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Everyone assumes a certain degree of risk when they leave their homes in the morning. In most cases, you’ll return home without a scratch, but there’s always a chance that your plans will be derailed by an unexpected accident. Even the most careful person can find themselves in the hospital due to someone else’s negligence, but why should you have to pay for an accident you didn’t cause?

Since 1988, Morgan & Morgan has fought For the People and helped our clients overcome some of the most traumatic moments of their lives, all with no out-of-pocket costs. Our success has earned us the title of America’s largest personal injury firm, but we’ve never let our size retract from the aspects of our firm that made us who we are today. Instead, we’ve continued to build from our foundation to create a firm that can help everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Our New York City office is uniquely equipped to deliver you the best results. Schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation today.

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Krista M.
They were caring and concerned about my case. They fought harder then I had intercepted. Communicated in many ways to make sure I understood. Thank you.
Georgia J.
General Injury
Nancy H.
The staff was amazing, they treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. Kept me informed every step of the way about my case. Always asked how I was doing and was prompt with responding to any of my questions or concerns. They are a great team!
Antonia C.
Slip and Fall
Mike J.
Morgan and Morgan is truly the best law firm! PERIOD! You could consider yourself blessed when they take your case. Immediately, you can breathe. Anxiety goes from a 10 to 0! I needed them 3 TIMES! I wish I didn’t have to hire an attorney but my family and I were blessed. We won every single time! Insurance companies truly know that they will take it to court! I got settlements for all 3 lawsuits. Never stepped a foot into a courtroom. Thank you so much Morgan & Morgan!
Todd E.
Homeowners Insurance
Kourtney W.
The entire Morgan & Morgan team, including my case manager Michelle Hill, have been a blessing! From the first phone call I made to them, they have been extremely compassionate, very helpful, and 100% professional. I would recommend Morgan & Morgan to anyone because THEY CARE!
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New York Lawyers

  • Why Choose Morgan & Morgan?

    At the end of the day, insurance companies are businesses that need to turn a profit to survive. Their business model prioritizes profits, which can have some very unfortunate consequences when they have to diminish or deny a settlement to protect their own financial interests. If an insurance company is attempting to take advantage of you in this manner, they’ll likely frame your settlement offer as one that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, but this is often a lie to make you more willing to accept their lowball offer. Their deception is difficult to see through if you have no prior experience in this type of situation, which is why you should team up with an experienced lawyer to ensure that your settlement accurately reflects the true value of the damage you sustained.

    At Morgan & Morgan, we understand how important it is to receive your rightful compensation after an accident. Without it, you’ll be forced to pay for the damage out of your own pocket, which is unacceptable if the accident wasn’t your fault. Our New York City office is backed by the resources of America’s largest personal injury firm, meaning that we have the capability to hold out until your settlement offer is fair and full. Other firms will accept the first best offer, but our proficient team of attorneys knows that your case can be worth more and will fight tirelessly on your behalf. 

  • Can I Afford a Lawyer?

    You may have heard of the stigma that attorneys are always expensive to hire, and while that’s true for many firms, we’ve created a system that can benefit anyone in need. When you team up with Morgan & Morgan, you’ll never pay anything out-of-pocket, and we’re only paid when we win your case. Our contingency allows us to reach a wider range of individuals who need legal assistance, as financial status no longer determines your ability to advocate for the rights that protect them. Not only that, but it keeps everyone motivated towards one goal: getting you the best possible results for your case.

  • Which NYC Neighborhoods Does Morgan & Morgan Serve?

    Morgan & Morgan fights "For the People" across the country, and we are happy to serve the New York City community in the following districts:

    • Bayonne (07002)
    • Borough Park (11219)
    • Brooklyn (11226)
    • Brooklyn Heights (11201)
    • Brownsville (11212)
    • Bushwick (11221)
    • Chinatown (10013)
    • Dyker Heights (11228)
    • East Flatbush (11203)
    • East Village (10003)
    • Financial District (10005)
    • Flatbush (11226)
    • Gramercy Park (10003)
    • Greenpoint (11222)
    • Hoboken (07030)
    • Jersey City (07306)
    • Kensington (11218)
    • Long Island City (11101)
    • Maspeth (11378)
    • Midtown West (10019)
    • New York (10007)
    • Park Slope (11215)
    • Ridgewood (11385)
    • Sunnyside (11101)
    • Sunset Park (11220)
    • Tompkinsville (10301)
    • Union City (07087)
    • Weehawken (07087)
    • West New York (07093)
    • Williamsburg (11211)
  • How Can Our Attorneys Help?

    Our New York City office is staffed with attorneys and support staff who will go the extra mile for the clients who depend on them. They’ve seen your situation before, and they can help you navigate through the process using their years of experience. Our team will:

    • Investigate your case and determine liability
    • Gather and analyze evidence (medical records, police reports, etc.)
    • Examine the extent of your damages (both short and long term)
    • Negotiate with your insurance company to reach a settlement
    • Bring your case into the courtroom if no settlement can be reached.

    Not All Law Firms Are the Same. Other firms will claim that they’re the right choice, but many haven’t seen the inside of the courtroom in years. When you’re looking for an attorney to handle your case, you’ll want to look at their previous results to see if they can back up their claims. At Morgan & Morgan, our settlements and verdicts speak for themselves, as our attorneys have successfully recovered compensation that’s exponentially more than the pre-trial offer. We know that if they won’t settle, they can see us in court, and we’re always prepared for that scenario. 

  • What Kinds of Cases Do Personal Injury Attorneys Handle?

    Personal injury lawyers exist to help you escape the liability of an accident that wasn’t your fault. In most cases, accidents are caused by someone’s intentional failure to use reasonable care to avoid causing harm to another person or party, otherwise known as negligent behavior. In other cases, accidents are caused by someone intentionally acting recklessly, but so long as you didn’t cause the accident, you’re not liable for the damage. 

    If an individual acts negligently and their actions result in harm, they’re legally liable for any and all damages they’ve caused. The injured party has a legal right to pursue damages from the at-fault party, but this is often difficult to do without a legal background. By teaming up with an experienced personal injury attorney, you can navigate through the legal aspects of your accident with ease and reach a settlement that fully compensates you for the harm you’ve endured. Some common cases that personal injury attorneys handle are:

    • Car Accidents: The road is a dangerous place for even the most careful driver. One person can make a mistake that can cost someone thousands of dollars in property damage, and in more serious cases, someone could lose their life. 
    • Truck Accidents: Similar to car accidents, an unexpected truck accident has the potential to cause serious harm to both the driver and other cars on the road. These vehicles are sizable and bulky, and if the driver makes a mistake behind the wheel, it can cause innocent drivers to suffer the consequences.
    • Workers’ Compensation:  A workplace accident is a stressful ordeal, but workers’ compensation benefits allow injured workers to protect their wallets against the financial consequences of an injury. If your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, you have a right to these benefits, and if someone tries to deny you of them, Morgan & Morgan is here to help right the wrong.
    • Medical Malpractice: We assume that the medical professionals who are in charge of our care will act with reasonable care, but this isn’t always the case. Doctors are people, too, and just like the rest of us, they can make mistakes while they’re on the job. However, a doctor making a mistake is much more serious than a cashier who incorrectly inputs your total, as a negligent doctor can potentially cause someone to lose their life.
    • Slip and Fall: Property owners, such as landlords and business proprietors, have a responsibility to keep their premises safe and free from obstructions to mitigate the risk of injury for all those on the property. If they fail to do so, and you become injured as a result, you have a legal right to pursue damages from the at-fault party.
    • Wrongful Death: The pain of losing a loved one is like nothing else, especially when their death could have been prevented. If you’ve lost someone as a result of someone else’s negligence, our attorneys can help you hold the at-fault party accountable for their actions. Although compensation can’t reverse the damage they’ve caused, it can help you recover your monetary losses and assist you in moving on from the situation.
    • Product Liability: All manufacturers are liable for any damage their products cause once they’re on the market. If you’ve been injured by a dangerous or defective product, you can take legal action against the manufacturer and pursue compensation. 

    This list isn’t comprehensive, as there are many other situations where someone’s negligence can cause harm. If you’re unsure if your situation qualifies as a personal injury case, contact us today for more information.

  • When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

    Nothing is more important than your health and wellbeing following an accident. Your first priority should be medical treatment for you and any other loved ones who were harmed in the incident, as an experienced doctor will be able to determine the extent of your injuries accurately. Once you’ve done this, your next call will be to a personal injury attorney.

    Some accident victims are reluctant to seek legal help if their injuries are minor or they believe that they can handle the insurance company independently. However, this is essentially a gamble, as no one can predict the future perfectly. Rather than roll the dice with your future, it’s best to ensure that you’re on the path to success, and that begins with an experienced personal injury attorney.

  • Can You Sue for Personal Injury?

    Yes, you can absolutely sue for personal injury. Personal injury cases are among the most common civil actions that are litigated today, and if you’re successfully able to bring a claim, you could be entitled to recover the damages you’ve sustained. Although the specific damages you’ll seek for recovery will depend on the circumstances surrounding your case, accident victims commonly recover:

    • Medical expenses (past, future, and any ongoing treatment/therapy)
    • Lost wages/future anticipated earnings
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of companionship
    • Emotional distress/mental anguish
    • Funeral expenses (in the case of wrongful death)

    Personal injury cases can only begin if an injury or harm occurred as a result of someone else’s negligence, meaning that not every injury will warrant legal action. However, there are two common themes across all personal injury cases—proving negligence and that negligence caused the harm. If you believe that your situation calls for a personal injury case, our attorneys are here to help you determine your options and assist you in recovering what you’re entitled to. Our firm fights For the People, and we’ll never settle for a penny less than you deserve.

  • What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do for You?

    If you were involved in a traumatic accident, you’re likely shaken, overwhelmed, and unsure of what to do next. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a courtroom with lawyers speaking legal jargon to you, nor do you want to accidentally accept a settlement offer that’s less than what you’re truly owed. These feelings are common amongst all accident victims, which is why it’s so important to team up with an attorney who understands the process. Here are a few benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer for your case:

    • Understand and pursue each and every type of damage you may be entitled to: A personal injury attorney can help you understand each type of damage that you sustained and assist you in pursuing the maximum value of each. They’ll discuss how the circumstances of your accident apply to the legal process, and if you’re facing an apathetic insurance company or a giant bully organization, an attorney can help you navigate around such obstacles and towards the best possible results. Not only that, but your attorney can also help you understand the laws and regulations that may apply to your case, which will differ depending on the location of your accident.
    • Ensure that the most effective legal strategies are pursued on your behalf: An experienced personal injury attorney will have seen your case before and know which legal route will yield the most successful results. Morgan & Morgan’s attorneys are uniquely equipped to hold out until your settlement reflects the true value of your damages, making us an undeniable asset in your pursuit of justice.
    • Handle the majority of the legal proceedings and allow you some time to de-stress: Accidents and injuries are stressful, to say the least, and it’s difficult to handle the legal aspects of your situation while you’re trying to focus on your physical recovery. Teaming up with an attorney will grant you the opportunity to rest, which can be an invaluable gift after a traumatic accident.
  • Contact Our New York City Office

    In the most difficult moments of your life, Morgan & Morgan has your back. Accidents happen every day and cause innocent people to endure serious pain, which is unacceptable when the situation could have been avoided if the at-fault party had acted rationally. No one should be forced to pay for an accident they didn’t cause, and by teaming up with us, you won’t have to. Our attorneys have the necessary experience, knowledge, and resources to deliver you the best possible results, regardless of the size or severity of your case. 

    If you were injured by third-party negligence, our attorneys understand and are here to help. Complete a free, no-risk case evaluation today to get started.

  • ¿Usted tiene preguntas acerca de su caso en español?

    Los abogados de lesiones personales de Morgan & Morgan entendemos lo importante que es resolver todas sus preguntas legales en el idioma en el que usted pueda entender mejor. Por eso contamos con una sección de Preguntas Frecuentes en nuestra página de Recuerde que en caso de ser victima de un accidente y necesitar ayuda legal, usted cuenta con los abogados de Morgan & Morgan. Siendo el bufete de abogados de lesiones personales más grande de los Estados Unidos, contamos con los recursos y la experiencia que usted necesita para defender sus derechos. ¡La justicia es derecho de todos!