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New York Burn Injury Attorneys - Fire on a building

New York Burn Injury Attorneys

New York Burn Injuries

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New York Burn Injuries

Fires are a major threat in New York City. Small, cramped apartments can cause a fire to spread quite easily, leaving your home in ruins and your body at risk of significant burns. The injuries caused by fires are extraordinarily serious, and if that fire was not your fault, you shouldn’t be the one to pay for your expensive medical bills.

Our burn injury attorneys at Morgan & Morgan New York, PLLC’s office in New York understand not only the severity of your injuries but the specifics of NY law, allowing us to investigate and create your case while you focus on recovery.

Although prior results cannot guarantee future outcome, our attorneys nationwide have recovered compensation for our clients’ burn injuries, helping them pay for their treatments and return to their previous quality of life.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a burn, you may be owed compensation for your injuries. Fill out our free, no-obligation case evaluation form so that we can learn more about your case and you can learn what you might be entitled to in compensation.

Types & Locations of Burn Injuries

The types of ways one can sustain a burn injury are quite varied. Electrical fires can be quite dangerous, as can defective products catching fire. Chemical fires are a major concern in certain industries. In homes, scalding water and pipes are a potential fire hazard. In addition, places like restaurants, clubs, stores, malls, and other recreational areas could catch fire for various reasons, injuring those inside. Morgan & Morgan’s burn injury attorneys handle these cases and more.

Fires in your home can be damaging, particularly for New Yorkers in low-income housing. Many landlords have done poor jobs of keeping their properties safe from fires, and their tenants are the ones who suffer. Often, these landlords will try to intimidate them into not following through on a claim, especially in section 8 housing.

But as a tenant, you have more rights than you may realize. According to New York’s Tenants’ Rights Guide, a number of provisions in leases meant to protect the landlord can be considered void, such as provisions that waive a tenant’s right to a jury trial. There are absolutely options for tenants who have been injured by a landlord’s carelessness.

If you’ve been burned on the job, you can file a claim for workers’ compensation. Ideally, your employer’s insurance will offer you what’s needed to tend to your injuries. If not, Morgan & Morgan attorneys can help with your claim, and potentially negotiate a higher amount. In addition, our investigation into your injury can help you figure out if you have a lawsuit against a third-party, such as the manufacturer of a defective product.

How Serious are Burn Injuries?

Even minor burn injuries can result in long-lasting damage to the victim. They can cause blisters, long-term pain, and permanent scarring, all of which could hurt one’s ability to perform their job for an extended period of time.

More severe ones can do permanent, gruesome damage to the victim’s skin, leaving scarring and disfigurement. These burns can cause infections that delay healing, damage nerves, cause a loss of feeling, or even worse.

With all of these issues stemming from burns, medical bills can easily start to pile up. A burn can lead to anything from pain and scarring that requires skin grafts to permanent nerve damage. Not only are those all enormous expenses, but you also now have a loss of income, as this injury has interfered with your ability to do your job.

How We May be Able to Help

Morgan & Morgan’s New York City attorneys are especially versatile lawyers, and are able to negotiate workers’ compensation claims or help you file a lawsuit against the party responsible for your burn injury. Our investigation - which can include visiting the scene of the injury, obtaining medical records, and interviewing eyewitnesses to the event - allows us to present the best case possible to a judge.

Should the defendant’s insurance decide to offer you a settlement, our attorneys are also expert negotiators and are willing to discuss with their insurance and attorneys to try and get a better offer. Should these negotiations stall, our attorneys also have trial experience and can take your case to court, presenting it in front of a jury.

Contact a Morgan & Morgan Burn Injury Attorney

With all the damage that burn injuries can cause, it’s important to contact an attorney in New York City as soon as possible to discuss the potential of your case. You could be owed more than you realize. Fill out our free, no-obligation case evaluation form.

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Last updated on Apr 12, 2022