Where Can I Find the Best Rental Car Accident Lawyers in New Jersey?

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Best Rental Car Accident Lawyers in New Jersey

Being hurt in any accident is devastating enough, but one involving a rental car can complicate the situation—and the legal matters, if you plan to seek compensation for your damages. When you are hurt in an accident like this, you might need the support of New Jersey rental car accident lawyers to help explain to you some of the complex facets involved in these claims and how best to proceed to protect yourself. 

Most people recognize that they have the opportunity to enroll for additional rental car insurance when taking a car for a short period of time. Whether you did or not will also influence your eligibility to recover compensation. With so many unique facets involved in these kinds of cases, it is beneficial to search for New Jersey rental car accident lawyers immediately after you have been hurt. You cannot count on the rental car agency or your car insurance company to protect you and guide you through this process. None of them are looking out for your best interests the way that New Jersey rental car accident lawyers will. 

What Is Unique About Rental Car Accidents?

There are many different causes of rental car accidents, just as there are a variety of causes of traditional car accidents. However, when you are driving a rental car, you have less familiarity and knowledge about the overall maintenance of that entire vehicle. Some rental car companies put a great deal of time and effort into maintaining their fleet of vehicles, but the same cannot be said for all. Poor vehicle maintenance, worn tires, faulty brakes, headlights that are burned out, long worn windshield wipers, and other unresolved issues can all contribute to the greater likelihood of accidents. 

Anytime that one or more rental car vehicles are involved in an accident, the involved parties or the rental car company can get involved in a lawsuit that pursues financial compensation. There are typically multiple entities involved in such a lawsuit, of which can include insurance companies, supplemental insurance carriers, the person who rented the car, the rental car company, and issuers of credit cards who assisted the purchaser in renting that car directly. 

A thorough investigation of the entire accident scene is often necessary in order to determine the key legal issues involved and to clarify some of the most important aspects of the underlying claim. Most people who rent a rental vehicle do not want to—nor do they intend to—end up in an accident. However, when this happens, there are many different factors that could influence whether or not they are responsible for some or all of the damages. The sooner you can get New Jersey car rental accident lawyers on the scene or involved in the investigation of the accident, the easier it will be to untangle many of the complex legal issues involved and to determine the most appropriate pursuit going forward. 

Just as you went to see your doctor immediately after the accident to have someone advocating for your physical health and recovery, you also need New Jersey car rental accident lawyers who will assist you with the legal aspects of your claim. Your lawyers may serve many important purposes throughout the duration of your case but one fact remains the same; you need someone who is familiar with this area of the law and someone who is prepared to advocate for you on a regular basis. It can be difficult to communicate with all of the different entities involved in a rental car accident but retaining the right attorney can help you to ensure that you have considered all of the different perspectives and that you have someone primarily interested in your recovery and the best possible outcome for you. 

What if I Was Not at Fault? 

You may be wondering whether or not you can handle this type of legal claim on your own. For most people it is in their best interests to hire New Jersey rental car accident lawyers as soon as possible. 

You cannot always account for everyone else's actions or their interpretations of the accident. If you were hurt in a rental vehicle accident, you might be eligible to pursue compensation for your injuries, and your initial reaction might be that the rental car company is responsible for putting you in this situation in the first place. However, in many different cases, it is rarely the case that the rental car agency is responsible financially for covering your compensation and damages. In most cases, to hold the rental car agency liable for damages in New Jersey, the driver will need to be innocent of wrongdoing. 

One of the most complicated aspects of these personal injury cases is negotiating with insurance companies. A knowledgeable New Jersey rental car accident lawyer can help you to pursue the opportunity for settlement in which you will resolve the case outside of court. You will need aggressive and knowledgeable legal counsel in all areas. A lawyer can help you to gather all of the initial evidence for your legal claim and to discuss some of your primary concerns in the resolution of the case. 

For example, perhaps you are most worried about the long term impact of your physical injuries and making sure that these are properly calculated in any damage and settlement equations. Perhaps your inability to return to your job is a chief concern for you. No matter how you are approaching this situation, it's beneficial to have New Jersey rental car accident lawyers who understand your unique perspective and who are committed to working hard on your behalf for the duration of the case. 

Many people who are renting a car are unfamiliar with the roads and the city in which they are driving, and they may not be familiar with local accident laws. This is certainly true if you rented a vehicle in New Jersey and ended up in an accident. Having a New Jersey rental car accident lawyer who is familiar with the local and state laws and the typical pursuit of compensation in personal injury accidents can help you to recover the full and fair amount of compensation that you are entitled to. 

It can be difficult to sort through all of the details after your accident on your own and many victims find themselves overwhelmed and confused. In the best case scenario, your New Jersey rental car accident lawyer might be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries relatively quickly so that you can return to focus on healing and getting back to work. To understand all the different perspectives of the ways in which your life has been forever changed due to an accident, it can be helpful to have this outside party who is familiar with the legal implications to support you during this challenging time.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Where to Find New Jersey Rental Car Accident Lawyers?

    Looking online is one of the best ways to narrow down your search for New Jersey rental car accident lawyers. Lawyers who have handled previous cases involving rental cars, insurance companies associated with rental vehicles and rental companies themselves can help you navigate this process more easily and ensure that you are not taken advantage of. You deserve to have someone advocating in your corner for your rights after a rental car accident.

  • What Questions Should I Ask My Lawyer?

    Ask your lawyer about their experience, their perception of your case, and how they might approach your legal claim. You should also ask them how cases like this typically resolve.

  • Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

    You are not obligated to file a lawsuit if you get hurt in a vehicle accident, but you might also have only this opportunity to recover compensation. If you have more serious injuries associated with extensive medical bills, this is your chance to hold someone accountable for the incident and to get some damage payments for your lost wages, injury costs, and other expenses.

  • Do All Cases Settle?

    Most rental car accident legal claims do end up settling outside of court, but this doesn’t mean that you have to continue to trial if a fair settlement offer is made by the other side. Your lawyer does have to tell you about any settlement offers brought forward so that you can fully evaluate them. For insurance companies, they often want to settle outside of court because of the unknown of going into trial. They will use their own equations to determine a settlement offer, but there is usually some back and forth with your attorney, and you are never required to take the offer. However, your lawyer might advise you when the conversations reach the point of what could be a fair offer that would allow you to move on with your life. 

    If you’re ready to take your first steps in moving on from your accident in New Jersey, you can contact the experts at Morgan & Morgan for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started.

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