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Coronavirus Attorneys in New York

Coronavirus Attorneys in New York

It was the worst public health crisis in nearly a century, with more than a million lives lost and tens of millions more Americans spending time at a healthcare facility receiving treatment for their symptoms. Millions of Americans lost their jobs with many of the positions never reinstated because of the economic damage caused by the virus. The constant barrage of bad news took an immense toll on mental health, and many workers had to deal with discrimination in the workplace. Some workers had to address working in unsafe working conditions and far too many residents of nursing homes and other types of elderly care facilities lost contact with loved ones.

Many of the hardships produced by the coronavirus pandemic continue to wreak havoc in New York to this day. If the COVID-19 pandemic in any way negatively impacted your life, you should consider contacting one of the coronavirus attorneys in New York to seek a legal remedy for your pain and suffering.

New York was and still is an especially hard-hit state when it comes to the negative impact generated by the pandemic. Many of the businesses that shut down never reopened, which is an especially prevalent economic impact that has hit cities such as Buffalo and New York City hard. The Governor of New York at the time of the height of the pandemic ordered thousands of COVID-19 patients to recover in nursing home facilities located throughout the state, thus forcing residents of the facilities to live in unsafe environments. From mask mandates to mandatory vaccinations, many employers might have crossed the legal line by violating one or more employment laws.

If you feel the coronavirus pandemic caused you harm that should have been avoided, reach out to one of the coronavirus attorneys in New York from Morgan and Morgan. Addressing the negative impacts of such a complex topic as the pandemic requires the legal support of a law firm that has amassed a considerable amount of experience litigating a wide variety of practices, from employment discrimination to elder care abuse. For more than 35 years, the attorneys at Morgan and Morgan have offered the most versatile list of legal support services of any law firm operating throughout New York.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Do I Qualify for Business Interruption Compensation?

    Measures taken by state and local governments during the pandemic produced several negative outcomes for businesses. Many small businesses had to shut their doors because the state and certain cities considered them nonessential in the lives of customers. The result of shutting down businesses put many of them on the brink of financial distress. Although some cases of business shutdowns involve improper actions implemented by local and state government agencies, the main legal issue surrounding business shutdowns concerns receiving compensation from a business interruption clause in an insurance policy.

    When you take out a business insurance policy, you expect the insurance company backing the policy to approve claims for a legitimate reason for shutting down your business. Insurance companies offer business interruption insurance to cover the losses generated by events such as a fire or the flooding of a structure. The same insurers that protect policyholders against natural disaster losses did not account for a pandemic shutting the doors of tens of thousands of businesses operating in the Empire State.

  • How Does a Lawyer Help With a Business Interruption Insurance Claim?

    One of the coronavirus attorneys in New York from Morgan and Morgan can help you file a persuasive insurance claim to recover the financial losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The lawyer assigned to your case gathers evidence that supports your claim, such as copies of bills, as well as the orders mandated by local and state government agencies. We ensure you submit an accurate and fully completed insurance claim to prevent your insurance company from automatically denying your claim over a technicality.

    With insurance companies swamped with business interruption claims, your claim might get lost in the processing system of your insurer. Morgan and Morgan's attorneys closely monitor the progress of insurance claims to help clients receive just compensation in a timely manner. The members of our team of business litigation attorneys have developed positive professional relationships with adjusters licensed to handle business interruption insurance claims throughout the State of New York. We also help clients file insurance claims before the deadline imposed by insurers and state law.

  • What Is Wrongful Termination?

    During the second half of 2021, the issue of mandatory vaccinations became the hottest topic at the local, state, and national political levels. Many businesses wrongfully terminated employees for not receiving a vaccination, as well as a wide variety of other coronavirus-related issues. Far too many businesses panicked by terminating workers for unfair, unethical, and illegal reasons.

    Wrongful termination represents an illegal act that requires the legal support of one of the coronavirus attorneys in New York from Morgan and Morgan. Some of the cases we have handled include wrongful termination because a worker brought up safety concerns to an employer, as well as getting fired for complying with a shelter-in-place mandate. We also have worked with clients that endured an act of wrongful termination by taking the medical leave granted by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). According to the FMLA, qualified American workers have the right to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year.

    Wrongful termination also stems from other types of workplace factors, including having to work in a hostile environment. The COVID-19 pandemic polarized Americans on several fronts, including personal decisions regarding the wearing of masks and receiving vaccinations. Employers that created a hostile work environment that singled out specific groups of workers because of the pandemic might have committed one or more acts of wrongful termination if those employees claimed a hostile work forced them out of work. Other factors that represent an act of wrongful termination include discrimination, retaliation, and wage disputes.

    If you are a victim of wrongful termination, one of the experienced coronavirus attorneys in New York can help you recover lost wages, benefits, and the costs associated with the development of emotional distress issues.

  • Do I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

    Certain segments of professionals felt the negative impact of the pandemic the hardest. Healthcare workers, law enforcement personnel, and public transportation operators especially felt the brunt of the health consequences generated by the coronavirus pandemic. Many of our clients negatively impacted by the pandemic have asked us whether they qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits for the time missed from work.

    Workers’ compensation represents an insurance program that businesses registered in New York must purchase to operate in the state. Whenever a workplace event causes an injury or illness to develop, a worker has the legal right to file a worker’s compensation claim to recover from the financial losses produced by the negative event. An incident that qualifies an employee for workers’ compensation benefits must occur in the workplace or during the completion of a work-relat5ed task. Regarding the coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult for an employee to prove that contracting the illness happened at work or during the completion of a work-related responsibility.

    The complexity of a COVID-19 workers’ compensation claim is one reason to contact one of the highly-rated coronavirus attorneys in New York from Morgan and Morgan. We help clients collect the medical evidence required to prove the development of the disease, as well as documents that show how an outbreak at work negatively impacted a client’s health status. To receive workers’ compensation assistance, you must demonstrate to your employer’s insurance company that you contracted the virus at work.

    One of the coronavirus attorneys in New York from Morgan and Morgan can make that happen.

  • What Is the Relationship Between the Coronavirus and Nursing Home Abuse?

    The pandemic produced several news stories that described the horrors faced by the residents of nursing homes. From denied access to loved ones to living with someone who contracted the virus, nursing home residents were on the front line of exposure to the pandemic’s worst-case scenarios.

    At the heart of nursing home abuse cases during the pandemic, the Governor’s order to place infected patients in nursing homes to recover placed tens of thousands of nursing home residents in harm’s way. As of October 2022, coronavirus attorneys in New York continue to decide the best way to address the egregious errors committed by state and local government agencies in their responses to the negative health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Nursing homes also face legal implications for their handling of the pandemic. The most common reasons for filing an elder abuse lawsuit include a lack of workers, inadequate employee screening processes, and a lack of ongoing training that helps workers address the issues surrounding the pandemic. At Morgan and Morgan, we ensure that the nursing home responsible for your care or the care of a loved one is held accountable for abuse.

  • What Are the Types of Compensation Available for a Coronavirus Lawsuit?

    Although the types of cases differ for the team of coronavirus attorneys in New York from Morgan and Morgan, the compensation you can receive is the same.

    Economic damages cover the costs associated with tangible expenses, such as medical bills, loss of business revenue, and lack of employment income. Medical bills consist of diagnostic tests, treatment programs, and physical therapy sessions, along with prescription medications and the use of an assistive device.

    Non-economic damages include the emotional distress issues that develop because of the pandemic. Many of our clients suffered emotional issues like fear and acute anxiety because of the lockdown orders, as well as the requirement implemented by many employers to receive a vaccination.

    Punitive damages represent payment for the negligence committed by another party. For an elder abuse case, the management team of a nursing home might be found liable for causing a resident harm. Punitive damages do not cover the costs associated with economic and non-economic damages. Instead, they penalize a defendant for committing at least one act of negligence.

    Be proactive by scheduling a free case evaluation today with one of the coronavirus attorneys in New York from Morgan and Morgan.

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