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New York Dog Bite Injury Attorneys - dog biting human hand

New York Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

New York Dog Bites

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New York Dog Bites

While New York can be a great city for pet owners and a lovely place to walk your dog, it is important to be a responsible pet owner. If a dog is not properly trained or looked after, they can injure someone. And if you have been injured by someone else’s dog bite, Morgan & Morgan may be able to use their experience to help you.

We understand how to deal with any intricacies of the New York dog bite law that may limit our clients’ chances of recovery so that they obtain the compensation needed to cover medical bills, lost wages and other losses. This provides us with a distinct advantage over other personal injury law firms that are not familiar with dog bite cases.

Painful, frightening, and often serious, a dog bite requires rapid medical and legal attention. To learn more about what one of our attorneys in New York can do for you, fill out our free, no-obligation case evaluation form.

Your Rights After a Dog Bite Injury in New York

New York legislature has a section regarding liability in dog bite cases. Included in these laws are the following:

  • Any dog owner who negligently allows their dog to bite someone can be held liable and face a civil penalty. If the injury is serious enough, they may be found guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • The dog owner can also be held liable and made to cover the dog bite victim’s medical costs that resulted from the injury.
  • The dog will not be declared dangerous if it is determined that the dog was being tormented and abused, protecting itself or its owner, or inflicted the bite upon someone committing a crime.

As such, if you were not committing a crime when bit by the dog, you may be able to file a claim.

How a Dog Bite Attorney Can Help

Physical injury from a dog bite can be extensive, and long-term medical care may be necessary. In the event of a dog bite, common injuries include:

  • Laceration and puncture wounds;
  • Blood loss;
  • Infection;
  • Nerve damage, loss of sensation, or loss of function;
  • Disfiguring scars;
  • Broken or crushed bones from attack or fall; and
  • Emotional trauma.

In the most tragic cases, permanent disability or death can result from a dog attack.

When you suffer losses from a dog bite, you may need a rapid legal response to cope with mounting medical bills, especially if your injury prevents you from working. In New York, our attorneys may be able to support your claim through the following:

Investigation: Dog bite cases require immediate attention. Animal bites must be reported and dogs quarantined if the dog has not been vaccinated for rabies. We evaluate the location of the attack, licensing, prior dangerous dog behavior, and gather appropriate evidence and photographs to secure and support your claim.

Information: Morgan & Morgan attorneys work closely with you, keeping tabs on your injury and its’ severity to see how you are healing. Often, this involves going through medical records, which can be used as additional evidence in your favor.

Negotiation & Litigation: We are skilled settlement negotiators and trial lawyers. That means that we’re willing to go the extra mile if you’re offered an insufficient settlement during negotiations by going to court and presenting your case to the judge and jury.

Contact Morgan & Morgan New York, PLLC About Your Case

If you have been injured by a dog in New York, you may be entitled to recover compensation for present and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and more.

To learn how our New York dog bite attorneys may be able to help, please complete our free case review form today.

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Last updated on Apr 12, 2022