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Employment and Labor Attorneys in Pittsburgh

Do you believe you have grounds for a legal claim against your employer, or do you have questions about an ongoing legal matter? Morgan & Morgan’s experienced employment and labor attorneys in Pittsburgh can explain your legal rights and obligations in a case if you're thinking about moving forward.

Experienced employment lawyers are there to guide you and support you through the process. Both state and federal laws influence the workplaces of employees throughout Pennsylvania. When these laws are violated, employees can suffer the repercussions. At Morgan & Morgan, our Pennsylvania employment lawyers have extensive legal experience in representing the interests of employees.

Many different kinds of legal issues can influence workplace relationships, including those related to discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, whistleblower protection, disciplinary hearings, and more. Scheduling a consultation with a qualified attorney may be an important first step. Our law firm understands issues, such as wage and hour disputes, sexual harassment claims, hostile work environment allegations, violations of the Family Medical Leave Act, concerns related to employment agreements, employee rights litigation, discrimination, and more.

Unfortunately, there are many different kinds of cases in which an employer may have let you go under an at-will employment agreement. This means that the employer has so much discretion over the reasons for terminating you that it can be very challenging to allege wrongful termination. Simply having a disagreement with your employer or being terminated for reasons that feel unfair does not necessarily mean that you have the level of a lawsuit. In order to verify this, though, you should find a qualified employment lawyer in Pennsylvania to review your case.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

Morgan & Morgan

  • What are The Most Common Kinds of Employment Law Issues?

    Each employment law case is unique, but an employment attorney in Pittsburgh can tell you that there are several common kinds of cases most likely to end up in a lawyer's office. These include wrongful termination, discrimination, lost wages, and harassment suits. Any of these legal issues may lead to potential damages, depending on the specifics of your case and how your life has been impacted by the employment law concern. It is very important to find a legal team that has the right experience in this area of law because employment law concerns are very complex. 

  • What Is Sexual Harassment?

    You may be eligible to bring a lawsuit against your current or former employer because of sexual harassment. This can happen in the workplace in a few different ways, including a hostile work environment or quid pro quo harassment, in which promotions or work performance is directly related to requests for favors or other sexual actions from a superior. If you have a superior or coworker, if you have been the victim of sexual harassment in Pittsburgh, you need skilled and compassionate lawyers who will take your case seriously.

  • Is It Wrongful Termination if I've Reported Health and Safety Violations?

    If you report unsafe conditions or illegal activity at your workplace and are fired from your job as a result, you may have grounds for a case for wrongful termination. Contact Morgan & Morgan to learn more about protections provided to whistleblowers and how best to proceed with a retaliation claim.

  • What are Violations of Wage and Labor Laws?

    You may also be able to open a lawsuit against an employer with the help of employment and labor attorneys in Pittsburgh if your employer has failed to pay you money that is owed to you. Wage and hour laws are in place to ensure you are paid consistently and fairly. You may need to be compensated for overtime depending on the specifics of your job and the hours logged. Furthermore, if your employer is skirting paying you minimum wage, you need to contact the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan for help.

  • How About Discrimination?

    There are many different state and federal laws in place to safeguard employees from discrimination in the workplace. There are numerous factors that fall under this law including being discriminated against on the basis of nationality, race, sex, age, ancestry, marital status, and more. If you have already been discriminated against by your employer, however, you need to take action with a qualified and experienced attorney.

  • What to Know When Choosing an Employment Lawyer?

    There are many sensitive matters involved in a lawsuit filed against your employer. You may not be ready to open a lawsuit yet but simply have questions around your legal rights and whether or not your employer has violated them. In these circumstances is it imperative that you find employment and labor attorneys in Pittsburgh, who are compassionate and have the right experience to help you. There are several different things to consider when selecting an employment lawyer, such as their experience, their familiarity with cases like yours, their credentials, and how comfortable they make you feel in working with them and their overall strategy. 

    Prior to working with an experienced employment attorney in Pittsburgh, you'll have the opportunity to work with them in an initial consultation. You are not obligated to hire the attorney from this initial consultation, but you can use this as your chance to ask questions and learn more about how they might proceed if you choose to hire them. Any legal claim can be overwhelming but when it relates to your job, there are extra stakes at play. You must feel comfortable asking your employment lawyer in Pittsburgh questions and raising any of your concerns. 

    You also want to feel as though your needs and goals are heard every step of the way, as this will continue to come up throughout your employment law case. The sooner you act to hire employment and labor attorneys in Pittsburgh the better. Missing important deadlines or signing away your rights on paperwork can have far reaching repercussions or could even block you from recovering compensation. 

    Scheduling a free initial consultation also gives you the confidence in knowing that you've selected the right legal team. The lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have an extensive network and familiarity with employment law issues and have also earned a strong track record and reputation for protecting the rights of employees. Talking to an experienced and knowledgeable employment attorney will give you a better sense of what is involved and what you may expect if a lawsuit goes forward. Your attorney can talk to you about the do's and don'ts of a claim, actions that may influence you from your employer after you decide to file, and timeframes. 

    As someone who has suffered discrimination or other negative things in the workplace that violated your legal rights, you need to be able to trust that your attorney can handle the legal aspects of your claim. You want to be guided through each step of the legal process and have things explained to you. Consulting with a lawyer can give you this peace of mind and clarity. Your lawyer will work with you to substantiate various claims and help you to establish a few things that may serve as evidence in your claim.

  • How Do I Know if My Termination Was Wrongful?

    The only way to know for sure whether or not you have been wrongfully fired in Pittsburgh is to contact a Pennsylvania employment lawyer right away. Firing in violation of labor laws, terminating an employee to hide evidence of discrimination and harassment, firing in breach of employment agreements, and termination as a form of retaliation are some of the most common examples of being let go from the job. If you have been wrongfully fired, you need to start documenting everything right away, including as many details as you can remember, such as specific incidents, dates, and any other employees who may also have been treated unfairly. 

    You will need to prove wrongful termination with the help of experienced employment and labor attorneys in Pittsburgh. We will look at at-will employment limits, anti-harassment laws, anti-discrimination laws, disciplinary and termination policies of your employer, circumstantial and direct evidence and any applicable employment agreements and contracts. If you believe that your employer is in breach of your existing employment contract, talk to a lawyer right away. Some of the most common examples of cases that fall under this umbrella include non-payment of sick or travel pay, failure to pay travel expenses, non-payment of wages, non-payment of bonuses, and changes to your employment contracts that you did not agree to.

  • How Do I Dispute Loss of Wages?

    Unfortunately, some employers wrongfully withhold wages and count on you not bringing up this issue. There are many different ways that an employer can illegally withhold your wages, such as withholding bonuses, making unauthorized payroll deductions, failing to pay overtime, and properly categorizing an employee as being exempt from overtime, failing to pay for all work performed, and deducting pay for permitted absences. If you believe you're currently dealing with these issues, the experienced employment and labor attorneys in Pittsburgh at Morgan & Morgan are here to listen to you about your claims and any questions you may have around them. 

    To learn more, contact Morgan & Morgan for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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