How to Find the Best Negligent Security Lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA

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How to Find the Best Negligent Security Lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA

Were you injured or suffered damage because you were recently on someone else’s property and they had poor security coverage? If so, this might lead you to hunt for how to find the best negligent security lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA. Getting help from a lawyer immediately is the best way to protect your legal interests and your right to file a claim. Because these cases are very complicated and must be filed in a timely manner, it’s in your best interests to investigate a lawsuit as soon as possible after the incident happened.

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  • What Is Negligent Security?

    Did you know that property owners or managers could be held responsible for injuries incurred on their property if they didn’t have proper security measures in place? Whether it’s a hotel or some other location, you have a right to speak with an attorney to see if you might be entitled to additional recourse for your damages.
    Negligent security lawsuits are brought against a property owner when they did not take reasonable measures to protect you from harm’s way. Filing a suit might be the only way to get the justice you deserve and to hold the property owner accountable.
    Common negligent security cases involve those filed against places like malls, bars, and nightclubs when a patron sustains injuries due to lack of security. This can turn into cases like assault, robbery, battery, rape, or wrongful death.
    One important thing to know about these cases is that they do not include circumstances in which crime was “foreseeable.” This can be a confusing aspect of determining whether or not a lawsuit can be pursued and should be discussed with your attorney once you have finished searching for how to find the best negligent security lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA.
    A property owner might be liable for your injuries if it was foreseeable that you might suffer in a criminal attack at their location and they did nothing to mitigate this risk. If the owner failed to take any precautionary measures like increasing the security personnel and they knew this was a risk patrons would face, you might bring this up in your suit.

  • How Can an Attorney Help?

    You might be feeling overwhelmed when you need to file a lawsuit. This is probably why you’re looking for how to find the best negligent security lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA to start with. Your lawyer plays an important role in your case by looking at the legal standards and the specifics of your case. Your lawyer, for example, might start with some digging to uncover previous criminal activity on the property to show that the operator had knowledge that an incident might occur.
    Your lawyer can also explain to you what is required when you’re trying to sue an establishment for negligent security. After you have finished looking for how to find the best negligent security lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA, you’ll want to schedule a consultation with this lawyer to see if the two of you are a good fit. You are not required to work with an attorney you find in your research and it’s recommended that you speak with them first so that you’re clear about whether or not you want to move forward with this case and what that looks like.

  • How to Find the Right Lawyer

    When you have suffered injuries like broken bones or head trauma from a negligent security situation, you shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of that on your own. Instead, you should be ready to speak with an experienced lawyer about your legal claim.  
    When looking for how to find the best negligent security lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA, consider the following:

    •       The reviews they have received from past clients in places like Avvo or Yelp
    •       How much of their practice is devoted to negligent security cases
    •       Examples of previous cases they have worked on
    •       Profiles of the lawyers working at the firm

    One of the most important things you can do to protect your rights is to get an attorney sooner rather than later. This is because otherwise, you run the risk of letting the statute of limitations lapse, which means that you would be unable to file a lawsuit against the accountable party.

    You can expect that once you file a suit you might hear from the owner of the property. In other cases, they might send the case information to their legal team right away. Either way, when you have already found a Pittsburgh negligent security lawyer you’ll know that you’re in good hands as the case proceeds. 

  • Examples of Negligent Security Situations

    Some of the most common examples of negligent security situations can include infrastructure problems in which the owner does not properly address the risk. One example is inadequate or broken lighting. When broken or adequate lighting exposes people on the property to the risk of suffering from a crime, the business owner could have foreseen this as an issue and should have taken proactive steps to minimize the problems. For example, if a property owner does not change light bulbs promptly or does not maintain areas so that there is appropriate lighting, crime may be more likely to happen. Another common reason for crime to happen is a lack of a security system. Most business owners and property owners should recognize the benefits of having a security system for protecting their own belongings and staff, but having a security system can also protect visitors to the property. 

    Property Owners should make an effort to install security systems such as alarms, locks, and security cameras. Failing to do this can be classified as negligent security. For example, perhaps an owner previously had a security system installed but has not maintained it properly. Malfunctioning alarms or broken security cameras could lead to that individual being held liable.
    Not having security guards is another issue that can come up in a negligent security lawsuit. The same could be said for hiring security guards who do not have proper training or are not able to act appropriately in emergency situations. Security guards can be necessary on properties like bars and nightclubs. 
    Blocked emergency exits, broken fencing, and unlocked gates are other examples of issues that could meet the grounds for a negligent security case. 
    Negligent security cases can be very complicated as well as difficult to prove. This is because some of the most common issues that pop up in negligent security cases include concerns over what a reasonable timeframe is in which the security issues could have been fixed. Having a lawyer who has worked on cases like this before can make a big difference. 
    These circumstances can happen when you are the victim and the property owner should have taken care to minimize these risks. In most cases, it does not matter whether the property in question was publicly or privately owned. Different rules might apply, however, based on whether the criminal attack happened on public property. You’ll want to speak with an attorney about your situation to get clarity on whether you have a case and how to proceed. 

  • Find the Right Lawyer

    Hiring an experienced lawyer is necessary because not every property must meet the same requirements for security. For example, it is very possible that a nightclub would need to have security guards present at every shift to keep customers safe. However, it would be unreasonable to expect that a smaller retail store has the same protocol. This is why you must take into consideration the entirety of the property and the issue that happened. 
    These kinds of cases are usually so specific that it would be difficult to get the name of someone who threw a referral. Most people are not familiar with other individuals who have gone through a negligent security claim. This is why you will want to do some research on your own to identify the negligent security rules in your state and the law firms who have a practice in this area. Look for attorneys who have practiced in this area for some time and you have ample case experience managing situations like yours. You will not be able to get it sent over a website or through a Google review whether or not a law firm is perfect for you. This is simply the first step in identifying who may be an option for you to speak with. From there, schedule an initial consultation with the law firm so you can get many of your questions answered and learn more about how the firm operates.

    If you have more questions about what you can expect, don’t wait to reach out for help. Our firm is here to guide you through this process and give you the support you need. Contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free case evaluation to get started.

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