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NYC Airport Accident Lawyer

Airports in the New York City area are some of the busiest in the world. With passengers rushing about, hauling large items of luggage, and pushing to get onto escalators, falls and other types of accidents can happen. If your injury happened due to airport management or employee negligence, however, you could qualify for compensation. 

Finding the best airport lawyer if you get hurt can be crucial. Suing a government entity such as an airport authority can be challenging. However, Morgan & Morgan has your back. Our experienced and tenacious NYC airport accident lawyers are here to fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to determine whether you have a case. 

Common Causes of NYC Airport Accidents

The greater New York area boasts a number of busy and large airports, including John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, and LaGuardia Airport. Accidents at these airports can come in many forms and happen for various reasons, including:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can practically happen anywhere at an airport, whether during boarding or deplaning, at the food court, or on an escalator. You could have a case against the airport if your slip and fall accident was caused due to lack of maintenance or a hazardous condition, such as: 

  • Water or ice on floors at terminals, gates, and ramps
  • Poor lighting in parking garages
  • Broken stairs or missing handrails
  • Loose mats and rugs
  • Cracked or uneven flooring
  • Defective escalators and elevators

Airports have the responsibility to maintain all public areas at the airport to a reasonable standard. When they fail to do so, and an accident happens due to a dangerous condition or lack of maintenance, they could be responsible for your injuries and financial losses. 

Negligent Security Incidents

Assaults, attacks, violent robberies, and even murders can occur in airports or airport parking lots and garages due to lack of security.  Negligent security claims can arise when airport management fails to install adequate security measures causing harm to passengers, visitors, or employees as a result.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), assault crimes can cause debilitating injuries. Moreover, victims can face astronomical costs for specialist appointments, physical therapy, psychological counselling, and other expenses.

Injuries in NYC Airport Accidents 

Injuries in airport accidents can range from harmless muscle strains and bruising to more severe injuries that could be permanent. Injuries in airport accidents such as slip and falls can include:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Fractures
  • Facial and dental injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Herniated discs
  • Neck and shoulder injuries
  • Spinal cord damage

If you suffered a catastrophic or disabling injury, your medical costs and other expenses could spiral, causing financial hardship in addition to pain and stress. However, legal recourse could be available, and you could receive compensation for any medical expenses, income losses, pain and suffering, and other damages. 

You Could File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A serious injury can be extremely costly as well as painful. However, victims could recover compensation by holding a negligent airport, airline, or another responsible party to account for a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced NYC airport accident lawyer can assess your case and walk you through your legal options.

NYC Area Airports Are Government Owned 

John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports are owned by the City of New York, while Newark is owned by Elizabeth and Newark, two cities in New Jersey. Suing a government entity can have a number of challenges. For example, victims normally have three years to file a personal injury lawsuit in New York State. However, when suing a government body such as an airport authority, the timeline can be much shorter, and you might have to file a notice within 90 days of your accident. Not doing so could bar you from recovering compensation.

State law also grants airports and airport employees immunity from certain lawsuits, including some personal injury claims. While you could potentially sue and recover damages, it is important to know the precise steps to take to give yourself the best chance of success. Therefore, it can be critical to seek advice from an airport accident attorney and protect your legal rights.

Proving Your Case Against a NYC Airport 

Airports must ensure that visitors and employees are safe and either fix hazards in a timely manner or provide adequate warning signage alerting individuals to a danger. If you got hurt in a public area, such as in a terminal, a gate, or at the security checkpoint, you could have a case against the airport. 

Evidence Needed to Prove a Case

Evidence of the airport’s negligence and your damages will be crucial to fighting for an adequate settlement. An airport accident attorney can help you collect and organize vital evidence proving your case, which can include:

  • Photographs of the dangerous condition of faulty equipment
  • Photographs and medical records of your injuries
  • Airport or police accident report
  • Witness statements
  • Surveillance camera footage 
  • Receipts for your expenses related to the injury

It is important to note that airport management or an airline may not be the only entities liable for your accident and damages. Other parties could be partially or wholly at fault for your accident, including retail outlets, restaurants, maintenance contractors, or construction companies. Our attorneys can investigate the circumstances of your accident, determine liability, and identify all responsible parties in your accident.  

You Could Seek Damages 

If you are able to hold an airport, airline, or another responsible party to account for your injury, you could pursue damages such as:

Healthcare Costs

You could receive reimbursement for all medical bills incurred due to the accident, including but not limited to:

  • Hospital stays
  • Surgeries
  • Medications
  • Specialist appointments
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Medical devices
  • A home health aide

If you suffered ongoing or permanent injuries, you could also qualify for future medical treatment costs. 

Income Loss

If you lost wages due to recovering from your injury, you could seek amounts for income loss as well as loss of future earnings.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Victims could also be entitled to all miscellaneous costs in connection with their injuries, such as transport expenses or overnight stay costs for travel to medical appointments.

Non-Economic Damages

In addition to your expenses, you could collect awards for pain and suffering, and other so-called “non-economic damages”, such as: 

  • Emotional anguish 
  • Inconvenience
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Disability
  • Loss of life enjoyment

The exact damages you could qualify for will depend on the facts of your airport accident, the severity of your injuries, and other factors. 

Finding the Best NYC Airport Accident Attorney

Finding an excellent New York City airport accident attorney can seem daunting. However, you can use various resources to find your attorney. Your first step can be to draw up a list of what you are looking for in a lawyer, such as:

  • Experience with handling airport accidents 
  • Having negotiating out-of-court settlements
  • Experienced at winning trials 
  • Working at an office near you

You can start your search in earnest by asking family and friends for recommendations and researching law firms online. Your next and perhaps most important step in finding a great airport accident attorney should be scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation. While experience, qualification, and reputation count for a great deal, personality is an important factor too. After all, lawsuits can go on for years, and feeling comfortable with your attorney is essential.

Morgan & Morgan Can Help

If you experienced an airport accident, you do not have to spend hours and days searching for an airport accident lawyer. Morgan & Morgan is here for you. With more than 1,000 attorneys nationwide, injury attorneys near you are ready to fight for what you deserve. We can help you with every aspect of your airport accident claim, starting with ensuring that you get adequate medical care.  

Morgan & Morgan has a team of legal experts and investigators who can analyze your accident, determine all liable parties, and build a comprehensive case against the defendant(s). We never settle for less and always fight for maximum recovery. We do not simply disappear once we have won your case and can even track your settlement check to make sure you receive your money on time. 

Morgan & Morgan understands that airport accident victims have a lot on their plate and financial worries can at times feel monumental and overwhelming. However, rest assured that you will not have to worry about attorney’s fees when we take your case. You can get the largest personal injury in the US on your side for free until and unless we win and you recover compensation.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • How Long Can I File a Lawsuit Against an Airport?

    If you wish to file a personal injury lawsuit, you need to be aware of New York State’s deadline for doing so, which is generally three years. If you do not file your suit within this time, you could lose the right to recover compensation.  However, since most NYC airports are owned by the local government, you are also required to file a so-called “notice of claim” soon after your injury, typically within 90 days. 

    To ensure that you do not run out of time to fight for justice and compensation, consider speaking to one of our experienced airport accident attorneys today. We can advise you of your next best steps and ensure you are not missing any critical deadlines.

  • What Should I Do if I Am Injured at the Airport?

    If you are hurt at an airport, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Calling 911 could be an excellent idea if you suffer significant injuries, allowing you to receive treatment and record your accident at the same time. If you can, try to gather proof of your accident, such as photographs, contact details of any eyewitnesses, and an airport accident report. 

    To qualify for compensation with a personal injury case, you will have to prove that the negligence or intent of another caused your accident and injury. You will also need to determine who is at fault for your injuries and monetary losses. One of your next best steps after an accident, therefore, can be consulting with our NYC airport accident lawyers.

  • Who Is Responsible for My Airport Injury and Damages?

    If you happen to fall and hurt yourself due to inattention, rushing, or wearing the wrong shoes, you would not be able to file a personal injury lawsuit and would have to pay for your own damages.

    However, if your injury happened due to the negligence or deliberate wrongdoing of another, such as airport management, an airline employee, or a contractor, you could have legal recourse and pursue compensation. Depending on what caused your injury, potential defendants in your lawsuit could include:

    • The owner or lessee of a restaurant, shop, or kiosk 
    • The airport authority
    • A contractor working at the airport
    • Another passenger or visitor

    For example, if you slipped and fell in a restaurant due to a slippery floor, the restaurant owner could be responsible for your damages. Likewise, if you tripped over cables left by a careless contractor, you could potentially sue them for compensation. 

    It is always best to discuss your individual case with an airport accident attorney to determine all liable parties and find out if you have grounds for filing a lawsuit and seeking damages.

  • We Are Here to Fight for What You Deserve

    Handling a lawsuit against a government body such as an airport authority can be daunting and complex. If you or a loved one suffered significant injuries in a NYC airport accident, you need an experienced attorney advocating for you and fighting for fair compensation on your behalf. Morgan & Morgan is here for you. We have helped countless accident victims recover what they need to get their lives back on track. Get started now and contact us to find out for free how we could help you.

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