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Memphis Wrongful Death

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Memphis Wrongful Death

When an individual passes away due to the negligence or misconduct of another, the deceased's surviving relatives (called "distributees") may be able to file a wrongful death civil lawsuit seeking monetary damages. The wrongful death action is designed to provide compensation for relatives who depended upon the deceased for financial and/or emotional support. In Tennessee, distributes eligible for damages include surviving spouses, children of the deceased and, in certain cases, grandchildren of the deceased.

The state also allows wrongful death damages for reasonable funeral costs, costs of treatment and care from the incident resulting in death, costs of sorrow, mental anguish and solace, compensation for reasonably expected loss of income and services, punitive damages, and other damages the court may see fit.

At Morgan and Morgan, our compassionate Memphis wrongful death lawyers are dedicated to easing our clients' financial burdens as much as possible. To learn about the damages to which you may be entitled, fill out our free case evaluation form to get in contact with a Memphis wrongful death attorney today.

Wrongful Death Causes

There are countless unfortunate scenarios that can give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit, though some are more prevalent than others. Listed below are the most common causes of wrongful death lawsuits in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Medical Malpractice: When doctors and hospitals commit negligent errors, such as surgical mistakes or incorrect diagnoses, they often result in the harm of a patient. In these situations, the responsible party may be held liable for damages. If a patient dies from a careless medical error, relatives of the deceased may bring a wrongful death suit against the doctors and hospitals involved.

Defective Drugs: If a pharmaceutical company fails to alert the FDA and/or consumers of dangerous defects in their drugs, the company is liable for the consequences. If an individual dies as a result of taking a defective drug, a wrongful death suit may be filed and the company held accountable.

Defective Products: Product manufacturers have a legal obligation to provide safe goods to consumers. If a manufacturer fails to recognize or report a defect in its products, this may be grounds for a product liability lawsuit. In the sad case that a defective or malfunctioning product contributes to the death of an individual, surviving relatives may bring forward a wrongful death claim against the manufacturer.

Accidents and Injuries: An accident may occur as the result of a defective vehicle, unmaintained roads, or a negligent driver. When someone dies because of another's negligence, relatives of the deceased may file a wrongful death lawsuit. In Tennessee, the most common accidents leading to wrongful death cases involve cars, buses, ATVs, boats, and motorcycles.

Memphis Wrongful Death Attorneys

The death of a loved one can be an extremely painful and difficult time for the entire family. At Morgan & Morgan, we understand that the decision to file a wrongful death lawsuit is probably not the first thing on your mind. However, you should be mindful that in the state of Tennessee there is a one-year statute of limitations on wrongful death cases, so it is best to act sooner rather than later. Though it is impossible for money to heal your pain and sadness at the loss of a loved one, awarded damages can provide financial stability for the loved ones of the deceased victim who have to continue with their lives.

An experienced wrongful death lawyer in Memphis office will carry out all the legal and clerical requirements of a case in the aftermath of an accident so that you can take the time you need to take care of your family and other important things. We will fight to recognize the incredible value of the life of your loved one, and will tirelessly work to collect the highest compensation possible. Contact a wrongful death attorney today for a free, no-risk, no-obligation case review.

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Last updated on Jun 08, 2023