyer. This can help give you confidence in their overall approach and make you feel comfortable in communicating with this person for the course of several months.

    Finally, you want to know your attorney's interpretation of your legal claim. No two cast iron pipes cases aren't necessarily the same, but your lawyer should have appropriate experience to be able to evaluate this in connection with other potential cases. Do not hesitate to get help from an experienced cast iron pipes lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • When Should I File a Claim?

    In most scenarios, you need to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. If you or someone in your family is already sick, there is no time like the present. If you have been diagnosed with an illness that you believe is related to cast iron pipes, your new focus will be on your medical treatments. This means you want to retain a lawyer right away to discuss your options. You already have enough on your plate dealing with injuries or illness, so you need to know that your search for how to find the best cast iron pipes lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA got you connected to a firm who cares. 

    Here is what you need to know about filing a legal claim. First of all, many people hold off on getting help from an attorney because they are concerned about the cost. It goes without saying that dealing with the impacts of cast iron pipe damage either when it comes to illness or property damage can be overwhelming. You might think that it's easier to try to work things out with your insurance company on your own. And for some people, this can be easier, if the insurance company works with them and gets to a fair settlement sooner rather than later. But it is often the beginning of a long and difficult road for other people who discover that they have damage or injuries from cast iron pipes. This is because there is plenty of evidence that needs to be gathered and the insurance companies are not always easy to work with. When you face the situation, you want to have an advocate in your corner who has ample experience managing these kinds of claims. You need to know how to respond to comment insurance company objections and what to do if your claim is entirely denied.. All of this can seem like a lot to handle, and is a big reason why you might start searching for how to find the best cast iron pipes lawyers in Pittsburgh.

    Make sure you have ample evidence to show what happened in your home with the pipes. If you can do some research to find out when the home was built and the history of the cast iron pipes, this can be some additional detail to give to your lawyer when you meet with him or her. 

    If you're not sure where to turn next and you need further assistance with a cast iron pipes legal claim, you probably started the process by doing some research online. You might eventually be at the point where you need advice and insight from an experienced lawyer who has handled cases like this before. If this describes your situation, now is the time to take advantage of an initial consultation with a cast iron pipes lawyer in Pittsburgh to get the guidance and support that you need. If you are already having problems with your insurance company and are unable to work with them to get the compensation you believe you deserve, it's time to get serious and to get legal help. 

    If you’re ready to take your next steps, you can contact Morgan & Morgan for a free case evaluation to get started.

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