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Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Although motorcycles have a reputation for being a more-dangerous means of transportation, that doesn’t mean a motorcycle accident is necessarily the fault of the biker. The streets of New York City and its surrounding boroughs are bustling and busy, and one negligent driver can cause a Brooklyn motorcycle accident that changes a rider’s life forever.

If you get injured in a motorcycle accident in Brooklyn, you may require medical attention, and then you may need to contact a Brooklyn motorcycle accident attorney immediately afterward.

When an accident that wasn’t your fault leaves you with severe injuries, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party. This compensation could be your best bet at covering the related expenses of your accident, from medical bills to motorcycle repairs.

The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have represented many different people in motorcycle accident cases. Our Brooklyn motorcycle accident attorneys have experience with investigation, insurance, settlement negotiations, and other conversations and issues related to Brooklyn motorcycle accidents. Even when a motorcyclist takes proactive steps to minimize their chances of being hurt in an accident, these injuries and accidents can still happen. An attorney can help you to identify the possible liable party, to discover the cause of the accident, and to determine your next steps.

When you're coping with catastrophic, life-altering, or even permanently disabling injuries, you deserve to have the support of qualified and dedicated attorneys at your side. Contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to learn how we can help.

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  • What Should I Do Next if I Get Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident?

    Most bike riders who are critically injured in an accident have plenty of things to think about in the wake of the accident, which can make it challenging to take proactive steps to protect yourself going forward. Immediately after the accident, you should call for medical attention.

    If someone else in the accident is laying on their back and complaining of a back injury or has other substantial injuries, make sure the path around this individual is clear for other cars to pass, but avoid moving the person. Sometimes moving somebody can greatly increase their chances of devastating or even permanent injuries, especially when those injuries apply to their back, head, or neck.

    Calling the police will help you to document important facts about the accident that may become pertinent later on. At the scene of the accident, you may not realize exactly what caused the initial crash, but police may be able to document some important details. If you are able to do so, capture photo and video evidence at the scene and get contact information for any other drivers involved in the accident as well as any eyewitnesses.

    As an accident victim, you also need to report this incident to your insurance carrier. You may also have questions about your initial medical bills and other incurred expenses, and hiring a personal injury lawyer to assist you with some of these early questions and concerns in your case can be extremely helpful for paving the way for filing a lawsuit.

    It's important to note that it can be dangerous to agree to anything or to sign any paperwork from your insurance carrier or the other driver's insurance carrier unless you have had the opportunity to talk things through with your Brooklyn motorcycle accident attorney. This is because many insurance companies are primarily interested in protecting their bottom line and may present you with a lowball settlement offer with the hopes that you'll sign it and simply move on from the case.

    If you underestimate the expenses associated with your injury claim, you may sign away your rights to file future litigation and may be stuck with the settlement amount they provided. Any settlement offer should be discussed in full with your personal injury lawyer.

  • How Much Is a Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

    Many motorcycle accident cases resolve in settlement rather than going to court. Morgan & Morgan Brooklyn motorcycle accident attorneys may look at multiple factors of your case to determine the potential settlement value of your lawsuit. We can work to help you calculate the past due amount of the compensation owed to you for lost wages, property damage, and medical costs, as well as what these expenses may cover in the future.

    No two motorcycle accidents are exactly the same, which is why we work with you to understand your prognosis and likely recovery time. You may be eligible for many different types of compensation in your lawsuit, including medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, loss of companionship, and more.

  • Where Are New York Motorcycle Accidents Most Likely to Happen?

    Motorcyclists often take many precautionary steps such as learning defensive driving techniques, wearing reflective clothing, and making sure they are highly visible to other drivers on the road. However, many reckless or negligent drivers may still cause Brooklyn motorcycle accidents, leaving the motorcycle rider to be the one suffering significant injuries.

    Accidents with motorcycles can and do happen everywhere, but are more likely to happen in certain locations. Research from a New York City motorcycle safety study found that the Bronx and Brooklyn have the highest rates of motorcycle fatalities. In fact, nearly one-third of all New York City motorcycle injury crashes happen in Brooklyn alone. The majority of these happened in Dyker Heights, Bay Ridge, Fort Hamilton, and the Verrazano Bridge. These represent areas in the 68th Precinct.

    Some of the most common locations of general vehicle accidents in Brooklyn include intersections at Lawrence and Willoughby, Graham Avenue and Grand Avenue, Tillary Street and J Street, Flatbush Avenue, and Tillary Street, and Utica Avenue and Clarendon Road. Freeways, highways, and city streets that are common locations for motorcycle and vehicle accidents include King's Highway, Belt Parkway, 86th Street, Fulton Street, 51st Street, Nap Street, 14th Avenue, Queens Boulevard, and the Van Wyck Expressway.

    Many of these accidents could have been prevented. It is often determined that another driver's actions or inaction cause an accident. Because a motorcycle rider is more significantly exposed to the elements and can easily be thrown from the vehicle, it is often a motorcycle rider who is more seriously injured and has to pay the price for someone else’s carelessness.

  • What Are the Most Common Causes of Brooklyn Motorcycle Accidents?

    Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Brooklyn include drivers operating their vehicle under the influence, following a motorcycle too closely and being unable to stop, distracted driving, speeding, poor road conditions, failing to yield the right of way, and drowsy and distracted driving.


  • What Are Some Common Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

    Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are 37 times more likely to be involved in any accident than passengers of other vehicles, and these motorcycle accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, road rash, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, strains and sprains, and even mental health issues.

  • Who Can I Sue for My Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

    Our dedicated motorcycle accident injury lawyers in Brooklyn will investigate your case to determine whose behavior contributed to the accident. This can include liable parties like the employer of a motorist who was driving a work vehicle and struck your motorcycle, a motorist who made careless or reckless decisions behind the wheel, a bar or restaurant that served alcohol to a person who was visibly intoxicated or a minor, or a manufacturer of a motorcycle, or automobile if a defective park contributed to the accident.

    Multiple liable parties may be responsible for the injuries sustained by a motorcycle rider. But before blame can be assigned, it is the motorcyclist's responsibility to prove liability in a lawsuit.

  • How Long Does a Brooklyn Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim Take?

    A Brooklyn motorcycle accident injury claim can take anywhere from a few months to as long as a year to resolve. This can occur for a variety of different reasons. In some cases, the other parties may be uninterested in resolving the claim outside of court. This can put you at a significant disadvantage when you get hurt because your lawyer may need to fully prepare for every aspect of going to court. The Morgan & Morgan Brooklyn motorcycle accident injury Attorneys know what it takes to prepare a legal case for compensation in going to court, but we also take all possible avenues to resolve your claim effectively in settlement conversations. We work with a variety of experts and resources to bring together a comprehensive claim for maximum recovery for you.

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan for Help

    When there is so much at stake in a motorcycle accident injury, you need to have qualified Brooklyn motorcycle accident lawyers who have been through this situation before and know what it takes to recover maximum compensation.

    At Morgan & Morgan, we work hard to ensure the insurance company or other stakeholders are not involved in downplaying the severity of your claim, and we fight to hold responsible parties accountable for your injuries. In such a difficult circumstance, the Morgan & Morgan personal injury attorneys can make a big difference in your case. Do not hesitate to contact our office today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started.

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