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Elder Abuse Lawyer in Pittsburgh

Elder Abuse Lawyer in Pittsburgh

The city of Pittsburgh is home to more than 300,000 residents. In recent years, the population aged 65 and over has been increasing. As a result, there is an increased need for reliable care for their elderly loved ones. 

When you rely on another party to provide care to an older loved one, you should be able to trust that they are safe. Unfortunately, each year, millions of older Americans suffer abuse. 

There are many different types of abuse that elderly individuals can experience. No matter the nature of these harmful actions, victims of elder abuse in Pennsylvania deserve justice. If you believe that a loved one has been mistreated or taken advantage of, contact an elder abuse lawyer in Pittsburgh immediately. 

When caregivers are negligent, reckless, or careless, they should be held accountable for the damage that results. Elder abuse and neglect can cause severe and life-threatening injuries or illnesses. In extreme cases, abuse may result in death. 

If you have noticed signs of elder abuse in someone you love, reach out to the experienced legal team at Morgan and Morgan. Your family should not bear the costs and losses associated with elder abuse. Victims of this type of negligence or recklessness can often recover significant financial compensation. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Are Common Categories of Elder Abuse?

    When most people think about elder abuse, they think of physical violence or harm. But this is only one type of abuse that elderly individuals may experience. 

    No matter the type of mistreatment an elderly person suffers, they may have grounds for a valid legal claim. 

    Some of the most common types of elder abuse in Pittsburgh include:

    Physical Abuse

    This type of abuse increases an older person's risk of death significantly. In many instances, elderly people suffer physical abuse from those charged with caring for them. 

    For example, nursing home staff members or in-home caregivers can be physically abusive. Examples of this type of mistreatment include kicking, hitting, and using harmful physical restraint practices. 

    It is important to understand the signs and symptoms of physical elder abuse. If you notice that your loved one shows any of the following physical signs, speak with an elder abuse lawyer in Pittsburgh immediately: 

    • Broken or fractured bones
    • Burns 
    • Bruising or contusions
    • Lacerations, cuts, or scrapes
    • Dislocated joints
    • Unexplained head injuries
    • Strains or sprains 

    Beyond these physical signs, physical abuse victims may experience recurrent hospitalization, fear, or anxiety. When someone you love has been injured, make sure to inquire about the circumstances surrounding the incident. Caring loved ones can notice the signs of abuse and take necessary legal action, protecting an elderly individual from further harm.

    Sexual Abuse

    Those who are incapacitated and unable to care for themselves fully cannot consent to sexual activity. Sexual abuse consists of any type of unwanted physical touch, intercourse, fondling, or other sexual engagement. 

    When an elderly person is unable to consent or understand, sexual abuse may occur. This type of mistreatment can also happen if the victim is threatened with physical force if they speak out. 

    Sexual abuse is incredibly psychologically and physically damaging. Victims and their families deserve to seek justice with the help of an elder abuse lawyer in Pittsburgh.

    Emotional and Psychological Abuse

    This type of abuse and mistreatment does not necessarily involve physical contact with the victim. Psychological abuse makes elderly individuals feel unsafe, afraid, embarrassed, or degraded. 

    When someone speaks to an elderly person in a belittling or threatening way, this constitutes emotional abuse. Malicious caregivers may also deny patients the ability to communicate with friends or loved ones. 

    Some of the most common signs of psychological elder abuse are: 

    • Changes in sleeping or eating habits
    • Depression, withdrawal, or anxiety
    • Avoiding eye contact with others
    • Isolation from family and friends
    • Unexplainable shifts in mood
    • Decreased self-esteem
    • Changes in personality or behavior patterns 

    Emotional and psychological abuse may happen in conjunction with other types of mistreatment. If you notice these signs of emotional withdrawal or psychological strain, seek help for your loved one. 

    Even though emotional abuse does not involve physical harm, victims deserve financial recovery for their suffering. No one should experience psychological or emotional mistreatment from a trusted caregiver.

    Financial Abuse

    Financial exploitation happens when a trusted caregiver uses an elderly person's resources or assets inappropriately. An abuser does not need legal guardianship over the victim’s finances to commit this type of abuse. 

    Extended family, nursing home staff, and strangers could financially abuse an elderly individual. The most common signs of financial elderly abuse include: 

    • Patterns of missing property
    • Sudden changes to the elderly person’s bank accounts
    • Failure to pay bills
    • Unexplained withdrawals from the victim’s accounts
    • Changes in the person’s power of attorney
    • Eviction notices or failure to pay rent 

    Financial abuse is the most common type of elder abuse that is reported. If your loved one has been the victim of financial abuse, do not wait. A skilled elder abuse lawyer in Pittsburgh can help you recover adequate damages for the harm the perpetrator caused.

    Elder Neglect

    Elder neglect is a failure on the part of a caregiver to protect an older individual from harm. This is a type of abuse that can result in severe illness and devastating injuries. 

    Neglect sometimes happens in the context of nursing homes or long-term care facilities. This type of abuse is not the result of an honest mistake. Neglect happens because of a caregiver's lack of regard for the patient's health and well-being.

    Common examples of elder neglect are: 

    • Failure to provide clean and adequate clothing
    • Failure to provide adequate nutrition and water
    • Lack of appropriate medical aids and devices
    • Failure to provide necessary medication
    • Dirty nursing home facilities
    • Failure to treat injuries, illnesses, or infections
    • Failure to provide reasonable personal hygiene assistance
    • Not paying bills on behalf of the elderly person 

    Elder neglect can result in serious psychological and physical problems. These may include sepsis, bed sores, and other conditions. Patients in assisted living facilities face an increased risk of elder neglect.


    Abandonment happens when a person charged with providing care decides to permanently neglect their duties. In these extreme cases, the elderly individual may be left entirely alone by their caregiver. 

    Other cases of abandonment may result in the victim being left in a hospital, nursing home, or other location. This type of abusive action is incredibly dangerous to the victim and can result in injuries or death.

    Elderly Self-Neglect

    When an older person acts in a way that could potentially harm themselves, this is called self-neglect. This may result in the person refusing food, water, hygiene, medication, or other elements of care. 

    These are the most common types of elder abuse across the state of Pennsylvania. Victims and their families have the legal right to pursue financial recovery in the aftermath of abuse. 

    With the help of an elder abuse lawyer in Pittsburgh, you can file a claim to hold the negligent or malicious party responsible. Elderly individuals deserve to be treated with dignity and care.

  • How Can an Elder Abuse Lawyer in Pittsburgh Help?

    If you suspect that a loved one is suffering from elder abuse, you may be uncertain about your legal options. Many people do not know how a skilled tort attorney can help, even if they are certain they have grounds for a valid claim. 

    The process of pursuing a tort claim is complex and can be confusing for those who lack legal experience. Fortunately, the seasoned Pittsburgh lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have a thorough understanding of the requirements and deadlines involved in a Pennsylvania elder abuse case. 

    When you hire our premier legal team to represent your family, we will handle the following elements of your elder abuse claim: 

    • Collecting relevant evidence and documentation
    • Obtaining nursing home or hospital records
    • Speaking with eyewitnesses to the abuse
    • Consulting with experts and specialists
    • Determining who may be liable in your case
    • Calculating the financial damages you can hope to recover
    • Negotiating aggressively with the opposing party’s insurer
    • Filing an elder abuse lawsuit if a settlement is impossible 

    Victims of elder abuse and their loved ones should not have to oversee the complexities of pursuing a civil claim. The compassionate Pittsburgh elder abuse attorneys at Morgan and Morgan have a long history of fighting for victims.  

    If you have any questions regarding the legal process or your specific case, schedule a free consultation with our legal team. We will review the facts of your abuse claim and help you decide on the best course of action.

  • How Much Do I Need to Pay Upfront to Secure Legal Representation?

    Some unscrupulous tort law firms require clients to pay upfront attorneys’ fees. You should never hire a legal professional who demands money before agreeing to represent you. 

    Like all trustworthy law firms, the caring lawyers at Morgan and Morgan work on a contingency fee basis. With a contingency fee payment structure, clients do not pay anything before securing representation.  

    During your initial meeting, our firm will agree to work for a percentage of the recovery from your case. This means you will not pay anything until we obtain the financial compensation that you are rightfully owed. 

    With a contingency fee payment approach, you can be certain that your Morgan & Morgan attorney is always fighting hard in your best financial interest. You should never be concerned that your legal representative will settle for less than the total value of your elder abuse case.

  • What Kinds of Financial Damages Are Available in Pennsylvania Elder Abuse Cases?

    Victims and their families understandably want to recover maximum financial compensation following instances of elder abuse. No amount of money can completely make up for the pain and suffering of the victim, but it is still important to hold negligent and reckless parties responsible.  

    Some of the most common financial damages available to claimants in elder abuse cases include compensation for: 

    • Past and future medical costs
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional and psychological anguish
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Loss of earning capacity or missed income, if applicable 

    If the victim sustained fatal injuries, their estate holders can pursue a wrongful death claim for damages. Speak with the lawyers at Morgan & Morgan to explore your legal options.

  • Contact the Pittsburgh Attorneys at Morgan and Morgan

    If someone you love has been the victim of abuse, contact our firm immediately. The compassionate elder abuse attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are ready to fight for you and your family. 

    Schedule a no-cost and no-obligation meeting with our caring legal team by filling out the contact form online. Morgan and Morgan is here for you.

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