Matthew Strong


Biography Overview

Matt Strong's legal journey is distinguished by his unwavering commitment to serving clients and contributing positively to his community. Graduating with distinction from Florida State University College of Law in 2022, Matt gained invaluable experience across diverse legal areas such as in-house health law, secured transactions, domestic and family law, and criminal appellate matters. This breadth of experience not only refined his legal skills but also provided him with a deep understanding of various legal issues, making him a versatile and well-rounded attorney.

Throughout his education and professional career, Matt has demonstrated a strong dedication to service. He has volunteered his time and legal expertise at a non-profit organization, offering pro bono assistance to clients facing a wide range of legal challenges. In his current focus on personal injury law, Matt advocates passionately for individuals who have suffered injuries due to negligence, embodying a genuine commitment to seeking justice and improving the lives of his clients. His diligent approach to each case and his steadfast dedication to achieving favorable outcomes highlight his genuine passion for making a positive impact in the legal field and in the lives of those he represents.

Practice Areas

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  • Florida State University
  • Florida State University College of Law

Bar Admission

Bar Admission
  • Tennessee