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Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Pittsburgh

When looking for workers' compensation lawyers in Pittsburgh, you'll never run out of choices. There are hundreds of personal injury law firms serving residents of the “Steel City,” as Pittsburgh is famously known, but the challenge is finding the best. Here's how to find the best workers' compensation lawyers in Pittsburgh for the best legal representation for your claim. 

Knowing where to begin your search is the first step of this process. You can either search online or talk to your friends or family to find out if they know of a good workers compensation lawyer in Pittsburg. When you search online, you'll find so many options to choose from, but don't be in a hurry to hire anyone you find on the internet. You still need to consider additional factors before settling on the right person. 

What Do the Attorney's Reviews Say?

Successful attorneys are usually proud of their work and never skip a chance to share what other clients say about them. It's therefore advisable to narrow down to two or three attorneys and then check out their reviews online on Google and attorney review websites. 

Pay attention to what other clients have to say about the attorney based on their past experience. Also, it's always advisable to opt for attorneys who have high ratings in the industry.

For example, at Morgan & Morgan, our law firm has over 28,000 5-star reviews on Google. We also receive close to 5,000 calls from clients daily, something that proves our popularity in the personal injury field in Pittsburgh and beyond. 

Schedule a Consultation

Most attorneys and law firms offer free consultations for new clients. Once you've chosen the workers' compensation lawyer you'd like to work with, give them a call to schedule a consultation. 

The first impression is very important—avoid attorneys or law firms that don't respond to your calls or take days to get back to you after leaving a message. You need an attorney who's responsive and passionate about taking on your case. 

Morgan & Morgan personal injury law firm values communication as the core of our law firm. From the moment you contact us, one of our representatives will direct you to the appropriate department. We won't keep you waiting for hours, whether you call us or send us an email.

To call Morgan & Morgan, dial 877-359-7502. Alternatively, you can send us an email via the contact form on our website, and we'll respond as soon as possible with a free case evaluation!

What's Their Experience in Handling Workers' Compensation Cases?

The issue of workers' compensation is broad and requires a lot of experience. This is because state laws and regulations regarding workers keep changing every now and then.

The last thing you want is to work with an attorney who isn't familiar with such cases because chances are they'll settle for the lowest compensation or even risk losing the entire lawsuit. Additionally, remember that even if the attorney has a high success rate in other personal injury cases, that doesn't mean that they will be successful in workers' compensation litigation. 

Working with a reliable workers' compensation attorney from a reputable law firm like Morgan & Morgan makes a huge difference. Here's why:

Morgan & Morgan has over 1,000 personal injury attorneys scattered all over 50 states and Washington D.C. These lawyers don't just practice personal injury as a whole.

So when you call us, we'll not assign a general personal injury lawyer to your case - we'll get you a specialist in this field. Specialization and experience are one of our greatest strengths as the largest personal injury law firm in the United States, and we have the track record to prove it

Can They Represent You in Court?

Let's face it—not every lawyer likes taking their client's cases to court. Some prefer out-of-court settlements because it not only saves their time but also avoids the risk of losing the entire case if the jury finds the accused not guilty. 

However, at Morgan & Morgan, our lawyers are never afraid of facing the other party in court. In fact, it's the reverse—insurance companies never want to come up against Morgan & Morgan lawyers in court because we: 

  • Have a solid record of winning personal injury lawsuits. 
  • Do not settle for less - we always go for maximum compensation.
  • Don't rest until justice is served to our clients.
  • Have the much-needed resources to take the matter to court.
  • Have recovered over $20 billion in personal injury settlements.
  • Are the largest personal injury law firm in the United States.

A law firm of our size is never afraid of facing insurance companies or claims adjusters in court. So when they find out that you're being represented by one of our attorneys, chances are they'll want to reach an out-of-court settlement to avoid the trouble of facing us in court. Another thing you need to know is that all our lawyers are required to handle at least three court cases a year, which tells you everything you need to know about our legal capacity and experience in this field.

Schedule a Consultation

Once you've found a Pittsburgh workers' compensation attorney that meets your requirements, preferably from Morgan & Morgan, the next step is to schedule an appointment. This gives you the chance to meet the attorney face to face and brief them about your case. 

During the consultation, pay attention to how the attorney responds to your questions. If you're not sure what to ask, consider the following questions:

  • Is the attorney certified to practice personal injury law in the area?
  • Does the attorney belong to any legal association relating to personal injury?
  • What's the attorney's success rate in handling such cases?
  • Can the attorney provide a list of clients you can contact to find out more about them?
  • Does the attorney appear neat and organized?
  • Did the attorney demonstrate total understanding of your case and provide the appropriate legal advice?
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Morgan & Morgan FAQs

  • What's a Workers' Compensation Lawsuit?

    Workers' compensation is a lawsuit seeking compensation for injuries sustained by employees while at work. 

  • What Are Some Examples of Workers' Compensation Claims?

    Workers' compensation claims vary from one incident to another. Here are the most common examples. 

    Overexertion: Involves straining of the body, causing too much pressure on yourself. For example, if you're used to lifting 40lbs at work but then your boss makes you lift 60lbs, suffering muscle strain, or any other injury, you may have a case against your employer. Such lawsuits are usually common in physical jobs, such as construction. 

    Slips and falls: This happens when you get injured at work due to someone else's negligence. For example, if you slip and fall on a wet floor, breaking your back, it's advisable to report it to your employer immediately. This is because you don't want the statute of limitations for such incidents to expire. Your claim will be rejected if it does. 

  • What's the Statute of Limitations for Workers Compensation Claims in Pittsburgh?

    In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you have up to three years from the date of injury to seek compensation. If you don't report the incident within the first three years, you won't have legal grounds to seek compensation afterward. 

  • Do Workers' Compensation Doctors Lie?

    Yes, they do!

    Insurance companies have a right to request their own 'independent medical examination' when evaluating the extent of injury you or your loved one suffered due to their client's negligence. These companies will come with their own doctors to evaluate the injury, and since the insurance companies employ such doctors, they will always put their employer's interests first. 

    In such a scenario, the insurance company will want to reduce the settlement or even deny that their client is responsible for the injury. This, of course, is made possible when their doctor presents a conflicting medical report dismissing the extent of your injuries or their existence in the first place. 

    Such a scenario further emphasizes the importance of speaking to an experienced workers' compensation attorney. Otherwise, you risk losing more than half of the settlement or even the case itself!

  • Why Do Employers Fight Workers' Compensation Claims?

    Picture this - you've been injured while at work, and your employer knows they are responsible for the injury. The injury itself is clear as day, and every finger points in your employer's direction. But somehow, your employer still denies responsibility, yet they can simply accept and have you compensated by their insurance company to put the matter to rest. 

    So why does this happen? 

    Your employer risks paying higher premiums to their insurance companies if they accept responsibility for the injury. They also deny such claims to prevent other employees from suing them and also to protect their image. 

    But that doesn't mean that all is lost - you simply need to call Morgan & Morgan, and we'll get you an experienced workers' compensation attorney in Pittsburgh to represent you in your pursuit for justice. 

  • What Should I Do if My Employer Refuses to File a Workers' Compensation Claim?

    Some employers just don't follow the rules either because they are dishonest or because you've not met certain requirements to file a workers' compensation claim. So the first thing to do when you get injured at work is to inform your employer. 

    Typically, your employer will provide you with a form requesting the details of the injury. Don't leave anything out, even if it seems irrelevant. For example, if you bumped your head against a blunt object at work and suffered a minor bruise, you may not see the importance of mentioning such an incident. 

    After all, it sounds petty, right?

    But suppose the same bruise gets infected days later, requiring medical attention. In that case, your employer has the right to dispute your claim if you seek compensation because you didn't mention it earlier in the paperwork.

  • What Details Should I Provide When Filing a Worker's Compensation Report?

    You need to provide the date and time of the injury, where it occurred, how it occurred and any symptoms deriving from the injury. 

  • What's the Deadline for Notifying Your Employer After a Workplace Injury in Pittsburgh?

    The deadline for notifying your employer after a workplace injury varies from state to state. For example, in Pennsylvania, you have up to 21 days from the day of the injury to notify your employer.

    However, this should not be confused with the statute of limitations for filing a worker's compensation claim in Pennsylvania, which is three years from the date of the injury. 

  • Call Morgan & Morgan for the best workers' compensation lawyers in Pittsburgh

    By now, you know how insurance companies, doctors, and even your own 'trusted' employer are usually quick to deny the injury. For this reason, you can only trust one person - a workers' compensation lawyer from Morgan & Morgan's injury law firm. All you need to do is give us a call immediately, and we'll provide you with a free case evaluation and top-class legal representation! 

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