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Truck Accident Lawyer, Los Angeles

Truck Accident Lawyer, Los Angeles

Truck accidents can lead to devastating injuries—and sometimes even death—and usually occur due to negligence. The amount of damage these accidents can cause, from broken families to piling medical bills, is inconceivable.

At Morgan & Morgan, we understand the devastation that can result from an unforeseen accident, and our team of over 1,000 attorneys is dedicated to fighting for the rights of the injured and amplifying the voice of the voiceless.

If you were in a truck accident in Los Angeles, we can help. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to learn more.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Does a Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

    A truck accident lawyer handles cases involving commercial truck accidents. The attorney usually has the legal knowledge and experience to fight for the rights of the injured.

  • When Should I Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?

    You should contact the lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. This will give your lawyer enough time to investigate the accident and build a strong case on your behalf. So how soon should that be? As a general rule, you should contact the attorney once you've received medical attention for your injuries. This is because your health comes first, followed by the fight for compensation, something the lawyer can help you with.

  • What Evidence Should I Collect After a Truck Accident in Los Angeles?

    Different types of evidence may be admissible in a car accident claim or lawsuit. The exact evidence needed to prove liability will depend on the unique nature of the accident. In general, the following could help strengthen your case against the truck driver or any other liable party:

    • Contact information of the other driver, witnesses, and law enforcement officers who responded to the scene.
    • Photos of the accident scene, including vehicle damage, skid marks, and debris on the road.
    • Medical records and bills related to your injuries.
    • Copies of the police report.
    • Any surveillance or dashcam footage of the accident.
  • What Kind of Compensation Can a Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles Help Me Receive?

    Your attorney can help you receive compensation for various damages. The exact damages you may be entitled to will depend on the specifics of your case. In the past, plaintiffs have been able to recover the following:

    • Medical expenses, such as hospital bills, medication, and rehabilitation costs.
    • Lost wages, including any income lost due to the injuries.
    • Pain and suffering, which also includes emotional distress and psychological trauma.
    • Property damage, which may cover damage to your vehicle or any other property.
    • Loss of enjoyment of life, including any negative impact on your quality of life caused by the accident.
  • How Long Do I Have to Wait to Receive Compensation After Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?

    Out-of-court settlements are usually finalized within a few months. On the other hand, it may take several years to receive compensation if your case goes to trial. 

  • How Much Does Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles Cost?

    At Morgan & Morgan, our truck accident lawyers only get paid if they win your case. That’s right—the Fee Is Free™, and you only have to pay out of your compensation if we help you win your case. This is known as a “contingency fee,” and it helps all victims seek justice, regardless of their financial status.

  • How Do I Find the Best Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?

    While there are many different things you should consider when looking for a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles and throughout California, experience is one of the most important. You need an attorney familiar with the laws and regulations governing the trucking industry, including the tactics insurance companies may use to avoid paying out claims. Speaking of experience, our firm boasts over 35 years' worth of experience fighting for the rights of the injured and dealing with insurance companies, big and small.

    You also need an attorney with proven results of their track record. For instance, at Morgan & Morgan, we have worked with over 500,000 clients and helped recover over $20 billion as compensation for various injuries, including those involving truck accidents. Check out our most recent results on this page.

    Thirdly, it is important that you hire a firm with powerful legal resources to fight for you. This is because personal injury cases are expensive. The last thing you want is to hire an injury firm that cannot afford to build a strong case for you, not because the case itself is invalid, but due to a lack of powerful legal resources.

    But you shouldn't be worried about that when you hire Morgan & Morgan to represent you. We are the nation's largest injury firm, boasting powerful resources that include over 1,000 injury attorneys, a team of experienced and dedicated paralegals, accident reconstructionists, and more. So regardless of the complexity of your case, you can rest easy knowing that we won't run out of resources in our pursuit for the compensation you need and deserve.

  • Will I Have to Go to Court if I Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?

    Not necessarily. Many truck accident cases are settled outside court through negotiations with the insurance company. In fact, studies have found that more than 90 percent of personal injury cases settle out of court.

    However, if the other party refuses to cooperate during the settlement negotiations, filing a lawsuit against them may be your best bet at securing your much-deserved compensation. In that case, we will represent you in court and work to build a strong case to maximize your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. Keep in mind that our attorneys are never afraid of going to court if that is what it takes to secure the compensation our clients deserve.

  • What Is the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Truck Accident Claim in Los Angeles?

    In Los Angeles, you have two years from the accident date to file a claim against the liable party. If you file outside that timeframe, you will lose your right to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. This explains why it is important to contact a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible after the accident to ensure that you meet all the necessary deadlines.

  • What if the Truck Driver Is Not From Los Angeles? Can I Still Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer There?

    Yes, you can. As long as the accident occurred in Los Angeles, you can hire a lawyer licensed to practice in California and with experience handling such cases.

  • Can a Truck Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles Help Me With My Medical Bills?

    Yes, but it depends on the lawyer you hire to represent you. Keep in mind that all lawyers are not the same. This also applies to law firms. Some, like Morgan & Morgan, are more powerful than others. We can always find ways to help you get the medical attention you need, even as we work on your case.

    This is because we have a network of professionals in the medical field and beyond. They may be willing to provide the treatment you need and charge you afterward when you win the case and get paid.

    That's just one of the many options that could be available to you. Contact us for a free case evaluation to find out exactly what works for your specific situation.

  • Can I Still File a Claim if I Was Partially at Fault for the Truck Accident in Los Angeles?

    Yes, you can. California follows a comparative negligence system, meaning that your percentage of fault will influence your damages. Take, for example, a situation where you were 20% at fault, and your damages were $100,000. In that case, you would be able to recover $80,000.

    That said, keep in mind that insurance companies often try to manipulate this rule to limit their share of liability. To prevent this, you need an experienced attorney to fight for your best interests, and that's where Morgan & Morgan comes in.

  • What if the Trucking Company's Insurance Coverage Is Not Enough To Cover My Damages in Los Angeles?

    In that case, you may have a few options to collect the compensation you deserve. Your truck accident lawyer may be able to file a claim with your own insurance company if you have underinsured motorist coverage. Your health insurance may also be able to step in and cover part of the costs involved. There are many possibilities when it comes to seeking compensation for your damages. The best way to learn more about available options is by contacting us for a case evaluation.

  • What if the Truck Driver Was an Independent Contractor? Can I Still File a Claim in Los Angeles?

    Independent contractors are not exempted from liability in the case of a car accident. In fact, no one is. Remember that independent contractors usually have some form of insurance to protect them from such incidents. In that case, your attorney may be able to file a claim with the insurance company and help you seek your much-deserved compensation.

    Also, the trucking company may still be liable for the accident if they were negligent in hiring or supervising the independent contractor. Your truck accident lawyer can investigate the circumstances of the accident and determine liability.

  • Other Than the Trucking Company, Who Else Might Be at Fault for the Accident?

    There are many possibilities when determining liability for truck accidents. For example, if the truck was carrying hazardous materials, the shipper or manufacturer of those materials may be liable if they failed to properly label or package them. Additionally, if the truck was poorly maintained, the mechanic or repair shop that worked on it may be liable. The same applies if a defective part in the truck contributed to the accident—a defective product attorney will work with your truck accident lawyer to build a strong case for you.

    However, this is only possible when you hire a powerful law firm with the resources to fight back. As mentioned earlier, truck accident cases are expensive to pursue. Cases involving more than one liable party are even more expensive. If you work with a poorly-equipped law firm, chances are they will not have the resources to conduct thorough investigations and pursue the full compensation you deserve.

  • What if the Government Owns the Truck?

    You may still be able to file a claim even if the government owns the truck that injured you or your beloved. However, specific rules or limitations apply to such cases. For example, you have between six months to a year to file a claim against a government agency in California.

    If you fail to file within that period, you will lose your right to pursue compensation for your injuries. That also explains why it is important to act fast; the last thing you want is to lose a valid case simply because you did not know about the strict deadlines involved.

  • Morgan & Morgan Truck Accident Lawyers Will Fight for You

    Truck accident cases are complicated, and yet the effects of a truck accident can turn your life upside down. Many people are usually lucky to survive such accidents. Those who are not fortunate enough to live another day leave behind heartbroken families and relatives, not forgetting the expensive bills that follow.

    A truck accident lawyer may not be able to heal your injuries or bring back your loved one, but they can help fight for your right to feel whole again after the horrific ordeal. Specifically, they can help ensure you do not sink into a financial crisis due to someone else's negligence. And if you lost a loved one, they can help ensure your financial future is secure by fighting for the compensation you need and deserve to move on with your life despite the painful loss.

    At Morgan & Morgan, we care for you and your loved one. We want to see you whole again. So contact us today to learn more about your legal options if you or a loved one has been injured—or killed—by a negligent truck driver.

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