Victims of Child Sex Abuse Are Starting to Make Claims

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It is now possible for past victims of child sex abuse to collect compensation.

Past victims can now come forward and make a claim to help stop sex abuse.

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What makes me love Morgan & Morgan so much is the professionalism in the entire staff that is under Morgan & Morgan Law Firm. I wouldn’t trade this Law Firm for any other law firm in the world keep up the good work they always keep a smile on my face.

Felicia Francis

Very pleased with all I have talked to and would highly recommend your firm to all who need your services!! You are five stars in my book!!!

Kathleen Tomac

The whole staff cares and is helping me get the medical care I need! Thank you.

Karen Astin

Sandy was exceptionally great! I recommend this group to everyone. Thanks for all your hard work and compassion, keep up the good work!

Amie Files

Morgan and Morgan are very good and great to work with. They care about you, as an individual, and will do their best for you.

Naomi Eversole

I found the Morgan & Morgan firm to be very helpful and caring. They handled my case expertly. They answered all my questions in a timely manner. I would use them again if I ever need to and I have and will continue to recommend others to the Morgan & Morgan firm.

I am really glad I used Morgan and Morgan. Since day 1, they were easy to deal with and friendly. My lawyer and paralegal were top notch. I would highly recommend this firm.

Miguel Vasquez