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Best Car Insurance Attorneys in New York City

There is no shortage of lawyers in New York City, which can make it that much harder when you’re searching for the best car insurance attorney in New York City. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen every single day in the Big Apple, and if you’ve been seriously hurt, you want to know that you have a talented lawyer on your side to fight against the insurance company or a negligent driver. As a victim, though, you’re coping with so many changes to your life already. 

Why Would I Need a Car Insurance Attorney?

After an accident, your first thought might be that the situation should be pretty straightforward. After all, you have insurance for this reason. You would file an insurance claim and wait for that claim to be approved. Meanwhile, you’d be going to your doctor’s visits and continuing with their treatment plan. In some cases, your health insurance might even decline the bill since it’s tied to a motor vehicle accident claim. In short, because you’re a paying customer who bought car insurance because it was required and because you wanted to protect yourself, you had no reason to think this wouldn’t be easy.

But as those medical bills stack up in the mail or when the threatening calls about the balance start, you don’t need this added pressure. You’re waiting for your insurance company to pay those bills so that you can move on with your treatments and your healing. Since you don’t need the additional stress of figuring out why your insurance company won’t return your calls or isn’t covering certain things, these are key signs you need to hire the best car insurance lawyer in New York City to manage the legal aspects of your claim. 

Insurance companies don’t always represent the interests of their clients well. Many adjusters are told to focus on the bottom line and to look for any reason to downplay or decline a claim entirely. Since they’re looking out for their own interests, you need to do the same. Don’t let any insurance carrier or adjuster take advantage of you. Educate yourself about your rights and work with the best car insurance attorney in New York City. 

Common Issues With Car Insurance Companies and Claims 

There are multiple issues you might face when it comes time to file an insurance claim. Insurance companies are almost always involved when it comes time to settle claims from a vehicle accident, but this doesn’t mean it will be easy. Many New York City residents or visitors have found this out the hard way when they end up suffering from serious injuries. Disputes often occur due to the amount of money that the insurance company wants to or intends to offer as part of a claim. For a victim, this makes it very hard for them to determine their next steps and figure out how they’ll move on from an accident. If the issues escalate and the victim can’t get the help they need, they usually turn to the best car insurance lawyer in New York City to get further support. 

If your claim is outright denied, this leaves you with little to no opportunity to pay the medical bills. Trying to figure out the aftermath of your life following a serious car accident like this should not fall on you. Knowing when and how to find the best car insurance lawyer in New York City will become a top priority if you’re in this situation. 

Here’s what you need to know about claim denials: the insurance company is not always right when it comes to a claim that gets shut down. The most common reasons for a claim denial include: 

  • The accident is not covered by the policy in question 
  • The accident was avoidable 
  • There was no treatment or complaint of injury at the time the accident happened 
  • Medical records don’t show that you were hurt because of the accident
  • You had the condition you claim is tied to your accident before the accident happened, also known as a pre-existing condition 

These situations might be bad faith, however, if the insurance company is looking for illegal reasons to deny your claim. In those cases, you have the right to argue with them and to continue fighting for the compensation required to put your life back together. It’s strongly recommended that you do this with the help of an experienced car insurance lawyer in New York City because of the complicated issues involved. No victim should have to deal with the doubly difficult situation of trying to get better from an accident and also dealing with problems from the insurance company. 

Find an Attorney: Ask for Help

Someone at your work or in your friend network might know someone else who practices in insurance law. Bear in mind that there are different kinds of insurance law, so you’ll want a lawyer who has proven themselves in handling cases with car insurance companies. 

If you can’t find someone by asking, however, you need to take action quickly to find someone so that the statute of limitations doesn’t expire. The sooner you can speak with a lawyer, the easier it will be to file your case. 

Find an Attorney: Check the NYC Bar 

There are a lot of local lawyers who belong to the NYC Bar Association. This is a professional organization of attorneys who have been admitted to the bar in New York state. The association can help refer you to a car insurance lawyer. While there is a big network to choose from, you can’t always get the kind of personalized match that you might find if you handled the search for the best car insurance attorney in New York City. You’ll probably receive a list of lawyers who list “insurance law” as one of the kinds of law they practice, which may or may not be helpful to you as a starting point. 

The specifics of your case will really help you determine the best car insurance lawyer in New York City for your own needs. For example, maybe you are worried about how having a second claim of bad faith practices will influence your existing car claim. In that situation, you’d want a lawyer who has handled complex concerns like that against a car insurance company. 

While this is a good first way to seek out the best car insurance attorney in New York City, it might not be the most expedient one. 

Find an Attorney: Look for Award Winners 

There are a range of awards that lawyers are eligible for as they grow their practice. This can include Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers. These are awards that are given to top performers in their practice area as a distinction for outstanding work. This is a good way to know that someone has a lot of experience and deserves to be recognized as the best car insurance lawyer in New York City. 

You will often see this posted as a graphic on their website when a lawyer or firm has received these awards, but you can also find the NYC winners posted on websites hosting these awards competitions, too. 

This can help you create a shortlist, but you’ll still need to do some research to make sure you want to meet with the right firms. 

When scanning attorney websites, look for evidence that they have been involved with similar cases before. This will give you a sense of how many car insurance claims they’ve worked on before. When you see the firm’s website, look for reviews left by previous clients where you can see they have helped on car insurance lawsuit claims. Use this to narrow down your search and decide who to meet with. 

On their website, you can see more about feedback from other clients. Some lawyers will have this cross-posted from review sites like Google. There are many details in these reviews about how long the case took, some of the challenges the victim might have experienced, and where exactly the law firm served the most helpful. 

What to Look for When Finding the Best Car Insurance Lawyer in New York City

There are many different lawyers out there to choose from, but you must be able to narrow down your list. Now that you have a baseline for overall expectations when looking for the best car insurance attorney in New York City, make sure the firms you decide to meet with have: 

  • Familiarity with the insurance carriers and provisions in your policy 
  • Ability to meet with you in a timely manner to discuss the basics of your case 
  • The ability to speak clearly about how the case will unfold and what you should expect 
  • A track record of helping other victims to push back against the car insurance company to get the compensation they need and deserve
  •  A willingness to work hard on behalf of the best outcome for you, no matter what that looks like 

If you’re ready to take your first step, you can fill out our no-obligation contact form to get a free case evaluation. 

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