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Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles, California

No one wants to get into a car accident. It is a frustrating event at best and horrifying at worst. And if you’ve been injured in a car accident, it can feel like the world is out to get you.

No injury is pleasant, but a car accident injury can feel like the worst. Without warning, you require medical treatment unlike any you’ve ever had before. That means you must trust doctors you’ve never met and possibly spend days or weeks in a hospital.

Furthermore, as the bills pile up, you need to get money quickly. And the insurance company always seems to drag its feet or try to deny portions of your claim. It can almost seem like no one is on your side.

Luckily, that isn’t the case. A car accident attorney in Los Angeles, California, from Morgan & Morgan can be on your side. Our law firm will guide you through the claims process and help you get the money you deserve after being injured in a car accident.

If you have been hurt in a car crash, contact our law firm immediately to schedule a free case evaluation with a lawyer who cares.

How a Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles, California, Makes the Claim Process Easier

The first obstacle to getting money after a car accident is the pain and stress weighing you down. It is hard enough to recover from most car accident injuries. And that recovery is slowed down even more when you are stressed out over your financial situation.

While our lawyers, unfortunately, can’t take away your pain, we can do the next best thing. We will take the lead in all communications with the insurance company. This means that you don’t have to deal with the stress of multi-hour phone calls, endless paperwork, or unnecessary bureaucracy.

We will still need your input to complete the process, but we will do everything possible to minimize the amount of time you need to dedicate to getting compensation. Knowing that a professional is handling the bureaucratic parts of the process should help reduce your stress levels significantly.

We can also help you get the best possible medical care. No, our attorneys aren’t doctors, too. But our law firm is familiar with the most trustworthy doctors in the Los Angeles area. All you need to do is ask, and we will direct you to resources that will help speed up your recovery.

Finally, we make the claims process as fast as possible. If you have ever made an insurance claim, you probably know how long it can take. The insurance company always seems to need more information and wants to fight you on every single dollar of your claim.

Our attorneys understand that time is of the essence when you are injured and facing steep medical bills. We can assign a whole team of lawyers and staff members to work on your case if necessary. The goal, in every case, is to reach a quick conclusion.

By independently investigating your accident and carefully collecting all relevant records, we can force the insurance company to accept the value of the claim that we determine. This prevents endless debates over whether any specific expense is covered.

We also won’t tolerate delays by the insurance company. Our attorneys know how long the process should take and recognize when the insurance company is intentionally delaying. If that happens, we will use that behavior as a justification to get you additional compensation.

What a Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles, California, Needs From You

As much as we try to limit the time and effort you need to devote to your case, there is some information we can’t go without. The sooner you can provide that information, the sooner we can start working on your case. To start, we will need:

  • Your contact information
  • The details of your accident
  • The name of your insurance company
  • Identifying information for your vehicle

That is all information you should be able to easily provide. We may wait to ask for this information until your initial consultation. But it speeds up that meeting if you can provide any info earlier.

Accident Details

Since you know in advance that your car accident attorney in Los Angeles, California, will need the accident details, there are things you can do to collect that information before it is asked for.

To begin, since it is both required by law and by your lawyer, you should gather the contact information and insurance information of other drivers involved in the accident. If you don’t do this, you are committing a crime. And if you do this, you are helping out your attorney.

While you are collecting information, you should also take pictures of any damage to your car and any injuries you suffered. Your attorney can take these pictures later, but they are more valuable if they are taken immediately after the accident.

There is also a good chance that a police officer will create an accident report. If that happens, speak to the officer and get their contact information and the number of the accident report. This will help your lawyer get a copy of that accident report.

Medical Details

Another type of information we will need to represent you is medical information. This means that we both need limited information about your medical history and complete information about any injuries you suffered in the accident.

The easiest way to share this information with us is to grant us access to your medical records. This means that your doctor can share any information with us upon request, and you won’t need to approve every interaction we have with your medical providers.

You should also share copies of all medical bills you receive with our law firm. By the end of the claim process, our goal will be to get you compensation for every medical bill you received or can expect to receive in the future.

Other Bills and Expenses

Medical bills aren’t the only type of bill you might receive after a car accident. Did your car get towed? That is an expense. Did you need to pay for extra child care because you were confined to a bed? That is another expense for which you can receive compensation.

However, the only way you can get compensation is if you meticulously track all your bills and explain how they resulted from your injury. We will try to take over the collection of your expenses as much as possible but need your input. We’ll try to make that as painless as possible. The main thing you need to do is avoid throwing them out.

Additionally, you should treat lost wages like bills. Thus, note any hours you missed and why you missed them. We will calculate the value of those lost wages and add them to the damages for which you deserve to be compensated.

Why Choose a Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles, California, From Morgan and Morgan?

After being injured in a car accident, you need money quickly. How can you determine whether a lawyer is likely to get you the money you need? The best way is to look at their record with similar cases.

At Morgan & Morgan, we stand by our record. We have won more than $20 billion for our clients. And our rate of successful cases is through the roof.

We are so confident in our ability to win cases that we guarantee we will only charge you if we get you money. It doesn’t matter how many hours we spend on your case or how much money we spend to win. If we fail to get you money, we’ll eat that loss.

This may seem like a dangerous way to run a business, but it is how our law firm has worked for decades. And our successes and business model have made us one of the largest law firms in the country.

But a record of success isn’t the only reason you should choose a car accident attorney in Los Angeles, California, from our law firm. What matters just as much is that our lawyers truly care about our clients.

Every attorney in our law firm goes out of their way to help clients recover from their injuries as easily and quickly as possible. Do you need a lawyer to meet you in the hospital or contact your family to tell them where you are? We will make that happen.

Years of working with accident victims have instilled a great deal of empathy into our attorneys. They understand the pain you are in and will do anything in their power to ease that pain.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, you need a lawyer who cares and can get you the money you need as quickly as possible. At our law firm, you can be confident that is exactly the type of attorney you will get.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • How Long Will I Have to Wait to Get Compensation?

    Our attorneys will work to get you money as quickly as possible. In typical cases where we can negotiate a settlement, your case will take a few weeks to a few months to complete. If we have to go to trial, your case will probably take at least a year and maybe more.

  • When Does a Case Have to Go to Trial?

    Technically, a case never has to go to trial. You can always accept a bad settlement or nothing from the insurance company. But typically, we recommend taking a case to trial when you have a strong case, but the insurance company is refusing to agree to a fair settlement. This is rare but occasionally happens.

  • Can I Share Details About My Accident on Social Media?

    You shouldn’t share any information about the accident on social media until you have received compensation. If it is the only way you can share information with people who need to know, let your attorney help you write any posts before you share them. This will ensure you don’t accidentally say something that will hurt your case.

  • Consult With a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer From Morgan and Morgan

    If you have suffered a serious injury in a car accident in Los Angeles, you deserve to get compensation for your suffering. Contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free case evaluation to learn about your legal options.

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