Mar 11, 2024

School Bus Kills Elderly Man in Queens, NY

School Bus

In a horrific accident, a man’s head was crushed under the back wheel of a school bus on Nov. 6, Gothamist reported. The victim, identified as 83-year-old Bing Nuan Chen, was walking with his wife at the intersection of 67th Drive and 73rd Place in the Middle Village neighborhood of Queens, New York, when the southbound bus struck him at around 8:30 a.m. His wife was not physically harmed in the incident.

A witness described the bloody scene, speculating that the man had been decapitated by the vehicle. The witness said that following the impact, the 56-year-old driver got out of the bus, dropped to the ground, and began to wail. There were no children on the bus at the time. Although no arrests have been made in the incident, the driver has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation. Local residents said the intersection is notoriously dangerous because it doesn’t have a painted crosswalk.

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