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Memphis is hailed as the home of blues and the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll, but that’s not all this vibrant place is known for. From manufacturing to infrastructure, this Tennessee city has long been a hub of industry. Unfortunately, it’s also the site of much asbestos exposure.

The Memphis mesothelioma lawyers at Morgan & Morgan fight for the people who have been exposed to asbestos on the job. Such exposure can lead to mesothelioma, an aggressive and deadly form of cancer. If you or someone you love has this disease, legal recourse is likely available. You may be eligible to receive significant compensation in a mesothelioma claim. Read on to find out how our law firm can help.

How Does Asbestos Exposure Occur?

Inhaling minuscule asbestos fibers as a result of exposure can lodge them in the linings of your lungs, heart, or abdomen. This can lead to inflammation and scarring in the mesothelium — the thin layer of tissue that covers many internal organs — and eventually, tumors may form.

In most cases, people who develop mesothelioma either work or have worked in occupations that use asbestos products. Some occupations have a greater risk for asbestos exposure than others, such as:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Shipbuilding
  • Demolition
  • Oil refineries
  • Power plants

Exposure to asbestos is the only cause of mesothelioma. Typically, the risk for developing the disease increases the more often you face exposure to asbestos.

Is Mesothelioma Curable?

There is no cure for malignant mesothelioma, but there are treatment options that can help prolong the life of patients. Usually, people undergo a combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery extend their survival significantly.

How Do Mesothelioma Claims Work?

Mesothelioma claims help asbestos victims recover financial compensation after developing the disease. Claims can fall into one of two categories:

  • Personal injury claims are filed by a person who has been diagnosed with the disease.
  • Wrongful death claims are filed by the family members of someone who has passed away.

To file a successful claim, it’s essential to identify where and for how long you were exposed to asbestos. After trying cases in court for over 30 years, we know how much yours is worth, and we will never settle for less.

Contact a Mesothelioma Attorney in Memphis

Receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis is devastating. At Morgan & Morgan, we believe the price of pain is infinite. However, compensation can grant you a sense of justice and secure your family’s financial future. When it comes to taking on the asbestos industry, size matters. With more than 500 attorneys nationwide and billions of dollars recovered, we have the resources necessary to provide you the best service possible. While Morgan & Morgan is large, we’re also a family firm. We treat every client like family and handle their cases personally. If we take your case, you’ll get a full team of lawyers and legal staff as well as 24/7 open communication with us via our mobile app. And we never charge by the hour – you pay us only if we win.

More than 100,000 clients trust Morgan & Morgan. Don’t go through this alone. Our mesothelioma attorneys in Memphis are ready to fight by your side during these trying times. Discover what we can do for you by filling out a free case review today.

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