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New Jersey Speeding Accident Lawyer

New Jersey Speeding Accident Lawyer

Life is rarely fair. Even though you drive carefully and under the speed limit, other people on the road may not be as cautious and considerate. And when one of those inconsiderate drivers crashes into your car because they are speeding, you can suffer severe consequences, despite doing nothing wrong.

It isn’t fair that your car has been destroyed or that you are suffering intense pain from serious injuries. You don’t deserve to be scared about paying rent or other bills because your injuries keep you from working. But just because it shouldn’t be true doesn’t stop it from being true.

At Morgan and Morgan, our New Jersey speeding accident lawyers can’t prevent the accident, but we can help relieve the stress, fear, and pain caused by it. Our attorneys will help you collect the money you need to pay your bills and get you the medical care you need.

If you have been seriously injured by a speeding driver in New Jersey, contact Morgan and Morgan right away to schedule a free case evaluation with an NJ speeding accident attorney that cares.

New Jersey Speed Limits

Despite being home to several interstate highways, New Jersey has one of the lowest maximum speed limits in the country. The maximum speed limit on any New Jersey road is 65 mph. Forty states have a higher maximum speed limit, including Pennsylvania, which is adjacent.

Furthermore, New Jersey was one of the last states in the country to implement 65 mph speed limits. Most New Jersey highways still have 55 mph maximum speed limits. And if you speed in a 65 mph zone, the fine is doubled.

Because of these strict speed limit rules, speeding is very common in New Jersey, particularly for drivers who have previously been driving on 70 mph roads in Pennsylvania or for drivers traveling along Route 95. When driving in New Jersey, you should be wary of reckless drivers on highways near the state line.

Fault in a New Jersey Speeding Accident

New Jersey has tricky fault laws because your ability to take legal action depends on what type of insurance policy you purchased. If you bought a basic insurance policy, your insurance covers your injuries and losses. You can only sue for additional compensation if you were permanently injured in some way.

However, if you purchased a regular insurance policy, you have an unlimited right to file a lawsuit, regardless of how badly you were injured. Unsurprisingly, a regular policy is more expensive than a basic policy.

Because fault rules are complicated, you should consult with a New Jersey speeding accident lawyer as soon as possible after getting into a car crash. Even if you think you understand what your policy covers, you could be wrong. And that is an awful surprise to receive when you are recovering from an injury and trying to pay medical bills.

A New Jersey speed accident lawyer will determine who is liable for your injuries and what you have to do to get compensation. If you have been seriously injured, you will probably need to do more than just file a claim against your policy. Your attorney will guide you along the correct path to maximize your compensation.

Out-of-State Drivers

The above rules assume that both drivers in an accident are New Jersey drivers who have purchased car insurance within the state. But what happens when one or more drivers are from other states? That depends on a couple of factors. 

The first thing that matters is whether the out-of-state driver has insurance from a company licensed to sell policies in New Jersey. If it is, then the policy of the out-of-state driver probably indicates whether they can sue or be sued. If it isn’t clear, the default assumption is that the policy is basic.

However, if the insurance company can’t sell policies in New Jersey, then the driver isn’t limited by the no-fault rules of New Jersey. In that case, the policy effectively is a regular policy that allows the driver the unlimited ability to sue.

You can’t easily determine this type of information on your own. But your New Jersey speeding accident lawyer can quickly research these details and determine your options after an accident.

Speeding Accident Injuries

The faster a vehicle moves, the more damage it will likely cause if it runs into another vehicle. Unfortunately, even if you are driving below the speed limit, it often won’t matter if the other vehicle's speed is faster. You are still likely to suffer severe injuries like:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions
  • Broken or shattered bones
  • Organ damage
  • Spinal cord injuries, including paralysis
  • Death

Many of these injuries are both life-threatening and result in permanent disability. With injuries like that, you need immediate medical attention from highly qualified doctors. And you will probably continue to need treatment for the rest of your life. That type of medical care isn’t cheap and won’t be fully covered by your insurance.

Instead, you will need to sue the responsible driver for additional compensation. Thankfully, New Jersey law allows lawsuits in these circumstances, and the fact that the other driver was speeding will make it easy for your New Jersey speeding accident lawyer to prove they are responsible.

How a New Jersey Speeding Accident Lawyer Can Help

Regardless of whether you were badly injured, you should consult with an accident attorney immediately after an injury. Even if you aren’t eligible to sue another party, an attorney can help you maximize your compensation from your insurance company.

Typically, your insurance should cover bills and expenses like:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Services that you needed to purchase that you normally would have been able to do on your own (like cleaning or driving)
  • Continuing therapy

However, just because the insurance company should cover it, that doesn’t mean it will make getting that money easy. There is lots of bureaucracy designed to make it difficult for you to get the compensation you deserve. And an insurance company might deny an expense even if it is reasonable, assuming you don’t know your rights.

Your attorney will protect your rights and help you navigate the claim process smoothly. After hiring a lawyer, most clients discover that they are owed thousands more than expected.

Attorneys get you this money by independently investigating your case. This investigation allows them to find evidence the insurance company might have overlooked or intentionally ignored. Furthermore, your attorney will ensure you properly document all expenses and losses, so your insurer can’t deny you the money they owe you.

Equally important, you may need an attorney if you want to file a lawsuit. No one should ever try to go to court without a lawyer. It nearly always results in the case getting dismissed.

A good accident attorney, like one from Morgan & Morgan, will make a lawsuit easy and quick. Our lawyers will do all the work while giving you the freedom to focus on your recovery. We’ll keep you updated without adding to your stress.

Typically, many lawsuits never even go to trial. We wait to file the appropriate paperwork until we have the strongest case possible. Then we use the evidence we would have used at trial to negotiate a reasonable settlement. This gets you the money you need as quickly as possible.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Is the Other Driver Liable if They Are Speeding?

    Typically, if one driver is speeding and the other is not, the speeding driver is responsible for the accident. There are exceptions, but if the police report documents them as speeding, you will have an advantage in trying to prove they are liable.

  • Can I Switch My Insurance Type After an Accident?

    You can switch what type of insurance you have at any time. However, the insurance you have at the moment of the accident is what will apply. Any changes you make will not be retroactive.

  • What Do I Do if the Other Driver Isn’t Insured?

    If the other driver isn’t properly insured, your uninsured/underinsured driver policy will make up the difference. You are required to purchase this type of insurance if you drive a car in New Jersey.

  • How Long Will an Accident Claim Take to Complete?

    How long a claim takes depends on the circumstances of the accident. If you weren’t badly injured and won’t need to file a lawsuit, you should get full compensation after a few weeks. At longest, it will probably only take a few months.

    However, it will usually take a few months at a minimum if you need to file a lawsuit. And that time frame is only possible if the other party settles quickly. If you need to wait for the results of a jury trial, you should expect to wait at least a year to get any compensation.

  • How Can I Pay My Bills While Waiting for Compensation?

    There are lots of resources available to help victims of accidents with their finances after an accident. Your Morgan and Morgan attorney will direct you to these resources and help you apply for them.

    Furthermore, we can also help stop the creditors from sending you bills until your case is complete. By sending your creditors a letter of intent, we let them know that you are pursuing legal action to get money for your bills and that you will pay those bills as soon as your case is done. That usually stops the bill collectors.

  • How Much Does Morgan & Morgan Charge?

    We charge a percentage of your winnings. This means that if we get you money, we’ll take a small portion of that money. And if we are unable to get your money, we won’t charge you anything.

    This is a beneficial arrangement because you never have to worry about spending more on our services than you get. Furthermore, it encourages us to get you as much money as possible because that will get us more money.

  • A New Jersey Speeding Accident Attorney You Can Trust

    If someone else caused an accident that injured you in New Jersey, you deserve to get enough compensation to cover all your losses and expenses. Our New Jersey speeding accident lawyers have decades of experience helping people like you maximize the compensation they receive after an accident. Don’t wait any longer—see how they can help your case.

    Contact our law firm today to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation and learn about your legal options.

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