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Electrocution Accident Lawyers in Brooklyn, NY

Electrocution accident lawyers can help you if you have been injured in an electrocution accident on the job or because of someone else's negligence. It is extremely important to communicate with electrocution lawyers in Brooklyn, NY, after you have been hurt because this may be your only opportunity to recover compensation and to protect your legal rights. You need an experienced and qualified law firm to handle your claim and to show how someone else's negligence contributed to this accident. 

If the power and utility company, for example, is responsible, you can expect a long legal fight. Finding the right electrocution accident lawyers in Brooklyn, NY is a vital part of moving forward with your success. Electrocution accident lawyers at Morgan & Morgan, the nation’s largest law firm, have extensive experience litigating these kinds of cases and have a long track record of holding the relevant parties accountable. Having a capable firm of this size work on your case allows you to focus your energy on your healing and recovery so that you have the best possible chance of moving forward with your life.

You may need help for electrocution cases in New York because these are very complex legal claims, and it is all too easy to make mistakes that could block your ability to recover the damages that you are owed. Recognizing your legal rights after a shock or electrocution injury is important, even if you are representing a loved one who was killed in such an accident. Power companies and electrical companies may have legal responsibilities to inspect and maintain equipment in the name of public safety as do landlords and building owners. You may need to turn to your electrocution accident lawyers in Brooklyn, NY to bring in scientific, engineering, and medical expert witnesses to prove negligent acts. When utility companies don't maintain power lines, many times people suffer devastating injuries following such an accident. This can be life-changing for the family members and can require the right electrocution accident lawyers in Brooklyn, NY to handle the case.

Research from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration shows that electrocution is the third most common cause of death on construction work sites in the United States. Electrocution accident injuries happen not just on construction sites, but can also happen in public buildings, near any utility lines, and even in your own home if the building is maintained by a landlord. In addition to those on the job, thousands sustained non-fatal electrocution injuries annually and could be entitled to possible compensation depending on the specifics of the accident. Any electrocution-related injury is serious and can change the life of the person affected.

Side Effects of Electrocution

Electrical currents are extremely dangerous. Any unprotected or poorly maintained current or wire could result in catastrophic or even fatal injuries. Some of the most common types of electrocution injuries include soft tissue destruction and severe burns, shut down of the person's internal organs, reduced use of an affected limb, local paralysis, or even serious and permanent nervous system damage. Although the vast majority of electrocution injuries happen on construction work sites, they can happen to anyone and anywhere. This makes it imperative to clarify your legal rights with electrocution accident lawyers in Brooklyn, NY as soon as possible. More than one entity could be responsible for your injuries and a thorough investigation should be launched promptly.

Some of the most common causes of electrocution accident injuries include failing to shut down power lines, failing to get a work permit, contact with power lines, overloaded extension cords, improperly grounded electrical systems or wires, failing to comply with a manufacturer's instruction about electric devices, or failing to comply with regulations associated with power line clearance. Many of these accidents are completely preventable. But once they happen, a victim is left suffering the consequences in the form of severe injuries and extensive medical bills. Those who have lost their loved ones due to electrocution injuries may have grounds to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a loved one. Electrocution accidents can also happen as a result of a faulty or defective product. An investigation should be completed immediately, but the first priority for a patient who has been hurt in an electrocution injury is to get medical attention. The cause of an electrical shock then becomes the primary consideration in determining that person's options for legal recourse.

There are several different types of electrical injuries. The first is known as true injuries. These happen when an individual becomes part of the electrical circuit, meaning that there is an observable exit and entrance site for the current. This can cause damage to every organ system in the victim's body very quickly. The second type of electrocution injury is a flame injury, which is when someone's clothing catches on fire because of contact with an electrical source. This can or does not have to involve an electrical current passing through the victim's body. The third type of injury is a lightning injury, which means high voltage, acute shocks that happen in contact with the strike of lightning and are characterized by an electrical current flowing into the victim's body. Finally, flash injuries involve intense and quick shocks that can lead to superficial burns, but do not involve any of the electrical current traveling past the skin.

Many different consequences and effects can occur due to being exposed to electrical current. It is unlikely that the victim will remember what happened in the accident or be able to explain the circumstances that led up to the shock. This makes it imperative to inform your medical professional about what you do remember and to engage electrocution accident lawyers in Brooklyn, NY as soon as possible. The team at Morgan & Morgan has a strong track record of investigating these claims and identifying responsible parties.

Getting medical treatment is an important first step in documenting the severity of your injuries and in beginning to determine the cause of the electrical shock. Electrical injuries can happen anywhere that there is a source of electricity. If it happens on the job and you're an employee, you may have grounds to pursue a workers' compensation claim. The support of knowledgeable electrocution accident lawyers in Brooklyn, NY can make a world of difference in the management of your claim so that you can remain focused on what is most important, getting your treatment. There is no way to turn back the clock and undo the damage that was done by a serious electrocution accident, but your decision to retain electrocution accident lawyers in Brooklyn, NY can make it much easier for you to recover full and fair compensation after a devastating accident.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What if I Am Hurt on the Job?

    One of the most common ways for someone to deal with an electrocution accident is on the job. This means you need to file a workers' comp claim to get payment for your damages. You need to get medical treatment right away after the accident, but also tell your boss about the problem so that you can get the claim process started. You need to tell all the details about the accident to your boss so that they have the information needed in the report. 

  • What if My Employer Retaliates?

    You already know that you need to inform your employer as soon as possible about a workplace accident or about an illness you have developed due to working in your position. However, there are several different problems that can emerge when handling your claim. You continue to have rights as a workplace accident victim, and your employer cannot retaliate against you for choosing to move forward with a workers comp claim. This can add additional elements of complexity and frustration to the pursuit of justice, however, which makes it imperative to retain knowledgeable and dedicated workers' compensation lawyers in San Francisco, CA. Know that you are not alone in this pursuit and that hiring a lawyer can help you to determine additional concerns or lawsuits. 
    If your employer retaliates against you, such as demoting you or denying you a promotion, you may share this information with your workers’ compensation lawyer. You may be eligible to pursue separate compensation avenues through lawsuits if you work with your lawyer to determine these issues. Your employer must make accommodations for you and should not take it out on you that you suffered an injury at work. This can definitely heighten the emotions associated with your claim, however, when you are worried about losing your job. However, it's important that your attorney help you with each aspect of this legal claim. Your employer is not allowed to retaliate against you and could be held accountable in court if they attempt to do so.  

    If you or someone you know is dealing with the aftermath of an electrocution accident, you deserve to know your rights and to discuss your case with a professional who can help. Contact Morgan & Morgan today to learn more about your options with our free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started. If you decide to move forward with Morgan & Morgan, it will cost you nothing until you receive your rightfully-owed compensation.

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