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New York Business Litigation

When your business is at risk, you need a trusted law firm that has the skill, size, and resources to protect your interests. The Business Trial Group’s experienced New York commercial litigation attorneys have recovered tens of millions of dollars of verdicts and settlements for businesses and individuals.

Backed by Morgan & Morgan, the largest Plaintiff’s law firm in the country, our attorneys handle all business cases on a contingency-fee basis, so our clients pay no up-front fees and only pay for successful results. Our reputation has been built by winning business lawsuits and our attorneys have been recognized as Best Lawyers in America, Legal Elite, Super Lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent, and National Law Journal’s America’s Elite Trial Lawyers.

If you are involved in a business dispute, contact the Business Trial Group’s New York corporate attorneys for a no-obligation case evaluation.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Types of New York Business Lawsuits We Handle

    The attorneys of the Business Trial Group have litigated the full spectrum of commercial litigation cases in state and federal courts as well as arbitration forums.

    We share a vision of ensuring that our clients achieve the justice and compensation they deserve.

    We have also owned businesses, worked in brokerages, earned MBAs, defended Wall Street firms, worked in state prosecutor’s offices, and trained at prominent corporate law firms. Our diverse professional backgrounds give us a comprehensive understanding of commercial litigation to go along with the legal savvy gained from decades in the courtroom.

    As contingency-fee commercial litigation attorneys, we share a vision of ensuring that our clients, regardless of their size or financial strength, achieve the justice and compensation they deserve. Below is an overview of few of our common practice areas:

    Accountant Malpractice Attorneys

    Accountants are held to very strict professional standards, and for good reason. Errors or bad advice by an accountant can cause an individual or a business financial losses and place them in violation of the law.

    Accounting malpractice may occur in the context of:

    • Tax filing and planning
    • Auditing
    • Bookkeeping
    • Financial statement preparation
    • Business consulting

    Accountants must abide by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS). Deviation from these standards—whether intentional or unintentional—that causes a client financial losses can result in an accountant malpractice lawsuit.

    Because accounting errors are often highly technical, it is important that you contact an experienced New York accountant malpractice attorney to review your claim.

    Breach of Contract Attorneys

    A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to meet the terms imposed on them by a contract. When financial losses occur as a result of a contract breach, the non-breaching party has the right to seek damages in a lawsuit.

    Contract breaches can occur in the context of any agreement or transaction. There need not even be a formal written contract. In New York, an oral contract (verbal agreement) may be considered legally binding.

    Contract lawsuits cover a wide range of disputes, so you should discuss your matter with an experienced New York breach of contract attorney.

    Depending on the contract, a number of different types of damages may be available. But it is necessary for the non-breaching party to suffer financial harm. Without financial harm, there may not be a valid case. Often times breach of contract lawsuits also involve business torts that arise independent of the contract terms.

    Because contract lawsuits cover such a wide range of disputes, you should discuss your matter with an experienced New York breach of contract attorney.

    Employment Disputes

    The Business Trial Group represents workers and businesses in employment disputes that include:

    • Breach of employment contracts
    • Unpaid compensation (including wages, bonuses, benefits, and commissions)
    • Breaches of non-compete, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements
    • Tortious interference with employment contracts
    • Misappropriation of trade secrets

    Employment disputes usually revolve around an employment contract. For example, executive compensation is usually established by contract, as are restrictive covenants (that is, non-compete, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements). Trade secret misappropriation in New York is based on common law. New York is one of a few states to not adopt the federal Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

    Our contingency-fee New York employment attorneys handle lawsuits on a success-fee basis.

    Legal Malpractice Attorneys

    In New York, Legal malpractice is surprisingly common. As many as 5 to 6 percent of attorneys face legal malpractice lawsuits annually. Attorney malpractice runs the gamut from document drafting mistakes to misapplication of the law to deliberately overcharging a client.

    You pay no fees of any kind unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

    The standard for legal malpractice is whether an attorney provided a client legal services with the skill, care, knowledge, and judgment typical of members in the legal community. New York attorneys must also practice law in accordance with the New York State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct.

    With lawyers routinely charging hundreds of dollars per hour, finding out that a legal professional may have committed malpractice can be discouraging. But when you hire the Business Trial Group’s New York legal malpractice attorneys to handle your claim, you pay no fees of any kind unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

    Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

    The Business Trial Group represents buyers, sellers, brokers, developers, tenants, and landlords in real estate lawsuits that arise during the building, marketing, purchasing, and occupancy processes.

    Our contingency-fee New York real estate litigation attorneys often handle disputes that involve alleged:

    • Breach of commercial leases
    • Breach of purchase and sale agreements
    • Real estate agent misconduct
    • Unpaid real estate commissions
    • Design and planning negligence
    • Eminent domain

    On the surface, real estate transactions may appear to be contracts between two parties, such as buyer and seller, landlord and tenant, or broker and seller. But when a dispute arises, numerous parties may bear legal responsibility for not meeting their duties. For example, if a buyer suffers damages from the purchase of a property due to misrepresentations made by the real estate agent, the seller and the buyer’s attorney may also bear responsibility.

    The Business Trial Group’s New York real estate lawyers will perform a full investigation of your real estate claim and uncover all potential liable parties and remedies.

    Shareholder and Partnership Attorneys

    The Business Trial Group protects the rights of shareholders, partners, and minority owners in a variety of disputes, including those that claim:

    • Unfair compensation
    • Minority owner oppression
    • Misappropriation of funds
    • Negligent management
    • Denial of due returns
    • Management conflicts
    • Improper asset division
    • Shareholder oppression

    Disputes between business partners, shareholders, and owners typically arise as a result of an alleged contract breach or breach of fiduciary duty. Because disputes between business owners and shareholders can be contentious and high-stakes, a law firm with experience handling these types of conflicts should be consulted.

  • Contingency-Fee New York Business Litigation Attorneys

    Business disputes that have the potential to cause professional and personal setbacks must be resolved as efficiently as possible. By combining proven trial success with a contingency-fee model, the Business Trial Group provides unparalleled client value. We also have the resources and legal talent to handle even the most complex cases against the largest and wealthiest opponents.

    To discuss your potential claim free of charge with a contingency-fee New York business lawyer, contact Morgan & Morgan New York, PLLC's Business Trial Group.

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